Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-21

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 21:


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Chapter 21:

Priyanka cut the call for umpteenth time and finally turned off her mobile getting tired of it.

It’s Ranveer..

She already has enough problems on her own. She is not in the mood to fight with him.

Priyanka has to somehow refuse this alliance. She knew this day will come but she never thought it will come this soon. Her father has finally arranged a meeting with his new business partner.

Priyanka knew she is angry with Ranveer but that doesn’t mean she hated him or something. She also knew it’s going to be impossible to let her family agree with her relationship but what can she do…?

She loves him…. She loves him a lot…

She cannot control her own emotions and that’s how she felt. She just can’t ignore these feelings of her for Ranveer.

She hadn’t told him about this arrangement because if he knew Ranveer would be crazy enough to come here and argue with her family.

He may be a sincere and cool officer but Priyanka had seen his jealousy and possessive tendencies.

So Priyanka did the only thing that can save her…..

Going to Shivaay bhaiyaa…

Because he was the one who always protected them.

He was the one who took her to so many specialists around the world to make her speak normally when she started stuttering two years before.

Shivaay bhaiyaa never gave up on her even if there was no improvement in her. He along with Om and Rudra bhaiyaa always stood up with her.

So she had said to her Shivaay bhaiyaa yesterday evening, “I cannot bhaiyaa. I am just a first year college student and he wants me to marry in this age. How can….”

But her bhaiyaa cut her in mid sentence, “Prinku, you don’t need to explain yourself. If you don’t want anything, no one can force you. Leave it to me”

And just like that…..

Shivaay bhaiyaa agreed to her wishes as like always and this is why Shivaay bhaiyaa is very special to her even though he’s not her real brother.

Yesterday night Shivaay bhaiyaa had an argument with her father for her. It is very rare that bhaiyaa disagreeing with family members.

“Bade papa. I know she has to marry someday but she’s too young. You just can’t…”

“Shivaay, I had tolerated till now of your interference in their life but this is going way overboard.”

“Bade Papa, I can’t just let you marry her off like this.”

“Let me…? Let me…? I am her father and it’s my final decision. Tomorrow Roi family is coming to see her. You stay out of this Shivaay.”

With that her father exited the dining room, leaving them behind.

Even though Priyanka loved her father, she’s scared of him. She can never say anything against him. Shivaay bhaiyaa too got up from the table, pushing his chair aside and moved towards her.

“Trust me….”

Shivaay bhaiyaa patted her head and went, not even finishing his dinner.

Trust her Shivaay bhaiyaa…? Yes, with her life..

That’s the sole reason she is getting ready. She knew the Roi’s family is waiting for her downstairs. Priyanka knew her brother will do something to stop this marriage.

So she inhaled deeply and went along with Annika downstairs to see them.


Why must all the girls has to go through this even in modern age…?

It felt like her skin is crawling when they all looked at her from head to toe. Priyanka never looked at the groom and just stood beside her mother.

They let it go thinking that she’s shy but in fact she felt disgusted being stared at by strangers. Priyanka never did go out much and she had trouble speaking with people till eight months before. This is so nerve wrecking and she hated this. But she cannot do anything, her father is standing beside her and laughing with others about something.

Priyanka didn’t know where is Shivaay bhaiyaa because every one was present here except him. After some time, they were just going to change the plates….

No one asked her opinion. They were all smiling and happy. Not even her caring mother asked her about anything. Om bhaiyaa and Rudra bhaiyaa glanced at staircase now and then. They too trusted Shivaay bhaiyaa, maybe even more than that.

Priyanka clenched her hands tight but a voice from upstairs stopped everything.

“Stop it”

Shivaay bhaiyaa….

Priyanka felt relieved now that he is here. If she looked closely at him, she could see the tired eyes, as if he hadn’t slept at all in night.

Her father face twisted into anger and she could see the rage in her father’s eyes.

“Shivaay, What nonsense is this?”

“Bade Papa, I thought you were a perfect businessman. How could you do this..?”


“I know that you’re doing this for business agreement too but how could you miss the fact that the heir of Roi family you’re going to let him marry our Prinku is an illegitimate.”

Her father turned his rage against Roi from Shivaay bhaiyaa.

“Is this true Mr. Roi..?”

“Yes… But we’ve raised him like our own. There is no difference”, Mrs. Roi answered without any fear.

“Then let’s cancel this arrangement” Shivaay bhaiyaa declared with authority.

Priyanka knew her Shivaay bhaiyaa didn’t care about what or how others felt as long as his family is good.

She knew Shivaay bhaiyaa isn’t afraid to play dirty or hurt others if he had to get his way. Roi’s son looked hurt that they’re dragging his birth into this. But Shivaay bhaiyaa looked unfazed, he must have researched their family thoroughly throughout night.

Shivaay bhaiyaa can be scary even she felt scared of him sometimes but she knew her father will not budge to anyone nor does she have the courage to speak up. That’s why Shivaay bhaiyaa’s doing all this even hurting others.

“But why Mr. Oberoi..? He’s our son now legally. He will inherit everything after us.”

“Why are you so desperate? Did you think we will give our Prinku to just anyone..? And that too to an illegitimate, not even a proper heir. Do not take us for fools”

Mr. Roi looked at her father now,

“Why are you silent Mr. Oberoi..? I thought it doesn’t matter in this modern age.”

“No Mr. Roi… I agree with Shivaay, I thought it was a good business deal and also knew your family is good that’s why I thought Prinku will be happy but I just can’t give my daughter to an illegitimate child like your son.”

Priyanka knew deep down her father loved her too that’s why she endure all this silently because he can be sweet sometimes.

Priyanka could see that Roi’s down is looking down and really hurt and the Roi couple looked angry seeing their son hurt.

“Did you think we would agree to this just because of a deal.? Our son liked her that’s the main reason we came here today else as if we would want any relationship with you”

Mr. Roi sneered at her family members. Who does he think he is..?

“What are you saying Mr. Roi..? We’re Oberois, you’re lucky to even speak with us” her father barked back the words, feeling insulted.

“Oh…. Priyanka’s mother a drink addict, you have a Mistress… But it happens in some rich family. At least our son is good even if he’s an illegitimate.”

“What are you implying?”

Shivaay bhaiyaa asked angrily,

“Well one son parties all the time and another is a complete waste.”

Shivaay looked shocked that they have the nerve to point fingers at his brother.

“Why are you looking shocked Mr. Oberoi..? It all doesn’t even matter but her brother Om, a drug addict… Do you think anyone would ever want to marry a girl who has a brother who do drugs..? We were just here because our son liked Priyanka. Now that we see how it is… We’re leaving now but remember this no one in future will want to marry a drug addict’s sister”

Shivaay turned his head when he saw Om running towards his room with Rudra and Prinku following him.

Annika had never seen azure eyes blazing with anger like this, even when he was destroying her house. She had heard from Om and Rudra about Shicaay being a perfect brother but now she could see it in his eyes, in the anger.

Annika knew it’s wrong to reject someone because of their birth but what Mr. Roi did was not in any way good either.

Shivaay took long steps towards Mr. Roi and grabbed his collar ignoring his family members telling him to stop it.

“I was nice enough to let you decently know we don’t want this alliance. But you…. You have crossed the line”

Annika could see Mr. Roi was scared because Shivaay dealt everything without getting physical, only with his brain but this is new.

“I know everything you did Mr. Roi.. Everything.. You will see what hapoens from now on”

“Are you threatening me Mr. Oberoi..?”

“Threatening you..? I am telling you that I will destroy everything you have for each and every word you uttered against my family and Om.. You will see what Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do..”

With that he left his collar and turned from him…

Their eyes met briefly and Annika could see he was hurt more by their words than others did.

Annika shook her head and started giving orders to clean everything and to take down the decorations after everyone left yet those azure eyes stayed in her mind strongly more than ever.

Shivaay moved, almost ran towards Om’s room. Even though Om had left drugs, he still is very sensitive about the topic.

He saw Rudra and Prinku speaking to him from outside the door. Om must have locked it.

Shivaay knocked the door,

“Please Om… Just open the door”

“I am fine Shivaay… I am not doing drugs so please leave me alone for a while”

“Om… I didn’t mean it like that. Please let me in”

Just then their family members came to makes the matter worse.

“See… This is why I told you Jhanvi.. You were always going on and on about your previous Om. Now see what happened. This is what will happen. Our reputation is ruined because of him.”

“Stop it Tej…”

“Bade Papa not a word more”

“Om is like this because of you two always coddling him.”

With that he left along with Shivasy’s father.

“Shivaay, you too go to work. I will see to him.” Jhanvi told him but no one can move him from here when Om is like that.

“How can I leave Om here like this..?”

“Shivaay, you told me there’s an important deal today to finalize. Don’t waste your time here like this”, his mom advised him.

“It’s nothing important than this.”

“Stop it Shivaay.. Why are you always looking after them? You have a life too you know”

“You stay out of this mom. I had already sent everything needed yesterday night itself so just leave”

His mom looked irritated but left from there.

“Aunty, get Prinku from here and serve breakfast to everyone since they haven’t eaten anything”


Prinku looked ready to protest,

“Prinku, I will look after Om.. You had a stressful day so just go and relax with four friends in college. Ok?”

Prinku nodded and left with Aunty and dadi..

“Rudra, Are you fine…?”

“Yes bhaiyaa”

Shivaay pulled his coat and slid beside the door, sitting on the floor while Rudra sat beside him.

“Rudra, you already took enough leave from College. You should go. I will look after him”

Rudra leaned his head on Shivaay bhaiyaa’s shoulder.

“Well… It’s my bhaiyaa’s college. He will never suspend me”

“How did you know?”

“Come on bhaiyaa.. Give me some credit. I am the smartest in the family”

Shivaay chuckled and tried one more time.

“Please Om… Open the door. I know you’re hurt but please listen to us ratger than others. What do they know about you?”

“No Shivaay… Its all my fault. Prinku’s life will be destroyed. I was so stupid. I hate myself” came from Om after few minutes.

“Don’t think like that Om. We all do stupid things when we break down but what matters is how he forget them and move forward. You did gave up on drugs and that too in months. Who have the courage and determination like that..?”

There was no reply while they stayed like that for hours.

No matter how much Rudra joked or Shivaay pleaded, Om never came out of his room.

“O…. I am so hungry. I didn’t even have any protein shake you know.”

“Then go and eat Rudra. I promise I will come out after some time”

“How can we eat when you’re too hungry.?”

It was almost three hours and Om didn’t budge at all. Shivaay was hlad even though Om was inside, not letting them in.

“Don’t feel bad about what Roi family said Om.. They were just doing this because their business is not doing well. They have another son abroad who is the real heir. They just wanted to fool us and get the deal and Prinku. That didn’t go as they planned that’s why they just wanted to hurt us so don’t give into this and get hurt Om. The world will speak ill of us but no one knows the real truth. What matters is what we know and think of each other.”

Om knew all this yet couldn’t forget the fact he is ruining everything just like his father said. He had never felt regret like this.

And even more it’s nearing noon and still his two brothers are just outside the door cheering him up.

Just like in their childhood, Om had a habit to hide in cabinets or under the bed or locked in some room whenever his parents argued or after the trauma of Rathan’s death. Shivaay and Rudra will always wait for him to come outside, coaxing him with sweet words.

Shivaay’s words felt soothing yet he didn’t have the courage to face anyone. Om felt ashamed of facing anyone. That’s why he kept locked inside. Their words were arrows to his heart.

A drug addict….

The fact is it’s not false accusations but it’s what the truth is and it hurt him more than anything. He didn’t want to ruin their hard earned reputation or Prinku’s alliances like that.

“O… Shivaay bhaiyaa… He didn’t eat so he didn’t take any medicines. Oh my God… What to do..? He’s fainting.”

Om got up quickly and opened the door.

What happened to Shivaay..?

As soon as he opened the door, he was hugged by the two of them.

“See Shivaay bhaiyaa… I told you we could have tried this method earlier. You were the one didn’t want to stress Om.”

Om pulled from their hug and twisted Rudra’s ears..

“You… Don’t scare me like that”

And his ear was twisted by Shivaay..

“And you too Om, don’t scare me like that”

Om nodded and let go of him, sat on his bed.

“Rudra, call the maid to bring us food.”

“Ok bhaiyaa.”

“I am sorry Shivaay.”

“Don’t be sorry Om. Who cares what others think. Just be yourself. Ok?”

“I am sorry too Shivaay bhaiyaa”

“Why are you apologizing Rudra?”

Rudra looked so serious that it startled both Om and Shivaay.

“I won’t go to clubs and party anymore.”

“Hey” Om moved towards Rudra and hugged him one side.

Shivaay looked at both of them..

“Why are my brothers are like this..?”


“Rudra, I do not want you to change. Just enjoy your life and Om just let go of the past and look ahead of your future”


Shivaay moved towards them and hugged them both.

“I was never disappointed in you two. I don’t car what others think but to me whatever my brothers do that is right and if others did something wrong to my brothers that is wrong. I know I am blind, seeing the world like this but I do not care. I am arrogant and can be scary, that’s what others say but you two never abandoned me and accepted every side of me. I do not want you guys to change. I love the way you two are and I am proud of you two.”

Om and Rudra hugged Shivaay tightly. His brother sometimes says things like this that makes us forget there is no one in the world except three of them.

Shivaay pulled from the hug and caressed Om’s long hair very fondly.

“Don’t worry uselessly and eat the food after the maid comes”

And he flicked Rudra’s forehead playfully,

“Don’t over think things and just enjoy your life. If you don’t party in this age then when will you do..?”

That’s why I am working hard and keeping you two safe just so you could live your life as you pleased.

“Where are you going bhaiyaa.. Eat with us”

“No, I have a meeting scheduled this noon. I will eat in the way. You two finish your food and Rudra go to college at least for half day.”

With that he left them, already tired to bone because he hadn’t slept last night but work cannot do itself and he now has a family to destroy….

Even Om and Rudra doesn’t known to which extent he can go for his brothers.


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