Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-20

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 20:


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Chapter 20:

Om and Rudra looked at each other in wonder…


The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi spending time with a simple girl and that too alone…

The day can’t get any weirder than this.
First of all police had come to their home and accused Shivaay then Annika had come forward to give witness.

Om wanted to ask Shivaay what happened and to tease him relentlessly. Rudra, Om and dadi were convinced there’s a fire between them when they saw their interaction first time, so Om cannot give up this chance.

Om knew Shivaay hides things which are embarrassing and dangerous. This situation must be embarrassing enough for Shivaay to quickly depart the room.

Rudra too could not believe Shivaay bhaiyaa had spent alone time with Annika.

Oh…. How he want to tease his Shivaay bhaiyaa..

Damn… He’s late for college and Shivaay bhaiyaa is in no mood to listen them so Om and Rudra decided to confront Annika in the evening.

So they had wrapped up their daily routine quickly and came home, planning to confront Annika. To their luck she was rearranging the paintings in Om’s room.

Oh… Oh… Oh….

Rudra too clapped mentally in gleeful manner, blackmail material. Shivaay bhaiyaa is always perfect in studies, business, mostly everything. There is only few things that they get to tease Shivaay bhaiyaa about.

And when they tease, Shivaay bhaiyaa always looks grumpy and extra irritated in a childish, cute way trying to hide everything behind his angry face.

Rudra, after growing up realized that his Shivaay bhaiyaa never had a chance to be a child. Shivaay bhaiyaa always shouldered everything from little age. Hell, Shivaay bhaiyaa learnt cooking at age ten just so he could feed Rudra, burning his hands. Who would that..?

So Om and Rudra tries to tease him, tries to play videogames or something funny just so their Shivaay bhaiyaa could laugh at least for sometimes in his stressful life.

Om and Rudra tried to shoulder his burdens but he never let them…

Shivaay bhaiyaa took after business partly because he loved it and also partly because Om and Rudra to be free of family business burden and achieve their dreams.

Shivaay bhaiyaa sacrificed his childhood so that they have a lovable normal childhood.

Shivaay bhaiyaa sacrificed his teenage life just so he could lay a path to their future.

Shivaay bhaiyaa is still sacrificing, facing every threats to their family, managing business and also looking after them.

He brought an arts college just so Om could study without his father’s influence. And also Rudra know that the engineering college he is studying also belongs to Shivaay bhaiyaa.

Rudra knew how much his brother went for their safety. Guards everywhere looking after Om and Rudra.

Rudra and Om knew that Shivaay still split his hard earned money and have a bank account for each of them separate from family.

Rudra even sometimes feel so smug when others envy not having a brother like Shivaay bhaiyaa.

He’s the best brother anyone could ever have in the whole world.

Now… Now…. Let’s get the blackmail material from Annika so he could tease his brother..

“Hey Annika, Can we ask something?” Om asked her

“Yeah” She said in a cheerful manner which is what made her likeable to most people.

“What happened in the storeroom? Why were you struck?”

“It’s just door got locked”

“Oh.. door got locked..”

Rudra and Om chorused together smirking at her.

Annika looked confused at their tone and continued.

“I thought he was very very bad but he’s just a bad guy”

“Oh… Oh.. Oh… Promotion from very very bad guy to just a bad guy”

“What are you two chorusing for..? I am scared of dark and had a panic attack. He helped me through it. Who knows a person like him knows how to treat panic attack. Anyway I have lot of work. See you two later”

With that she went and Om stumbled on his bed, sitting down with heavy sigh. Rudra rushed to him..

“Are you fine Om..?”


Om reassured Rudra that he’s fine but in fact memories rushed through his mind, making it hard to breath.

~~~~~Om could tell that this is the hardest thing he had ever done in his life.

Letting go of drugs…..

Om had started taking drugs in a moment of utter stupidity. But once he started it Om could not let go of it.

It was such a comfort…

A relief from the harsh reality…

A dream land where he can float around and nothing could hurt him when he took drugs.

Until his brothers Shivaay and Rudra pulled him from his own self destruction.

Om had never seen such pain in Shivaay’s eyes and Rudra, their baby brother had knocked some sense in him.

Om realized he didn’t have to rely on drugs, he has two strong pillars as brothers that he could rely on. What a fool he had been.

After partaking rehabilitation Om came home after three months since he had been only addicted to drugs for the past six months.

Being home felt good…. After quitting drugs, it somehow cleared his mind.

Om was reminded how his brother Shivaay had brought the whole college just so he could study the course he dreamt about and he had been wasting it.

So Om studied hard and aimed to open a gallery his brother would be proud of. Tomorrow is his first art exhibition and the taunts from his father was getting to him. No one in the family believed he would succeed in this field.

So at times, he has anxiety issues like this and his insides will start craving for the bliss drugs offered him.

Om knew he is going to panic. He had hidden it from everyone. Even Shivaay…

Everyone thinks he had recovered completely but the fact is at times like these are the hardest to control himself. That’s why he started avoid sleeping in Shivaay’s room when he knew he will have panic attacks.

Om had seen his brother Shivaay trying to calm him down when he was like this because of Rathan’s death.

Even though Om suffered through this, Om knew Shivaay is the one who suffers more seeing him like this, taking blame and responsibility for everything.

So Om hid this from him and silently prayed that this episode will end soon. Om clenched his fingers tightly to keep them from trembling.

Om grit his teeth to stop screaming…..

And everything was blacked out from his mind, his body trembling all over…

Except a voice….

“Oh Om…. How many times I have told you to not keep anything from me”

The voice held so much love and understanding Om didn’t deserve..

“How many times have you suffered alone like this Om”

Om wanted the voice to stop speaking. His mind was in a blur not able to recognize anything. So he just grabbed things near him and threw so the voice would just stop.

God….! What is a grown adult like him doing..? Om didn’t know for how long he struggled to breath while trying to make sense of anything.

When he opened his eyes.. He looked around to see himself in bed.

Oh yeah.. He was panicking in the floor and how did he got up on bed..

Om looked around to see his brother sitting beside him silently with head lowered not meeting his eyes.

“How many times I told you to not do this Om..? Why did you keep everything buried inside you.?”

“I don’t want you to worry”

Shivaay sighed and got up to leave.

“Are you mad at me Shivaay..?”

“No Om… I just don’t want you to think you’re alone in this.”

“Then why are you not looking at me”

Om absolutely hated when his brother refuses to look at him.

“Its nothing Om”

“Shivaay please look at me”

Shivaay sighed and turned around,

“Oh… Oh my God Shivaay”

His forehead was bleeding. Om realized he must have thrown things at Shivaay.

What had he done…?

Something must have shown in Om’s face because Shivaay rushed to him,

“Hey… It’s fine… It’s not your fault.. It’s my fault for standing there like that. It’s not even paining.. Just a cut.. Ok…”


Shivaay just caressed his long hair in a fond manner.

“It’s okay Om…. I am so proud of you Om”


What had he done to be proud of..? He was a drug addict and in his weakness he had thrown things at Shivaay who is smiling at him despite bleeding.

Om is so weak and he hated himself for it.

“Stop with the frown lines and sad look Om.. I can tell that you’re thinking yourself as weak. But it’s not true Om. How many of them withdraw from drugs and that too this quickly. Everyone makes mistakes Om but the strongest of them only learn from the mistakes. I know you think you’re weak but look from my eyes my brother…. Even if you’re having panic attack and anxiety issues, you didn’t rely on drugs anymore. You pulled yourself together and look at you, showcasing your arts in exhibition for first time… What’s there not to be proud of Om?”

Om hugged his brother and something in him settled deep inside letting go of his worries.

“I love you bhai…”

Om said from the bottom of his heart. Om must have done something in his previous birth extremely good because he didn’t deserve a brother like him.

Om let go and looked at the bleeding forehead.

“Don’t worry… Rudra had gone to get first aid kit..”

“You should have went with him. Why are you still here.?”

“If I went out like this… Everyone will question and my mom will start a fight again”

As like always thinking ahead of everything.

“I am sorry Shivaay… You had to go through all this.”

“Hey.. You have done nothing to be sorry of.. So lay off the guilt and just be fine. That’s all I want.”~~~~~~

Om took deep breathes shaking off the images of bleeding Shivaay. After that incident Om had panic attacks on so very rare occasions. He was always reminded of Shivaay’s bleeding forehead.

Rudra put a hand on his shoulder..

“Are you okay Om..?”

“Yeah… It’s just reminded me of…”

“…your panic attacks, Om..?”

“Yeah… Did you know about them Rudra?”

“Yeah.. I always stood out of the room. Shivaay bhaiyaa refused to let me in knowing you throw things randomly. He didn’t want me to get hurt but I just couldn’t leave.”

“Yeah… He must have reminded of me. It must have been painful for him”

“Yeah… Let’s go see if he had come”

Om and Rudra went to Shivaay’s room to find him going through things, his table filled with lots of papers.

“What are you doing Shivaay?”

“Oh.. I am just looking through what are the things we had spent money on and the coming month’s expenses.”

So overworking….

“Bhaiyaa… Come on play with us”

“Not today Rudy..”

Rudra like always pouted and made sad eyes.

“Come on Rudra.. Please…”

“Bhaiyaa doesn’t love us anymore Om.. Let’s just go..”

“Ok.. Ok… Fine… Give me five minutes, I will wrap this up. Ok..?”

“Yeh… Let’s play my favourite video game bhaiyaa and then cook me something special.”


Shivaay looked like regretting it but still agreed to Rudra. Om would mostly convince Rudra to leave him alone. But Shivaay does need to relax sometimes.

Just then someone knocked the door and all three of them looked upto see who it is.

“Come in bade papa”

Shivaay got up inviting bade papa in.

“Glad I found you three here. I have some announcement to make.”

“What is it bade papa..?”

“A family is coming to see Priyanka in two days. I have decided to marry her off. It’s just a formality.”

With that he left as if announcing to his employees.

Om, Rudra and Shivaay looked at each other.

Fhat the wuck…..?

(A/N: Ugh… Om takes so much of my time to consider his feelings and things.

I know the story’s slow but what should I do..? There’s so much flashback and back stories.. Anyway hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for the delay also for spelling and grammatical errors. Let me know your thoughts silent readers..

See you with next update)

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