Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-3

Chapter: 03



Home sweet home…

No matter what people may think or say but Oberoi Mansion is always home to him. They have shifted to Oberoi Mansion since he was two year old. Rudra didn’t remember much before that but still as long as he remember, Oberoi Mansion is home to him.

But now even in his home he’s really, really busy. He has a very important task now. That is…

Pretending to be asleep..

Rudra pulled the blanket over him clutching it strongly even though Om’s persistent effort of pulling it, trying to wake him up.

He hated it. He hated this and didn’t want to go college.

Why don’t O understand and leave him alone.?

“Rudra you’ve already skipped a day. Now get up and get ready to college.”


He still clutched it tightly knowing very well O can’t pull it from his clutch. Because… He has abs and strength O lacks..

He didn’t want to go college. Period.

Finally O give up and huffs.

He peaked a little through the blanket to look at Om who was now shaking his head at him, throwing his hands in the air.

“Your Shivaay bhaiyaa alone can handle you. I am getting late to my train.”

With that Om left.

He pulled the blanket from his face and relaxed down on the pillow and looked around the room which always calmed him.

Because he’s in the safest place let alone in the Oberoi Mansion but the safest place in the world which never failed to make him feel secure and warm.

It’s Shivaay bhaiya’s room, the place he is currently in. He convinced O to sleep in Shivaay bhaiya’s room yesterday night.

He didn’t want to go to college because even though he laughed about with his brothers about devi the day before yesterday, he still feels uncomfortable to even look at Romi.

God..! He is such a duffer like O teases him. How could he be so foolish to fall for her..?

Probably because she was s*xy and had a beautiful body.

Rudra learnt a very very serious lesson that never to trust any pretty girl or hot girl ever again.

If it was a boy then he would use his muscles and strength to beat him up. But it’s a girl and he really don’t know what to do.

He can’t even complain to authorities about it. Because he is pretty sure the moment he say anything, it will be reported to Dad. And he know how well his dad react.

He’s Tej Singh Oberoi. He has no time to deal with any of these silly matters. If anyone dared to waste his time, they’re a goner even if it’s his own son. He will then lecture about it that he could not even handle a girl matter then will go on about transferring to a foreign college so he could get serious in studies and business.

Nope.. That won’t do.. He will never leave Oberoi Mansion.

He again pulled the blanket over his face and him completely. He remembered the first time he was shown to do this.

———–Rudra was so so hungry. The problem is not that he’s hungry but what the real problem is that there’s no food and no one around to look after him.

What little Rudra didn’t know was that there were no maids or servants since business is not that good the past years ever since his grandfather passed away and to top it all they are in debts for building such a huge mansion.

After all what would a little four year old Rudra could understand.?

He hopped of his play chair and went looking around for his mom.

He could hear shouts and yells the closer he got to his parent’s room.

It’s a usual thing ever since he was born but today was different because the fight seemed to be going on forever since morning.

Om left to school and dadi is still in some place where she said that she have to go there to remember about grandfather this year or something along the lines. He can’t even go to his choti ma and chote papa because he just never felt safe or welcome with them.

He slowly opened the door of his parents room and peeked through it only to find his mom and dad yelling about something.

His dad grabbed her mom shouting something about work and his mom pushing his dad’s chest shouting back.

What’s going on.?

Little Rudra couldn’t really understand about what they’re fighting about.

He tripped and knocked his head on the door. He could see them stop fighting and staring at him.

“What’s wrong Rudra?”

“I am hungry mom”, Little Rudra blurted out the first thing on his mind.

His dad then turned towards his mom, “You couldn’t even look after a child, what use you will be in office?”

“Tej, you’re the one who wanted another child just with in few months after Om born…”

They started arguing again as like always forgetting about him. He was so hungry since morning. It’s evening now.

He slowly moved backwards and glanced at his parents longingly.

Why can’t they stop arguing for once? Why can’t they care for him? Even though little Rudra is so young, he understood somehow that he will never be able to get their love.

He sometimes envied Om that his mom paid attention to Om more than him. He knew it’s wrong to feel like this but still he hated this arguing and them forgetting about him.

His dad too dotted on Om because he was the heir or something to Oberoi industries. Not that he hated Om or anything because Om always loved and cared for him more than their parents

He shuffled his feet around the door and looked at his parents once again..

Wish Shivaay bhaiya is here.. He’s the one who always looked after him. He even dotes on him more than Om does which is saying something.

Just then their shouting and yelling volume raised. He put his chubby finger around his ear to shut the volume and everything out.

His hand was pulled out, he looked up to find his Shivaay bhaiya standing in front of him with school uniform.

Shivaay bhaiya dragged him from there and got him to Shivaay bhaiyaa’s room.
“Come on Rudra. I will share a secret with you.”

He then pulled him to bed, making him sit and pulled a blanket over them like a camp tent.

“What is this bhaiyaa?”

“It’s our world Rudra.. Ignore everything else, every noise out, every thought out. It’s just us. You and me.. Yeah.?”

Rudra looked at Shivaay in absolute fascination and adoration. His bhai always understood everything about him to the extent of how he feels in this home alone and about their parent’s fighting.

“Even If I and Om went to school. You can come to my room anytime you want. No one will object you not even my mom. Yeah..?”

Rudra nods. To anyone it may not mean anything just a room to share but to little Rudra it’s the words of love, comfort and belonging.

Just then his stomach made a noise letting it know it’s hungry. Little Rudra was embarrassed when Shivaay bhaiya chuckled and said,

He got up pulling the blanket off and gave him his toy car.

“Play with this Rudra. I will be back in ten minutes.”

What Little cute Rudra doesn’t know is that he’s the inspiration behind Shivaay wanting to learn cooking since he has such appetite as a child and Shivaay noticed how every adult is busy with their own life and problems.

Shivaay is old enough to understand that his parents and Om’s parents are so busy that they really have no time for them.

But he promised himself to look after Rudra the moment he took him in his arms when Rudra born trying to calm the crying child.

To Shivaay’s utter shock, the child calmed down giving him a toothless watery smile.

That moment…

That moment, Shivaay felt such love that he wanted to protect the child for as long as he’s alive.

Shivaay never realized that he himself is a child because he never felt like a child. No child should learn to cook at the age he learnt to cook.

Rudra played with car and exactly fifteen minutes later Shivaay bhaiya came in with a plate and glass.

“Its not much but eat this while I go and ask someone to cook something.”

Rudra shook his head indicating no.

“What? Won’t you eat?”

“Feed me”

Rudra laughed at his bhaiya’s expression but still like always his brother obliged him and fed a glass of milk and something mushy made of vegetables.

It may not be yummy or well cooked..

It may not be tasty like his mom’s food..

It may not even called food..


According to Rudra..

This is the best food he had ever eaten and it’s tastier than anything even though it has vegetables.

After finishing the dish, Rudra collapsed on his brother exclaiming about him being the food God, the best brother in the world.

Shivaay bhaiyaa muttered something about little Rudra and future drama queen then played with him under the blanket.

He leaned on his brother’s shoulder after getting tired of playing, saying in a very serious tone for a four year old,

“I love you bhai”

And closed his eyes noticing his brother hold on him tighten saying that

“I will make everything right Rudra”

He sighed and the comfort lulled him to sleep with last thoughts as,

Who cares if he has caring parents or not as long as his Shivaay bhaiyaa is with him and also Om who is also probably cooped up in a room after hearing their parents arguing when he reached home from school——

Blankets changed, bedcovers changed, room painting, color and decorations changed but he still felt the same as he felt during as a small child.

Comfort, safe…

“Rudra come on wake up.”

Rudra grumbled and fumbled yet still he woke up since it’s Shivaay bhaiya.

“I don’t want to go bhaiyaa”

He hid his bruises where she chained him well. He really didn’t like involving Shivaay bhaiya in his girls problems of all things.

In a rare moment, his brother sat beside him and caressed his hair.

“Whatever it is, I will make everything right Rudra.”

Shivaay bhaiya never changes.

“Ok.. Ok.. I will go to college.” and probably hide from Romi.

Just then he realized his bedroom hair is all messed up and probably sticking in different angles. Shivaay bhaiya took the file and went out of the room chuckling about his complaints of ruining his perfectly styled hair even in sleep.

Rudra got ready and went to college always looking around to see if Romi’s gonna pop out in thin air like she said using black magic.

He waited for her to react but to his utter shock and relief, she stayed away from him. She didn’t even glance at him.

It looked like she runs away from him whenever he’s a metre near her.

What’s going on?

It’s almost time to go home just then he noticed the bruises on her arms when her full sleeves moved which is almost same if not more severe like his bruises.

What happened?


He knew it…

He somehow knew that Shivaay bhaiya did something.

He didn’t feel any pity for her instead he just felt relieved and relaxed knowing this problem is over.

He grinned and planned on what to eat since it’s his cheat day without any worries.


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