Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-12

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me..

Chapter 12:


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Chapter 12:



Om watched them playing a new videogame happily, yelling like teenage children.

While being away from home for six days Shivaay had wrapped up a month’s work and now has plenty of free time and mostly going to stay in home for this entire month because Rudra asked it, saying he missed his Shivaay bhaiyaa. And of course, whatever Rudra wants, Shivaay does that.

Om admired Shivaay’s intelligence and at the same time worried at how workaholic he is most of the time. All Shivaay cares about in life is his brothers and work.

Sometimes Om felt Shivaay doesn’t feel emotions at all when it comes to others. Om had witnessed how cold he is to others.

“Hey, Why are you looking at us with a sad face.? Even if you make faces like that, you are still going to do the assignments for Rudra”, Shivaay said glancing at him.


Om looked down at the work and wanted to pull his hair out because that frustrated he is with Rudra’s assignments. Om has to do the statues and in free time he has to do Rudra’s assignments.

“Yeah Om and because of you I had only B grade in that and Professor was so shocked yesterday because of that.. Write it so that I can get A+ Om.”

“Well.. You usually get zero and that’s why he was probably shocked Rudra”

“Shut up Om.” Rudra glanced at Shivaay, turning away from him and pouted,

“Shivaay bhaiyaa, Om is being mean to me again”

“Om.. Don’t be so mean and do his work”

Om threw his hands up in frustration looking at them playing happily while he was stuck like this.

It’s only two days and Om wanted to grip his hair from annoyance.


He will never ever take sleeping pills more than necessary.. Nope, he won’t even go near the sleeping pills ever again. Om tried not to think about how he has to do these works entirely unrelated to him for a month.

After an hour of doing this assignment while Rudra enjoyed playing with his world’s best brother being all smiles and laughs.

Well… Finally, he had finished..

He cannot be the only one to suffer. Om had enough of this.

Just when Rudra said,

“Wow bhaiyaa.. I lost all the levels. How come you won all of them while you are playing this for the first time?”

Rudra looked at his brother in awe as if Shivaay had climbed the Himalayas mountain.

“Well.. I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Shivaay Singh Oberoi never loses”

Yep, Definitely, Om had enough of this and Om had a perfect idea to irritate Shivaay.

“Yeah.. Yeah.. Shivaay.. That’s why you brought Annika home because Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t like losing Annika”

Ah…. There it is.. Sweet victory for Om.. Shivaay looks irritated and Om counted,




“I don’t care about her Om. She is nothing and stop mentioning about her”

“Then why are you getting irritated hearing about Annika Shivaay?”

Rudra was snickering along with Om and Shivaay glared at him.

“I will go and bring something to eat bhaiyaa” with that Rudra escaped from this room.

Shivaay looked at Om laughing heartily at their antics.

“You know Om, If it’s too much trouble, you don’t have to do all these assignments”

“No Shivaay.. It’s a punishment given by my brothers and I knew I would have been angry too if one of you two done the same thing I had done.”

Shivaay sighed seeing the laughter gone from Om’s face. Shivaay knew this is an useless punishment but doing these assignments will take Om’s mind from all the troubles in his life in free time.

“What’s going on Om.?”


“I know something’s bothering you so tell me”

“It’s just.. Mom… Mom is not doing well Shivaay. She thinks Mr.Oberoi is going to divorce her”

“You know there has never been a divorce in Oberoi family”

“I know Shivaay but there has never been anyone who has Mistress like Mr.Oberoi does”

“Om.. Do you remember the first time we celebrated Christmas?”

Om had remembered very well of that Christmas.

~~~~A twelve year old Om looked tiredly at the bouncing little Rudra beside him.

Really Shivaay is spoiling him. Rudra had heard about Santa granting wishes on Christmas day and he too wanted to celebrate this somehow.

This is beyond ridiculous and he has to participate in this too for Rudra. They had never celebrated Christmas and this is the first time they’re celebrating.

Of course his father doesn’t have time to listen to Rudra’s demands.

That is the last time Rudra went to his father for anything. Shivaay bhaiyaa became his everything to him completely from that day.

Om couldn’t stop Rudra jumping up and down looking at his bhaiyaa giving orders to servants about decorating the tree.

Shivaay is taking this way too seriously. Om was not in the happy mood today because of the fight he had with his parents. Om always listened to his elders and tried to be a good boy but he had enough of it. He is never going to speak with them unless they stop fighting.

“Ok.. Done.. Now happy Rudra?”

“Bhaiyaa” Rudra jumped on Shivaay as soon as Om let go of his hand.

Shivay caught him and whirled him around in happiness. Rudra is such a bundle of joy.

Its a very refreshing sight whenever Rudra displayed his childish antics. Om and Shivaay had grown up too quickly and Om know Shivaay had never been allowed to be a child so that’s why Shivaay always wants to protect the innocence and childishness in Rudra because Shivaay didn’t have a chance. And Om too allowed it and protected him wanting at least Rudra to have his childhood full of love and happiness.

Rudra got down from Shivaay’s hold.

“Now is the very important thing”

Little Rudra pointed his finger at both of them in a very serious manner that Om instantly felt a smile appear in his face.

Little Rudra is too cute.

“Wait here both of you”

Om and Shivaay nodded while Rudra went and retrieved a paper and pen for three of them.

“Now.. Right a letter to Santa and tell him your wishes”


Om opened his mouth to tell Rudra that Santa doesn’t exist. But one look from Shivaay Om kept silent knowing this will be too good memory to tease Rudra in future.

Om didn’t want to participate but give it a go, knowing there is nothing to lose.

Om looked at both of his brothers. Om has everything and he is happy with it.. What to write…? What to write?

“Dear Santa…

I want my mom and dad to be always together..


“Dear Santa….

I want that new robotic toy and also that super fast car. I want to grow taller quickly. I want my favourite cake too…..

– Rudra”

Shivaay looked at his brothers. They are too cute writing seriously to Santa.

“Dear Santa,

Grant whatever my brothers wishes are..


Om then put the letter under tree and followed around Rudra, playing along with him while Shivaay went to do his school work~~~~

Om remembered that Christmas very well and till now secretly wrote letters along with Rudra every Christmas. His parents are still together and Om felt like wishing for that every Christmas.

“Yeah Shivaay, I remember that…”

“And your wish hadn’t changed till now”

“But… How do you know?”

Then Om felt silly when everything finally clicked in. Somehow Rudra always got what he wished for within a month not that Rudra noticed. Om then realised how Shivaay must have read those letters all year. Om felt embarrassed knowing Shivaay had read these letters.

“I had not failed till now nor will I om. So trust me.. I will make everything right.”

Sjivaay said smirking at him and looking at how confident Shivaay looked, Om really felt that Shivaay will make everything alright.

“Come here Om”

Om left that table and hugged Shivaay and the memory of Shivaay slapping him and turning away from Om’s hug faded away. Om never liked disappointing his brothers.

“You don’t have to worry that longhaired head of yours Om. Leave everything to me. Yeah?”

Om nodded against Shivaay’s shoulder. Om knew Shivaay will be even more disappointed if he knew Om took sleeping pills just so to escape from the need to have drugs.

Om promised himself that he will try harder and will never go to the drugs side again.

Just then Rudra came with plate full of snacks to eat and gasped,

“O bro moment and that too without me. It’s not fair guys”

And joined the hug turning into a group hug, crushing them with his tight hug.

“You two are getting very emotional these days bhaiyaa. What happened?”

“Shut up Rudra..”

Om and Shivaay both chorused, feeling slightly embarrassed.


Shivaay sighed looking at the mirror in his restroom. Tia has been complaining about him being irresponsive to her and also about why he is still not announcing them being together to media.

Tia is waiting outside with candles filled in his room. He had come here to change the dress. He has to at least hug her today to make her feel at ease.

Shivaay moved to his room and squinted around in the dark. Why people think room filled with candles is a romantic idea is beyond him.? He can’t even see properly in this dim light.

There she is….

Near the curtain…

Shivaay went and hugged her from behind and immediately Shivaay felt something different like the body against him belonged in his hold.

Shivaay suddenly felt so peaceful and content hugging her.

“Tia.. I am like this, you know how I don’t express anything. Let me make it up to you..”

Shivaay then caressed her hands and kissed her cheek from behind.

Just then the light was on while Om, Rudra and Tia stood gaping at him.

Wait… How did Tia was there?

And why he is still kissing someone’s cheek.?

Suddenly he was pushed away and Shivaay could still feel the softness of the cheek he was kissing..

Oh my God….

It’s Annika…

He had gone and kissed Annika and that too in front of Tia, Om and Rudra.


(A/N: Let me know your thoughts readers. I am sorry for spelling or grammatical errors. See you all with next update)

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    Eagerly waiting for next part dear…

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    Please send me Shivaay sooooon ??

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