Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-5

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter: 05


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Chapter: 05

Om crumbled against the wall withholding the sob which wanted to escape his mouth. He put a hand over his mouth to muffle the sobs and sounds.

Om had never felt like this…


Never in his life he felt his heart breaking into pieces and the pieces being pulled apart into even more tiny pieces.

Om had been betrayed by many in his life. Hell, his own father lied to him many times and Om had seen so many hard things in life. He had seen his parents falling apart, his mother wasting away by being addicted to drinks, his time when he used drugs.


But Om had never ever felt like this. Om had never felt like falling in an endless black pit with no escape. Om couldn’t describe how much he felt like dying now.

Everything was going fine even after the argument he and Rudra had with Shivaay two days before about hiding the truth about Romi and the thief who betrayed him and stole his idols. But Om had let it go seeing Shivaay so tensed and not well.

The very next day Shivaay seemed even more tense and constantly rubbing his head. Om knew something is really bothering Shivaay but he soon forgotten it seeing Shivaay’s car blasting up.

For a minute, Om felt like his heart had literally stopped but relaxed seeing Shivaay fine and well.

Shivaay then consoled and comforted Om and Rudra even though Shivaay was the one in danger. Shivaay didn’t even glance at his favourite car burning away instead comforted them that he’s fine and nothing happened.

Om then hugged Shivaay as tightly as possible after the car blasting up not even caring about the guards watching them.

Then Rudra too joined the hug. Shivaay’s rib must be hurting the way they hugged him so tightly but he couldn’t care about it at that time.



Om’s two reasons for being alive.

Yes, they’re the very reason he is living and he won’t let anyone take them away..

No… No…. He won’t allow anyone to take this from him.

Be it fate or God.. No one will separate them from him.

Dadi and everyone in the family wanted to cancel the engagement but Shivaay Singh Oberoi told them it’s nothing. But then the engagement with Tia really got cancelled and postponed to next day because Rudra wouldn’t let go of Shivaay all day and Shivaay who didn’t listen to family members obliged to Rudra like usual. Then Rudra done the god awful childish Angel therapy that night.

Everything was fine and Om felt his heart relax and he too laughed along with Shivaay looking at Rudra’s childish antics and Angel therapy.

Shivaay seemed so not at all affected by the life threatening accident. Om wondered and shuddered thinking about what are the threats and accidents Shivaay must have faced alone without letting them know.

Then the next day came…

Om punched the wall he was leaning in thinking about the argument they had today morning before the engagement.

Om argued like usual about Shivaay not being in love with Tia so he should reconsider the engagement. But Shivaay departed with his patent dialogue of ‘Love..? Name.. Money.. Power is everything Om and Tia has all the three I value.’

Then Shivaay went to somewhere without guards. Om and Rudra got really worried about it and reached the police station after calling Shivaay.

Om could still remember the incident very well…

———Om and Rudra waited for Shivaay near their car outside the police station along with the guards.

Om wondered what is Shivaay doing in police station.

“Did you argue with Bhaiyaa O?”, Rudra asked him.

“What..? How did you know?”

“Simple logic O.. You’re always tensed when you fight with bhaiyaa and you fidget a lot”

“No way duffer”, Om said trying to not fidget.

“Come on O.. Rudy’s logic never failed.”

Om nodded after sighing. Sometimes Rudra sees things none of them notice of.

“What is it now?”

“His engagement with Tia Rudra. You and I know he doesn’t love her”

“Why did you argue about this O.? I had already done something so that the engagement won’t take place..”

“What..? What did you do duffer? Did you do something to Tia?” Om asked worriedly.

“Have you forgotten it this easily.? We had done this yesterday na… The Angel Therapy”

Om groaned at Rudra’s childishness and spotted Shivaay waving at them and moving towards their car. He saw a lady colliding with Shivaay but turned towards Rudra when he started exclaiming in overly dramatic way,

“What? You don’t believe me..? See, My angel therapy will work definitely making lady baba leave bhaiyaa and you will be begging me to do that therapy more.”

Om chuckled letting go of the tension. Om hated the aftermath of arguing with Shivaay.

Just then he heard a crash and turned towards Shivaay while the smile on his face frozen and Om watched Shivaay colliding with a huge glass behind him and falling down.

Om couldn’t move his feet or grasp what’s going on..

Shivaay fell on the floor along with glass pieces and Om’s feet took him there without him even noticing.

Om’s legs trembled and he knelt down beside Shivaay calling his name over and over..

Why is Shivaay unconscious?

Does his heart paining again?

Om felt his heart ache. He had known Shivaay has heart problems but he had never seen Shivaay like this.

He pulled the hand holding Shivaay’s head to find blood on it.

Had he hit his head in glass pieces while falling..?

He looked up at Rudra shouting bhaiyaa repeatedly like a crazy man.

He along with guards took Shivaay to the nearby hospital and Om still couldn’t feel his legs or hands. All he could feel is pain in his heart.

Then Om moved towards the doctors to speak after making Rudra sit on a chair, leaving him with guards.

God…. Please… Please…

Shivaay has to be ok.. Shivaay has to be..

Take whatever you have to from me.. But save him, Om chanted to God while waiting for the doctors to inform him about Shivaay’s condition——–

Om slumped on the hospital chair near the wall he was leaning on, thinking of what the doctor had said when Om tried to explain the medicines Shivaay already takes for his heart problem.

“He’s in a very critical condition. It’s not because of his heart Mr.Oberoi but because of the poison he had been given. And to top it all he has fallen on the glass pieces.”

Someone had given Poison to his brother, His Brother Shivaay through skin.

Om suddenly remembered the suspicious lady colliding with Shivaay.

Om wanted to slam his head on the wall for not noticing it before. He felt stupid for not noticing it.

Om felt so disoriented and he could feel his heart ache. Doctor had said if the poison spread to the veins near heart since he already has heart problem then it will be tough for Shivaay to survive the procedure.


He’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi…

The great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

Nothing would happen to him. If anything happened to him then Om will…..

No… No… Nothing will happen to him.

Just then he heard a sound near the operation theatre corridor and looked up to find Rudra falling on the floor.

Om got up and ran towards Rudra…



Rudra whom Shivaay kept away from everything in childhood and Om too along with Shivaay kept everything hidden from Rudra in teenage.

Because there was one time when Rudra had come to know about Shivaay having heart problem and to which extent his allergy and condition is when he was 14. That day Rudra had stuck in his emotions and he hadn’t been himself for a week forgetting to bath, eat or change. Om had to slap him out of his trance repeatedly.

Om always wondered why Shivaay kept Rudra like this and after that day of seeing Rudra emotionally falling apart had been the day, he too decided to keep everything hidden from Rudra.

He knelt down and looked at Rudra who had never seen anything big or anything hard in his life, now stuck emotionally with a blank face clutching his heart not even noticing Om knelt beside him.


Rudra couldn’t really understand what really is going on.

What’s happening…?

Everything was fine.. Just fine and now suddenly Everything changed because of Shivaay bhaiyaa had fallen down and remained unconscious on the glass pieces.

Rudra never hated the color red more than he hated when O’s hands were smeared with Shivaay bhaiyaa’s blood.

Rudra couldn’t really grasp what’s happening. It was like everything was in slow motion till Shivaay bhaiyaa’s fall and then everything sort of sped up while his mind stuck on the incident.

The car incident itself was enough to send him in depression. Rudra was routed to the spot stuck watching his Bhaiyaa’s favourite car burning down.

Rudra couldn’t take his eyes away from the car and his mind went to what would have happened if Shivaay bhaiyaa was in the car.

He couldn’t even check his bhaiyaa or hug him instead he looked deeply in the fire, his mind still not recovered from the shock. Then Shivaay bhaiyaa pulled him, making him look at his bhaiyaa.

When Shivaay bhaiyaa caressed his hair, looking worriedly at him even now when Shivaay was the one in danger Rudra went and hugged his bhaiyaa along with Om.

He hugged as tightly as he can knowing well that with his muscles it will hurt his brothers but he was past caring about this because he has to reassure himself his Shivaay bhaiyaa is safe and alive.

Rudra didn’t let go of his bhaiyaa for longer than a minute after the car incident the whole yesterday.

He couldn’t… Wouldn’t let go of his Shivaay bhaiyaa..

He spent the entire yesterday with Om and Shivaay making them taking leave from their work. To many it may seem he’s so childish but the fact is he really really was afraid of something happening to Om or Shivaay bhaiyaa if they left his presence. He just couldn’t let them go… He then relaxed today morning seeing his brother fine so he had let go of him….

And now his Shivaay bhaiyaa is in hospital.

He knew his bhaiyaa had heart problems and he always felt scared whenever he read the word heart or heard the word heart. He had always stuttered thinking or speaking about the word heart.

After somehow realising Om had gone longer than necessary, Rudra moved towards the operation theater leaving the guards to stand guard outside since they’re not allowed and managed to reach there in time to hear about what doctor said about poison..


And Rudra felt like drowning thinking about the Angel therapy and what wish he had asked to the Angel. He had done that.. He had done this to his Shivaay bhaiyaa. He shouldn’t have prayed to Angel to stop this engagement anyhow.

Rudra’s heart ached…

That must be it… For Shivaay bhaiyaa’s heart, his heart is aching.

Rudra clutched his heart because there must be something wrong with it that’s why it hurt like someone stabbing his heart with a sword every second. His heart must have failed too since nothing would hurt like this.

Rudra couldn’t really grasp the reality and fell on the floor.

The doctor must be wrong..

Yes, he has to be wrong.


He’s Shivaay Bhaiyaa..

He’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

He’s Superman… His Superman..

Shivaay bhaiyaa… The Superman..

“Rudra.. Rudra…”

Rudra could hear somewhere Om is calling him.

But couldn’t really react and muttered,

“Shivaay bhaiyaa…”

“Superman.. Ever since I born… My bhaiyaa. Taking care of me.”

If something happened to Shivaay bhaiyaa, Rudra couldn’t even think past it.

Om watched Rudra stuck again like that day in a state of mind. He called him again and again in between his mutterings..


“My big brother”


“My superman bhaiyaa..”


“I told na… I don’t want anything angel”


“I said na I just want my Shivaay bhaiyaa”, Rudra couldn’t even speak coherently.

“Rudra.. Rudra”

“I just want my superman bhaiyaa. I don’t want anything just my bhaiyaa”

Om was really worried looking at Rudra going on and on muttering about Superman. If Shivaay see this he will scold Om for letting his baby in this condition. So Om slapped him and still Rudra wouldn’t focus on reality and kept muttering..


“I don’t want anything, anything.. Just shivaay bhaiyaa”


“I want Shivaay.. My Bhaiya.. My guardian.. My Superman.. My brother.”

Om could feel tears leaking from his eyes again and he let them flow seeing Rudra’s condition. Om himself felt like falling apart but seeing Rudra like this he doesn’t know what to do.

One brother is already in critical condition, he won’t let another brother to become like that.

So as a last try he slapped Rudra’s face harder than before yelling,

“Rudra… Shivaay will be fine”

Rudra slowly came out of his trance and collapsed with tears.

Om hugged Rudra tightly keeping him in place.

Om could feel the wetness in his shirt because of Rudra’s tears.

Om ignored everyone on the corridor watching them. He didn’t give a damn about what are they gossiping about the Oberoi brothers and focused on Rudra.

“It’s all due to my fault Om. I had done this Angel Therapy. Shivaay bhaiya even said give them whatever they wish for when it comes to his turn for prayer. It’s all my fault O.. Everything is my fault.. I prayed somehow this engagement with Tia should be cancelled” ,Rudra said crying more.

Om pulled him from the hug and made Rudra look at him.

“It’s not your fault Rudra.. It’s not”

“He has to be fine Om.. He has to.. He has to be fine.. He has to be”

But Rudra seemed to be not listening at all and was crying like a child Shivaay often treats him as. Om kissed Rudra’s forehead and hugged his little brother again keeping him hidden from everyone’s stares and let the tears and sobs escape which he so controlled till now.

He could see the little child Rudra who always clung to Shivaay, following him around, mimicking whatever Shivaay did in the adult Rudra now. He could feel the desperate need for Shivaay rise in him seeing Rudra like this because Shivaay alone could handle Rudra sometimes. He himself wanted Shivaay to be with them as much as Rudra wished to be.

He rested his head above Rudra’s head which was pressed against his chest, crying his heart out. Om tightened his hold against Rudra thinking,

Shivaay has to be fine…

Shivaay has to be fine for Om and Rudra’s sake..

—-Humein chhodkar tum kaha

Khafa hoke ghum ho gaye ho..

Kaise gawara kare hum
Ab door tum gaye ho

Jahan kahi bhi tum ho
Chale aao ab sun lo..
Jahan kahi bhi tum ho
Chale aao ab sun lo..
Bolo humari khata..!

Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi —-


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(A/N: How is my story so far..? Share your thoughts with me so that I can improve. Heroines will come later in this fiction. It’s not an overly romantic drama but that doesn’t mean this story doesn’t have love.. The priority of the story as the title indicates is brothers and their bonding. Hope you’re liking this and Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. Love you all, my dear readers. And lastly do you guys need me to send private messages (to registered users) about chapter being updated..? Let me know in your comments if you want me to message you.)

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