Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-30

….My Brothers Are Everything To Me….

Chapter 30:


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Chapter 30:

Om and Rudra was still stunned into silence that their brother had brought Annika to his room. They were still in shock when they moved to kitchen, leaving their brother alone and went towards kitchen to drink the milkshake their brother had kept in refrigerator for them.

Shivaay looked at the sleeping figure on his bed…

Something in him purred in satisfaction, seeing her in his room, in his bed, wearing the dress he had brought, asking dadi to give her as a gift along with the mark on her neck left by him.

Shivaay\’s teeth felt strange, he wanted to sunk them in her neck…

Am I some sort of vampire?

The engagement ring on his finger burned his skin, reminding him that what he\’s doing is wrong..

What am I doing..?

Shivaay knew this is wrong and he has never done anything like this.


He cannot stop…

Like a moth to the flame…

He\’s getting drawn to her…

This is not happening..

Shivaay turned his back and went to change his dress.

Om and Rudra decided to not go to their brother\’s room today and decided to sleep in Rudra\’s room..

“Come on Rudra, Do I really have to sleep in your room?\”

“O.. You know I hate sleeping alone\”

Om and Rudra opened Rudra\’s room and was surprised to find Shivaay lying on Rudra\’s bed.

“Hey Shivaay bhaiyaa, why are you sleeping in my room?\”

“Annika is sleeping in my room\”


Rudra and Om smirked at Shivaay in teasing manner.

“I don\’t know… She just called me and then call was cut. I was nearby her home so I went to check in and found out that she was locked from outside and the current was cut off. She looked as if she was ready to faint…\”

Om and Rudra sat near him on the bed.

“Is Annika safe? Is she okay?\”

“Yeah, she seemed fine and I felt she\’s not safe anymore there so I just wanted to bring her here for a while.\”

“Its good you brought her here. Why would anyone do that.?\”

“I don\’t know O.. It definitely has to be some sort of stalker\”

“Why would you say that Shivaay?\”

“I mean, there was not anything stolen, things were as they were. It must be someone who knows she\’s afraid of darkness. Why would anyone go out of their way to scare her..? It screams stalker Om.. She was scared to death and she was trembling all over.\”

Om put a hand over Shivaay\’s shoulder in comfort.

“That\’s why I brought her here so anyway, it\’s a tiresome day, let\’s sleep since it\’s already this late.\”

“Ok bhaiyaa\”

Shivaay slept in the middle of the bed and was soon asleep within minutes while Ruda and Om went to change into their night dresses and looked at their brother sleeping yet with frown lines.

Rudra laid on the right side of his Shivaay bhaiyaa, touched his brother\’s forehead and the frown lines eased…

Om caressed Shivaay\’s still perfectly gelled hair, messing it. They were arguing today till evening about his engagement and just like usual they had forgiven Shivaay and let go of their fights.

Shivaay had done a lot of sacrifices for them. They didn\’t want to trouble him anymore.

There is a reason Rudra cannot sleep alone even in this age, even though Rudra had a lot of girlfriends and party a lot but he never did stay out late night. He always comes to home for sleep and especially to Shivaay\’s room dragging him.

~~~~~Om watched Rudra drinking coffee after coffee, trying to stay awake in the age of eleven, this usually doesn\’t happen but Rudra is desperate to stay awake since he didn\’t want to sleep.

“Come on Rudra, go and sleep.\”

“No… I am not sleeping unless Shivaay bhaiyaa comes home\”

Yes, Om too didn\’t want to sleep since Shivaay is not here..

Three days…

It has been three days since Shivaay has been kidnapped.

There hasn\’t been any news and the world of Rudra and Om has stopped three days ago..

Shivaay is just fifteen and they knew being rich kids and having a rich family will always result in some sort of mishaps but they trusted their Shivaay bhaiyaa to save them but they never imagined Shivaay bhaiyaa to be kidnapped.

Om put hands around Rudra in comfort..

Like Rudra, he too wanted Shivaay here, in home but if he break down then Rudra will be inconsolable..

Om hated it even more…

Being an Oberoi…

Om hated it…

Just because being an Oberoi… His brother is kidnapped..

There was a call today morning after two days of nothing from police, the kidnapper wants money in two days and then only they will release Shivaay..

Rudra has been terrified of this and he cries from time to time, refused to eat, refuses to sleep, Little Rudra\’s eyes are all red.

Om don\’t know what to do.. It was just months before they found out about Shivaay\’s heart condition and now the kidnapping.

If something happened to Shivaay, Om cannot even think past that. Om will cease to exist if Shivaay\’s not there anymore.

Om pulled Rudra into his arms for the umpteenth time in the three days and patted his back to stop crying.

Rudra is having worst nightmares of his Shivaay bhaiyaa getting tortured in many ways and constantly waking up, he\’s terrified of the reality happening to his Shivaay brother, that\’s why refusing to sleep and refused to go out of Shivaay\’s room.

Om could feel his brother will slip away if Shivaay didn\’t return home quickly. Om is not in much better condition.

This is terrifying..

Did they give Shivaay food?

Did they give him water?

Did they do something to Shivaay?

Did they beat him up?

No….. No……

Om cannot think like that…

He cannot even imagine things since it\’s too painful..

Om\’s hands around Rudra tightened, comforting the trembling form, even though Rudra started exercising, he\’s still small.

“I will look after you so sleep Rudy\”

“No Om… No, I am not gonna sleep. It\’s terrific.. My nightmares are getting worse.. Nightmares of my bhaiyaa getting tortured is worse than anything. I cannot O.. I don\’t ever want to sleep\”

Om too cried along with Rudra, his false courage leaving him, tears kept at bay flowing freely.

Two days passed like this and Rudra looked ready to drop any minute with fatigue. Their father and Shivaay\’s father went in the morning to give money as the kidnapper asked and they refused to bring them there.

So the tension has raised to infinity and even breathing had become difficult.

It has become evening and still no one returned nor there were any calls.

Just as the sun was setting slowly from the sky, they watched Shivaay entering the door, bandages on his forehead and his leg.


Rudra ran and Om followed him just a few steps back.

Rudra jumped at Shivaay and Shivaay caught him steadily.


Om hugged sideways, a little carefully, aware of injuries.

Shivaay shushed Rudra and then they were pulled back from the hug by Pinky Aunty who too was crying loudly along with Dadi. He was fed of different things even though Shivaay repeated countless times that he\’s fine.

Om could see it in Shivaay\’s eyes that something has changed while he was kidnapped.

Om and Rudra was feeling left off since the adults surrounded their brother and not letting them near him.

Shivaay looked around and found them, Rudra started sniffing again..


Shivaay got up, fed up with them fussing over, not letting him to their brothers.

Shivaay moved away from them and lifted little Rudra with his arms since Rudra is smaller than children of his age.

“Shivaay, careful of your injuries\”

Shivaay didn\’t listen to his parents and moved towards his room, dragging Om too.

Rudra\’s little hands wounded his bhaiyaa\’s arms and refused to let go of his bhaiyaa.

Shivaay put Rudra on his bed and hugged Om tightly.

“See… I am fine you two.. So stop worrying.\”


Shivaay let go Om and put a hand around Rudra\’s shoulder,

“Come on Rudy… Your eyes are already red. Stop crying.\”

Shivaay consoled them for a while and they chatted a little before Rudra falling asleep on Shivaay\’s chest, his brother\’s heart beat, a proof that his brother is safe and sound.

“He refused to sleep Shivaay for the past four days\”

Shivaay smiled and told Om to sleep too.

After that Rudra has refused to sleep alone and then later Om found out about the fact that it was Om who was supposed to be kidnapped and Shivaay didn\’t correct the kidnapper that he\’s not Om~~~~~


There is not a human being who can sacrifice and do things like Shivaay.

Om wished that every pain Shivaay had endured and every sacrifice he did will be no more since they had grown up too.

Om slowly drifted to sleep as Rudra had already fallen asleep hugging his Shivaay bhaiyaa.



Angry glares…

Annika could feel them on her. Tia is glaring at her while she\’s arranging everything for Sangeeth tomorrow.

Annika had been staying here for two days and it\’s irritating Tia.

Its not as if Annika wanted to live here but Shivaay and Dadi refused to leave her until some time.

At first she had woken up the morning after he brought her from her home.

She was very surprised to recall that she had fallen asleep on the car then how did she came here and that too Shivaay\’s room.

Anikka felt goosebumps arise on her skin, imagining him brought her here by his arms..

Annika was surprised to find Priyanka lying beside her.

“Oh! Shivaay bhaiyaa asked me to sleep beside you since you may be scared\”

Why is he so kind to me?

“Don\’t worry Annika.. Bhaiyaa always protects us and he will protect you too. You just stay here for a while without worries, ok.?\”

“Thanks Priyanka\”

“That\’s not necessary. I will go and bring my clothes for you ok? Just go and use the bathroom in the guest room. Bhaiyaa asked you to stay in the guest room till the problem gets solved, ok?\”

Annika nodded and moved towards the guest room and into the rest room to freshen up..


The mark which was fading had appeared again…

What did he do while I was asleep?

Annika\’s face turned red imagining it..

After that Annika avoided him at all costs, hid behind a pillar, under a bed, behind curtains, behind sofa, she did everything to avoid him..

He has a fiancé, in her worry of escaping from Tia\’s irritating glares, she bumped into him.


Those azure eyes, piercing her very soul..

She hated it…

She hated being drowning in those eyes…

Annika pulled away from his hold to steady her..

“Come on, dadi asked me to drive you to stores since you had asked a list of things for Sangeet.\”




That too



That too

In that car…. Where he kissed and licked her neck..

“No thanks, I can go by myself\”

“Why? Are you scared?\”

“Why would I? It doesn\’t matter who I go with\”

“It doesn\’t matter?\”

Shivaay loomed and she looked at him without fear..

“Yes, I don\’t care\”

“You don\’t care about me?\”

He\’s turning her simple words into something else but she\’s not someone to back down..

“No, Why would I care about you sir? You\’re just my boss and nothing more\”

Dark…. Something dark lurked behind those eyes, wanting to swallow her up, making her feel like playing with fire. He looked as if he wanted her to admit she\’s lying about not caring part.

“Let us see.. Then shall we go?\”

Annika felt like she had entered into a game blindly, not knowing it\’s rules or anything but she\’s not the one to back down..


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