Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-13

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 13:


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Chapter 13:

Annika had just came to the devil’s room to retrieve the papers she had placed.

Annika had cursed whoever switched off the lights in the room and could only walk around with the help of some candles in there.

Annika was just going to escape through the pool door after not finding the papers before the devil arrives. She didn’t want to see him, that’s all.

Suddenly Annika was hugged from behind.

For the first time in her like, Annika could hear her own heart beat..

What’s going on..?

Who would dare..?

“Tia.. I am like this, you know how I don’t express anything. Let me make it up to you..”

Oh…. It’s Shivaay, the devil. And he thinks I am Tia.

Annika was going to scold him for misunderstanding like this but stopped when his hands caressed her hands.

Annika could feel goosebumps arising wherever his hands touched her.

What is this…?

Annika never felt like this… She never felt like this ever. Annika herself didn’t know what’s happening to her own body.

Is it some sort of spell the devil had cast on her..?

Some sort of black magic..?

Can he even do that..?

And just when she decided she can’t take this feeling anymore, he leaned and kissed her cheek.

Annika could feel her breath stop, she forgot to even breath. What is breathing?

It was like a feather caressing her cheek.

So soft yet it left such an impact that Annika shuddered..


What is he doing to me…?

Annika’s feelings came to an abrupt end when the light was turned on.

Annika pushed him away and glanced at anything but the devil. Annika willed her heart to calm down.

Annika wanted to run away from the teasing looks of Om and Rudra along with irritating looks from Tia. But running away meant these things affected her and she really can’t let anyone know, so she stubbornly stood there with a false smile and let Shivaay explain things.

“What are you doing Shivaay baby?”, Tia asked him looking irritatingly at him.

“Oh Tia, ask bhaiyaa what have you done?”, Rudra smirked and bumped his shoulders with Om who too was looking at them teasingly.

God..! Please let me disappear. Annika just wanted an escape route where she can go with dignity.

“Shut up Rudra.. Tia, I thought it was you. You were here before, right?”

“Yeah Shivaay baby, I just went to attend a phone call.”

Om and Rudra couldn’t stop snickering and wished if dadi was here, she would’ve teased her billu mercilessly. Not that they’re going to let this incident this easily.

“Oh, will you two shut up. It was just a misunderstanding. And Tia, I am never going to do candle related things again.”

With that Shivaay left the room while Om and Rudra followed Shivaay to tease him more while Tia followed him to tell it’s okay she understands it’s a misunderstanding.

Annika walked as fast as possible and went to dadi to inform she’s going home. Annika didn’t trust herself so she took her scooty and drove it faster.

She stopped the scooter near a bus stop on her way home.

Why is her heart still beating fast.?

Annika looked at her face in the side mirror. She rubbed her cheeks to warm them up.

Annika could still feel his stubble piercing her cheek and neck when he leaned in..

Why is her cheek so red.?

Is she blushing..?

Why is she blushing..? It was just a misunderstanding right.? Then why is it affecting her like this.?

Annika was glad that no one noticed the fact that she could have yelled, she could’ve pushed or she could’ve said something as soon as he hugged her from behind.

Why didn’t she..?

Why was she silent all the time..?

If it was anyone she would’ve yelled or pushed or slapped that person.

Why did the devil’s touch affected her this much.?

Annika started her scooter again feeling glad that no matter what it was, no one noticed her silence and drove home knowing Saahil is waiting for her.

What she didn’t know was Shivaay was thinking the same that why was she silent. Nothing escapes his mind… If you underestimate his brain then it’s your fault because Shivaay uses his brain a lot more than giving into his emotions.


“Hey Annika, how’s work?”, Om asked her since he didn’t had a chance to speak with her properly from the day she started working.

It had been a surprise to Om and Rudra that Shivaay appointed her for work when he could afford professional wedding planners.

Rudra smiled warmly at Annika who had a hand on Om’s shoulder.

Yesterday was a blast for both of them teasing Shivaay mercilessly. Rudra had gone and earned a ban from Shivaay’s room for a week when he made kissing noises.

Served him right..! Om cannot be the only one to suffer with Rudra’s assignments and project works. Now Rudra got banned from Shivaay’s room for a week, suffering miserably, whining about Shivaay bhaiya to let him sleep since he can’t sleep anywhere.

“Yeah.. It’s great and dadi is very sweet and kind but the house is so big that I get lost sometimes.”

“Yeah, like last night Annika di”, Om elbowed Rudra’s stomach to shut him up. It is one thing to tease their brother but it’s another thing to tease a girl.

“Yeah.. I can’t believe I got lost finding kitchen yesterday morning. How did you know?” It seemed like Annika didn’t realise the fact Rudra was mentioning about the kiss.

Rudra coughed covering his snicker at her innocence which earned him another elbowing from Om.

“It’s nothing di. How’s everyone treating you?”

“Everyone here is very nice. Staffs here are very helpful but the decisions differ for everyone like what sort of theme you want for engagement and pinky aunty wants loud color while Jhanvi Aunty wants light color, Shakthi sir want complete white while Tej sir doesn’t want anything at all.”

Om smiled knowing very well how difficult it is for her to get everyone agree to anything in this family. She should’ve asked Shivaay first since he alone can make them all agree to something.

“You should’ve asked Shivaay first since it’s his marriage functions”

“Yeah.. If only he has time for me.”

“Oh, he has all the time for you Annika di”, Rudra winced when Om elbowed his stomach this time harder.

“What..?”, Thankfully Annika looked confused. “Forget it, I wanted to ask something to you two”

Om and Rudra nodded to Annika that she can ask them.

“You three are not real brothers right?”

The question has been gnawing in Annika and she didn’t want to ask the elders.


Ha…! She knew it,

“That’s why, you two are so sweet and he…” Annika stopped her sentence looking at their faces. Annika winced at her tactless mouth blurting out things.

“We’re cousins but our bond is closer than any real brothers bond”

Annika was surprised. She thought they looked serious because they were sad they didn’t have a very good bond with the devil but it looked like they were offended she spoke of their relationship.

“You two love your brother?”

Seriously, no one can love or tolerate that tadibaaz devil. May be it’s because of his azure eyes. Yes, that has to be it.

“More than our life”

Wow…. It looked like these two loved their brother despite of being an arrogant man. What a family boys, Annika thought of Om and Rudra.

“And your brother loves you..?”

Annika asked curiously,

“More than his life”, they both chorused and smiled at each other for giving the same answer.

Nope… Annika cannot believe that devil who can destroy anything just like that has the capability to love.

Just then they heard a sound and all three of them looked around to find a phone tumbling down the stairs in pieces.

See… Who can love this phone breaking devil.?

“Number 84″

Rudra muttered under his breath and both of them climbed the stairs towards Shivaay who was standing in the first floor, leaving Annika to her work.

Om thought something in office must have annoyed him but Shivaay looked so serious and troubled.

“What is it Shivaay?”

Shivaay tried to suppress the tension, not wanting his brothers to find anything about that Gayathri getting released from jail.

He didn’t care about the danger he will be in because Shivaay is used to life threats but if she did something to his brothers, he will not spare her. There is only one thing in the world which Shivaay will not tolerate that is his brothers in danger.

“It’s nothing Om… Don’t worry about it”

Just then a guard came and announced him that car is ready for the press conference and went hurriedly away noticing Shivaay’s glares. Shivaay sighed at the bad timing of the guard.

“What’s going on Shivaay? What happened that you have to break your mobile in anger?”

“Nothing Om.. I just dropped it”

“Bhaiyaa even I can tell that’s a lame excuse. Stop worrying us and tell us what’s going on? What press conference?”

Rudra could see his brother hesitating whether to tell them or not.

Honestly, Shivaay bhaiyaa still sees them as children who followed him around when they were younger. Shivaay bhaiyaa will never sees them as adults. To him, they will always be his children. Thankfully, Om voiced his thoughts.

“Shivaay, we know you’re hiding something thinking we’re too young but I am reminding you again that the fact is we are not child anymore. So please tell us before we go mad with worry”

Shivaay looked at their faces and finally said,

“That woman,.. Gayathri…”

Rudra could see Shivaay bhaiya lying on the hospital bed in his mind.. Fear gripped his heart.

That evil woman..

“She has been released since there is no solid proof to keep her. She has gathered the press and had invited me. I am going there and will settle it for once and final”

“Yeah, let’s go Shivaay”

“Stop it right there you two.. You two are staying here. I will just go, attend the press conference and will come home, yeah?”

“No way bhaiyaa.. Last time she tried to kill you. There’s no way Om and I are going to let you go alone”

“Come on guys, I am taking guards with me and police too will be there.”

“Yeah.. Then why not take us too if there is no danger”

“Om… Rudra…”

“Bhaiyaa, you always say one for all and all for one. We’re going there with you”

Shivaay sighed at their stubbornness and nodded finally.

“Ok.. But you two are staying behind the guards all the time.?”

Om and Rudra too agreed not wanting Shivaay to be in danger again.


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