Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-22

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 22:


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Chapter 22:

In a huge hall, two people were relaxing in the sofa, enjoying their evening while the business channel was telecasting in the huge TV on the wall.

Nothing much…

Just a business channel since their family members very much involved in business field.

They ignored the news and was having fun with teasing each other, just then the news suddenly caught their attention.

“A shocking news in the business world, Roi family business had been taken over by Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. We reached towards Roi family and they’re unavailable to answer. It’s such a shocking change just in four days and in result a huge change in the business world….”

Om gasped hearing the news while Rudra glanced at it not knowing what’s the big deal. It’s always like this when Shivaay bhaiyaa took over some company.

“Om.. What happened..?”

“Shivaay…. He….”

Just then his father and Sakthi uncle came speaking about that,

“Yeah.. It was a huge shock that Shivaay took over the company in just few days bhaisaab.”

“Yeah Sakthi.. But what did you except will happen after the Roi’s messed with us.? Shivaay dealt with them just like an Oberoi”

Annika didn’t understand much of what’s going on but she did understand he brought everything of Roi family just like he destroyed her life once.

Annika took her bag to go since it’s already seven even though she had finished her work half an hour ago..

Then you may ask what she is doing here…?


No way…

She’s not delaying going home just to get a glance of him..

It’s not because she rarely saw him for the past four days. Now that she heard them speaking like this about that azure eyed devil, she knew he will be in terrible mood and it’s their family matter so she took her bag to leave.

Not that she cared..

Annika turned to tell dadi but stopped still when the devil they were all talking about had arrived,

For just a moment their eyes met…

Even though he looked so worn out, even though he looked like fainting from exhaustion, even though his clothes looks crumpled and his eyes had dark circles under them…

Even despite all that, his azure eyes pierced her with an intense gaze that it made her knees weak….

What’s wrong with me….?

Annika couldn’t really grasp the feelings arising in her. It’s stupidity at it’s best when she knew very well he’s engaged…

This is not a time to think her confusing feelings. Just when she moved towards to take her leave from dadi, Om moved forward towards Shivaay with frowning,

“What did you do Shivaay..?”

“What Om..?”, Shivaay asked tiredly, it’s been four days since he had a proper sleep. These four days had been exhausting since he had to make up for the absence of his presence for almost a month.

“The news about you taking over Roi family…”

“Oh that… Yeah..”

“Why did you do that Shivaay..?”

“It’s just business Om”

Om ignored Rudra’s words to stop it and continued. It’s just not right.

What Shivaay did is not right.. He cannot do that just because someone insulted them. Times like these Shivaay resembled his father and Om hated the influence his father had in Shivaay’s childhood.

“Do not lie to me Shivaay.. You know how much I hate lies. It was not business. It was a personal grudge.”

“Yes it was…”

Shivaay replied back coolly.

“How could you do this Shivaay..? Why did you do this.?”

Shivaay remained silent while Rudra told him to stop it and his father told him to stay out of business since he doesn’t know anything about it.

Om ignored everyone and stood opposite to Shivaay.

Shivaay then looked straight at him in the eye, his eyes ablaze with rage he had rarely witnessed of.

“Why…? Do you think I will let them go just like that after lying to us, after trying to deceive us to take our Prinku, after dragging you and hurting you..? Do you think I will leave them alone..?”

Om could not look away from Shivaay’s eyes when they were so full of emotions which Shivaay rarely even shows to anyone.

“But Shivaay.. Yes, they insulted us but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin their business just because of that. What have you done Shivaay..? What have you done to them..?”

“Do you want to know the truth Om..? Do you really want to know..?”

“Nothing but the truth..”

Om feared the truth Shivaay is going to tell but he never ran away from truth.

“Then hear it.. I brought his company long ago but now I decided to completely take over, making him give up and then pressured the persons to collect the debts Mr. Roi had… Now he had sold every properties and that too didn’t coverup all the money he had loaned from others. Now he is literally in the street or had to beg his relatives to stay. He has lost his arrogance, pride, he has to beg or go to pay job if he want to eat once a day.”


Om grabbed Shivaay’s collar much to everyone’s shock.

“Why would you go this far Shivaay…? They only told the truth about me. I was a drug addict, face it Shivaay.”

Om ignored Rudra saying him to leave Shivaay bhaiyaa’s collar.

“What you were or not is none of their damn business.. They should have thought about hundred times before dragging you Om”

“What did you do Shivaay..? You did the same too. You rejected them just because of their son’s birth.”

“Yes, I rejected them because they were no match for our Prinku. Like that, they could have just walked away but they went too far.”

“No Shivaay, you went too far this time. No matter what.. Whoever did it.. Wrong is wrong.. You’ve ruined a happy family just because they insulted us. Think about their son. He has no future now.”

“Then they should think about before speaking about my brother.”

Om let his brother’s collar and moved back from his personal space.

Om didn’t know how to reason with Shivaay. Times like these, Om was scared that Shivaay would become like the Oberoi ancestors, like his parents…

So ruthless and unemotional towards others….

Shivaay looked at Om, all his tiredness gone…

Just when he was going to let Mr.Roi go with taking over his office, he as a last resort threatened Shivaay to expose Om’s drug incidents to media…

Shivaay closed his eyes, remembering how scared and pitiful Mr. Roi looked when he was forced to move out of his house. Shivaay had told him that even if he tell the media now, no one will believe because they will just say Mr. Roi is just spreading rumors because he is just doing it to get revenge.

Mr. Roi had the nerve to threaten about his brothers. Shivaay didn’t know what would have happened to Om if that was leaked to media. Om would be ashamed to even go out.

Shivaay opened his eyes,….

Shivaay can do anything and without regret as long as his brothers lived a happy and a very long life.

“Stop it Shivaay bhaiyaa..”

Rudra looked at him pleadingly, after being ignored by Om so he said to his Shivaay bhaiyaa since he always listened to him. Because Shivaay bhaiyaa looked so exhausted that Rudra knew, he will collapse if this continued.

Why don’t anyone notice his condition is beyond Rudra..

Shivaay looked at his two brothers…

Shivaay mistook Rudra’s look as a scared one and Om….

Shivaay could see it in Om’s eyes…

The thing he never wanted to see…


Shivaay clenched his fingers tightly at the sharp pain in his chest.

He had failed again… To make his brothers look at him like that..

Shivaay never wanted to see that look in Om’s eyes nor in Rudra’s..

Shivaay gritted his teeth and took the overcoat he had dropped on the sofa early.

“Fine then… I will take my leave.”

With that Shivaay turned around, ignoring everyone and went outside, all the while his mind replaying his brothers expressions.

“See Om… I told you to stop it.”

“Rudra, you too know what he did was wrong.”

“Maybe what he did was wrong but this wasn’t the time to argue about that. Shivaay bhaiyaa seemed so tired and exhausted.”

“But Rudra…”

“Haven’t you noticed O, he was having trouble to even stand properly? You could’ve argued all of this tomorrow Om… He just got home after four days. I was waiting for him to come home. Did you see his look before he left? Shivaay bhaiyaa looked as if he has no one and nowhere to go..? Now he had gone again.. Who knows when he will return again..?”

Rudra was angry with Om since he rarely listens when he talks seriously. Rudra was waiting for Shivaay bhaiyaa to just come home..

Just before leaving, Shivaay bhaiyaa looked so alone… Shivaay bhaiyaa looked like he’s closing off his every emotions, building walls again around his heart even blocking his brothers from his heart.

“I didn’t notice it Rudra.. I…”

“You never listen to me Om.. You think I am all fun and jokes.. Why don’t you ever listen to me Om..?”

Rudra turned and left Om while everyone moved towards their room while Priyanka felt somehow responsible for all this, feeling guilty.

Om collapsed on his bed…

God…! What a mess this situation had turned into..

Shivaay looked at the driving area to find Annika trying to start her scooty.

Annika had left not wanting to hear their personal family talks a few minutes ago.. So she was surprised when he stood beside her all of a sudden..

“Can I stay in your home for today..?”


“Forget it….”

Shivaay had asked in a moment of vulnerability, so that he can forget about his brothers expressions and his fear of them abandoning him one day..

“No… No… It’s fine sir…”

Annika called him back looking how out of character he looked…

So Annika just gave up on her scooty and hopped on his car. He looked like he needed some sort of escape from reality.


Abay looked at Ranveer, wasting away with drinks in a bar.

Abay had been Ranveer’s friend for years. Probably he is the only friend he has because Ranveer always seem closed off after his parent’s death and after his sister’s death, Ranveer thrown himself in the work to distract himself.

Ranveer was even took advantage by his aunt. Throughout all Abay had stood beside his friend.

But Ranveer changed for the past year after he had fallen in love with Priyanka.. He seemed more lively. But then Priyanka had told him to leave her alone.

Recently the Roi family had asked protection, rumor is that Shivaay had arranged marriage with their son and Priyanka but looked like it didn’t work much. The rumors are unclear but Ranveer turned into a mess after hearing this.

Ranveer had told him that Priyanka will not go against Shivaay’s words and she will even marry anyone his brother agrees to.

Abay had never seen Ranveer this sad, drinking like this when he rarely even touch drinks.

It’s all because of Shivaay…

Ranveer’s aunt uses him so to revenge Shivaay for dome reason..

Priyanka rejects Ranveer because she won’t go against her family especially Shivaay.

Ranveer even has troubles in Gayathri’s case because of Shivaay…

Shivaay… Shivaay… Shivaay….

Ranveer even refused to leak Shivaay’s information to media…

Well if he can’t do that then Abay can…

Media will eat up the news of Shivaay Singh Oberoi spending time with his female worker in a locked room for hours..

It will be a huge scandal and will even damage his reputation since he’s already engaged.


(A/N: Ah.. Obros fight..

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