Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-6

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter: 06


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Chapter 06:

Om caressed Rudra’s hair, muttering that everything will be alright and Shivaay will be fine while making Rudra to sit on a nearby chair.

But Rudra seemed to be not listening at all. He sat beside him and Rudra leaned on his shoulder burying his face.

He pulled Rudra’s head away from his hands and made him look at Om.

“Rudra, I have to go and inform dadi and family. You have to be here.”, Om said knowing their family needed to be informed in person.

“O… No.. No… I can’t be here O.. I can’t be alone here.”

“Please try to understand Rudra.. I can’t just tell this in phone. I’ve to go and bring them here.”

“Don’t leave me alone here Om”

Om hated himself, looking at Rudra. He can’t be here for him when he wanted their family to be informed.

“I don’t want to leave you but I have to inform them Rudy..”

“Then I will come with you too”, Rudra said feeling so scared for the first time in his life.

“No Rudra.. One of us have to stay here and do the formalities and be there if doctor needed anything. And you’re in no way to travel. So stay here… Yeah… For Shivaay..?”

Om asked knowing it will make Rudra accepting it easily.

“Yeah… For Shivaay bhaiyaa”

Rudra nodded hesitatingly and Om patted his head, kissing Rudra’s forehead one more time before departing.

“Be strong Rudy. I will be back as soon as possible.”

Rudra watched Om going away and he pulled his knee and rested his chin not minding the fact he’s looking like a child sitting like this in a hospital chair.

Rudra never felt this lonely. He was always pampered by everyone mostly by his brothers and especially Shivaay bhaiyaa.

Rudra couldn’t handle situation like this. He was strong in body but not strong in emotions. He hated this helplessness overwhelming of what will happen to Shivaay bhaiyaa.

Because Shivaay bhaiyaa always, always protected him, keeping him hidden from everything. He sometimes hated how overprotective they’re of him but at the same time he can’t fault them seeing his emotional breakdown in situations like this.

Just then a nurse came,

“Are you related to Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi?”

Rudra nodded feeling his throat hurt trying to form words.

“You have to sign these paper sir”

“What is it?”, Rudra asked, knowing he won’t be able to read while his mind was a chaos now.

“It’s a consent form sir. If anything happens to him or if he doesn’t survive the procedure, the hospital is not responsible.”

“What..?” Rudra asked in shock getting up abruptly.

The nurse just stared at him since she is experienced this from other relatives of patients.

“You can’t… You… How could you say like this..? You… I will… If something happened to my bhaiyaa…? He’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. Nothing will happen to him”

“Sir… Please.. You have to sign this then only we can start the procedure”

“No… No… Nothing will happen to him”

Rudra couldn’t think properly or form coherent words. He just can’t believe How could fate be this cruel to him.?

“Sir.. Please…”

Yes… Yes… He has to sign this.. Sign this for Shivaay bhaiyaa..

The nurse gave the form and he put it on the table in front of him..

His hands trembled and he couldn’t grasp the pen with his shaking fingers..

Abs.. Six pack..

What use are they if he can’t grasp a pen in his hands..?

His left shaking hand supported the right trembling hand..

He always wanted to do something mature and responsible or to care for Shivaay bhaiyaa but he never thought the chance will come and that too, to sign a consent form.

He put the pen tip on the paper where he has to sign and with trembling fingers he signed his name while Shivaay bhaiyaa’s words echoed in his mind..

I will make everything right Rudra..


I will protect you Rudra..


You know I hate it when you cry Rudra..


As he finished his sign, the pen dropped to the floor while he lifted his shaking hands to cover his face. Fresh set of tears which he kept at bay so hardly, started to flow down his cheeks.

He can’t handle this..

He’s not strong..


He can’t do this…

He got up and moved more like ran away from the waiting area and to the corridor. He walked past everyone, ignoring them and came to a halt in an empty corridor with a God idol.

He moved slowly his feet taking near God and he slumped, dropped on the floor and rested his head on the wall behind him.

“You… You won’t take my bhaiyaa, right..?”

He asked God in a silent tone,

“No… No… You can’t take my bhaiyaa.. I won’t let you.. I will never let anyone take him away from me. Never..”

“He’s everything to me… Everything… He’s my dad, my mom, my brother, he’s everything to me. He’s not even my sibling but he’s more than any real sibling can anyone have. He protected me… He protected me from every harm. He even protected me from bad break ups. He brought protein shake and facial packs for me even if he’s late to home or busy with work. He is a very very good person… And God favours good persons.. Right?”

He asked the God and silent was only thing he got in return for his emotional ramblings.

“He’s superman… My superman..”

Rudra again drawn his knees to chest, burying his face in it so he cannot face the reality and Rudra remembered when his bhaiyaa really turned into his superman for the first time.

————–Rudra sneaked from Oberoi Manor without anyone noticing. He’s strong and brave, he can sneak past everyone because he’s a grown up now. Yep, he’s ten year old, all grown up and wise.

But somewhere deep he knew he was scared but he will never admit it to anyone.

His hands sweated and he swiped them in his pants. If his dad saw this then he will scold him of proper etiquette and grace.

It was the first time…

Very first time he’s knowingly doing something wrong.

He stole money from his father. Rudra hated it but he can’t do anything about this.

Little… Sorry, sorry, a very grown up ten year old Rudra was very fascinated with cricket like most of the boys but he didn’t have anyone to play with so he sneaked past the last month since it’s school holidays and went to the nearby street to play with the boys there.

Most of them was not friendly but still he was accepted in the group and all they did was assign him as a ball boy who went and retrieved the ball if it went for away, still he was happy and waited for his turn to bat or bowl or the least field.

One day he was so frustrated with them for treating him like a kid that he had thrown the ball straight at the head of the boy, who was unfortunately the captain.

Rudra couldn’t believe his stupidity and saw the swell in the boy’s forehead where he had hit. Rudra gulped and looked at the boys in fear since not everyone is of his age.

As soon as he blurted out his name, they wanted to meet his parents. Rudra pleaded to them since he knew he’s dead if his father found out about him playing.

His dad will be angry if he come to know he sneaked past Oberoi Mansion but his dad will be furious if he found he played with street boys.

So then they compromised and blackmailed him whenever necessary. Yesterday they had gone over the line and asked him to bring money so they can go to a restaurant.

Rudra was so out of his character. He knew he had done wrong but now he can’t back up. He’s terrified of what will the boys do.

Shivaay bhaiya is busy with learning economics and business in holidays and that too in this age while Om sulked around the Manor when their parents started arguing again after years.

Rudra didn’t want to involve them since the boys seemed to be violent.

So Rudra went to the cricket pitch. His fondness for cricket dimmed with the experience he is having with the boys.

They all jeered at him and teased…

“Hey… Look.. The Oberoi kid.”

Ugh.. Just because they all are fourteen or fifteen years old doesn’t mean he’s a kid.

They ruffled his perfectly styled hair and Rudra pushed their hands away. He hated it whenever anyone touched his hair except his brothers, he not even allowed his parents.

“Oh.. Look at how cute he is when he’s angry guys.. Like a girl”

Everyone laughed at that comment and he scowled having enough of that.

His Shivaay bhaiyaa’s word echoed in his mind..

Be strong Rudy… You’re an Oberoi.

“Where’s the money baby?”

“Do not call me baby. I am Rudra Singh Oberoi” Rudra said feeling proud of his name, looking down at them like Shivaay bhaiyaa does, even though he’s afraid.

Being honest is a way to peace of mind and soul Rudra, Om’s voice echoed in his mind this time.

Frankly, Ridra was tired if this. So tired of this sneaking and lying but today he stole from dad. His dad will kill him if he comes to know about this.

“Oh… Lets get to the matter Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi, where’s the money?”

“I didn’t bring it”

Rudra said suddenly feeling so brave. Even if he had money, he won’t give to these bullies.

“What..? Are you not afraid of your dad getting to know?”

“No, I am not afraid of you, you big buffoon”

Rudra sneered at them imitating perfectly like his Shivaay bhaiyaa do whenever someone back talked him.

“What did you say kid..?”

The big captain asked in anger and pushed him. Rudra fell down, scrapping his knee. It hurt…

They crowded against him and Rudra was aware of how small he is. Rudra hated of how small he is. Rudra pulled his knee against his chest and put his hands above his head for the upcoming blow. His luck that he had joined cricket club of bullies.

“One finger on him, you’ll find your whole hand missing. Back off HIM”

Rudra sniffed and looked up to know who’s supporting him and gasped looking at his Shivaay bhaiyaa coming towards them in a very haughty manner.

Sun was glistening and the wind blew Shivaay bhaiyaa’s hair and his collar was turned like a cape and his shirt was flapping behind him, walking towards the group like he owned the world.

All grown up ten year old Rudra could think was one word…


The superman he read and saw in the comic books and movie.

To his surprise, everyone stood still looking at Shivaay bhaiyaa in wariness. Honestly everyone feared his bhaiyaa no matter their age because Shivaay bhaiyaa just had a presence like that. Rudra felt silly for not going to his brother about this.

“Are you going..? Or Should I make a call and make your dad’s unemployed?”

Shivaay bhaiyaa threatened them with a cell phone in his hand. Where did he get that..?

They all retreated from him..

“He sneaked past the mansion and hit me with a ball”

The big mean captain complained but of course to the wrong person. His Shivaay bhaiyaa is not a moral person like O.

But when Shivaay bhaiyaa looked at him, he feared if his brother will tell his father.

“So what..? He’s my brother, Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brother. He can do anything. Go away”

The group of boys retreated from him and there was no fight because somehow Shivaay bhaiyaa’s words and presence is enough.

Shivaay then put the phone in the packet and looked at him for the first time since coming here. Then his expression turned into fury he had never seen on his face.

Shivaay then turned abruptly, moved towards the retreating street boys and engaged a fight with them much to Rudra’s horror and fascination.

Shivaay bhaiyaa never ever engaged in violence. He always used his brains because Shivaay bhaiyaa hated touching anyone other than family.

Rudra limped towards him to stop the fight. Six against one. He knew he can’t do anything when Shivaay bhaiyaa got hit by them. But still his Shivaay bhaiyaa fought like a mad man. His bhaiyaa is just fifteen and still he landed hits after hits knocking them down. Even if he wanted to help his bhaiyaa, he has no muscles and he’s so weak and small.

“Don’t you dare touch him ever again and never show your face to me else I will ruin you all”

Rudra limped a step back in fear watching them all leave hastily. He had never seen his bhaiyaa this angry. But his worry was for nothing because his brother’s expression changed from fury to worry.

He knelt in front of him and looked at his knee.

“Can you walk?”

Rudra nodded but pain shot through his leg when he took a step and Shivaay bhaiyaa knelt again giving him a piggyback.

Rudra protested but allowed his brother piggybacking him, tightening his hold around his brother’s neck and sniffed.

“Relax Baby Ru..”

And Rudra relaxed. It’s been so long his brother called him that. Since he had grown and protested against the Baby Ru pet name, it was agreed to be called on special occasion.

“How did you find me bhaiyaa..?”

“I’ve noticed your behavior for some days so I decided to see what’s going on with you today. I saw you taking money from bade papa’s wallet Rudra. Why did you do this?”

Rudra then told everything bottled up to his bhaiyaa and felt relieved.

His bhaiyaa sneaked past the staff members and into the hall and went towards the safest place, his brother’s room.

“Sorry Bhaiyya”

“It’s ok Rudra but next time you’ll inform me if you’re in trouble.. Ok..?”

Rudra nodded and gave the money he stole, to his brother.

“You can tell father if you want, I learnt a lesson.”

“Don’t worry Rudra, I will somehow sneak this to bade papa. What important is you learnt your lesson and let’s keep it a secret between us, yeah..?”

He hugged his bhaiyaa when his brother looked at him in a way which Rudra could feel love radiating from his brother for Rudra.

“But Promise me.. if you want to play or need anything, inform me.. I will be with you and protect you no matter how busy I am.” Saying that his brother went to retrieve first aid box.

Rudra watched with stars in his eyes at his bhaiyaa as if he’s the world and sun when he knelt and cleaned his knee wound and put ointment on it while blowing air in it so the ointment won’t irritate his wound.

God…! How could Rudra be so lucky to have him.


“What Rudra?”

“You’re superman bhaiyaa..”

Bhaiyaa chuckled and made him rest on the bed, ruffling his hair in fond manner, caressing it like a mother does to their child so they can sleep. Rudra felt every tension leaving him and then asked curiously,

“How come you have a phone bhaiyaa.?”

“Oh… That… I was playing with Prinku and it was her play phone”

Rudra laughed along with Shivaay bhaiyaa and rested in his brother’s bed, drifting to sleep while hugging his brother not letting him go.

Shivaay’s ideals on Name, lineage strengthened more that day along with the determination to learn martial arts since he knew he was not that strong today to protect his baby brother.

Some hours after Rudra got up hearing moans and whimpers only to find bruises on his brother’s hand and cheeks. Rudra felt frustrated tears flow down from his eyes for forgetting his Shivaay bhaiyaa too got hurt.

Rudra promised himself that he will go to gym daily and will be strong remembering the helplessness he felt while watching his Shivaay bhaiyaa fighting alone for him. He got up and ran towards Om since he only knew what to do, while his heart beat was so fast in worry and concern for his brother————

Rudra was jerked awake from his position and from the memory by Om, whom he hugged in a desperate manner.

Om and Rudra alone know how much Shivaay endured and how much he did for them.

“Everything will be fine Rudra, The doctors had finished the operation. He will be fine Rudy.”

Rudra nodded in relief letting Om go.

“Let’s get you something”

Om said and moved Rudra to the cafeteria inside the hospital, looking worriedly at Rudra. Because his eyes were slightly swollen and Om worried about his health more.

“What do you want sir.?”

“Black Coffee”

Om looked at Rudra in surprise because Rudra hated it..

“Bhaiyaa’s favourite”, Rudra said looking at him sadly.

Om smiled and he too ordered the same, somehow wanting to feel close to Shivaay.

They moved towards the room in which they had shifted Shivaay from the operation theatre, sipping the drink, enjoying the bitterness.

Om knew his father is scheming something and he know he will hate it but none of it mattered since he just want Shivaay safe and sound. Om comforted Prinku and tried to keep her calm, stopping her crying along the family.

After some hours Om made them go to Mansion since Shivaay is not going to get conscious soon albeit their protests.

Om and Rudra then entered Shivaay’s room, flattering in their steps when they saw how pale and sick Shivaay looked.

Shivaay was always strong… Always, No matter what…

To see him like this… Om heart ached all over again looking at his brother like this. He moved to the left side of bed and sat on the chair.. Clutching his brother’s hand as if it’s his life line.

Rudra moved towards the right side of bed and held his brother’s hand and rested his head on it, bowing down as if his life is now in his brother’s hand.

What they didn’t know is that the mind of Shivaay is restless and constantly thinking whether Om and Rudra are safe or not, struggling to gain conscious so he could see with his own eyes despite the pain and aching he’s experiencing all over his body especially chest and forehead.


(A/N: Thank you all for your comments and it’s what keep inspiring me to write. I know story is little slow but it will be soon able to catch up it’s phase after two or three chapters. Hope you’re all enjoying this story of mine.. Comment and let me know what your thoughts are so I can improve my mistakes..)

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