Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-11

..My Brothers Are Everything To Me..

Chapter 11:


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Chapter 11:

Annika stood in front of the biggest Mansion she had ever seen, looking in awe standing outside the door.

Well… If this is where the azure eyed devil had spent his childhood, then it’s no wonder he was full of attitude and arrogance.

Ok… Let’s take a step back and you may ask what the hell she is doing here after the encounters she had with the devil?

Annika really really wanted to say he had begged on his knees and that’s why she came but the fact is it’s not the truth.

She had asked him why does he want her as a wedding planner while he could afford professional wedding planners.

“My bride is a secret to media since I don’t trust anyone from leaking her photo to media. I had seen you were not that keen on money so I am giving you a chance. Also you know what I can do if you do anything wrong.”

Annika wanted to throw something at him for his arrogance.

Can’t he ask anything nicely without arrogance oozing out from his every cell..?

But Annika appreciated his honesty and told she will think about it. He went away with ‘Your loss’.


Annika could never handle this much arrogance and why does he hides who is the bride from media..?

It seems stupid but she ignored everything and searched for a job for the next two days..

No job seemed satisfied to her and the one she worked didn’t seem to take her back.

So here she is….

The pay is decent too..

You can do this Annika… You can do this..

Annika repeated these words to herself but no matter how she looked at it, this still seemed to be entering into a lion’s den..

She entered the house while noticing the guards standing there. She had already gone through security guards in front gate checking her.

Annika looked around and she had to admit it looked like a palace and it was so grand. Annika told one of the maids that she has an appointment with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

She was pointed towards sofa and was surprised to find family members there.

Annika liked dadi best. Even in her age she seemed so cool and she was the one who granted release from her jail.

“Oh come here Annika. Billu has told me you are the new wedding planner”


She seemed somewhat dull today. There was no sparkling in her eyes. In fact everyone in the hall seemed dull and tense today.

What’s going on..?

“Come and sit here Annika.. He will come”

Suddenly everyone face lit up looking at the way she had come. She turned around to see the devil himself coming towards them with his coat in one hand and he looked tired as if he didn’t sleep at all… Not that she cared.. Of course not..


This devil is billu..? What a shame to the whole cat species..

“Dadi… Don’t call me that in front of outsiders”

Oh… He gets irritated with that name, Annika noted to the number of ways to irritate devil list in her mind.

“Ok.. Ok… Finally you’re home.. Why are you doing this?”

“Dadi.. I just came home to retrieve a file.”

“Shivaay don’t do this.. Om will be devastated.. Om hadn’t eaten anything yesterday.. It’s been a week already. Rudra too is not well.. Why are you punishing him too?”

He looked at her and turned towards his dadi,

“Lets discuss about this later dadi”

Well… It’s no surprise he is horrible to even his own family. It’s no wonder he doesn’t appreciate what a wonderful family he has.

He turned again and Annika’s heart tightened when those azure eyes focused on her completely.

“Whatever you want, discuss it with dadi and if you want workers, you can call the servants here in the mansion. No outsiders in my home”

He turned away from them after she nodded. Just then a person with long hair came running down the stairs.

“Shivaay… Shivaay”

But the devil seemed to be not listening and turned towards the other way.

“Shivaay please..”

“Shivaay speak with me yaar..”

“Listen to me Shivaay”

Annika saw him disappearing to another corridor while the long hair person followed him.

She followed dadi who looked sad, all of a sudden the smile gone, towards another corridor.

He really is insensitive and horrible.. How could he do this to his own family members..?


Shivaay closed the door and locked it.. He slumped against it and sighed. It has been a hell of week. He could hear Om’s footsteps fading from outside searching for him. Om looked bad.

He had went and destroyed a girl’s life. Nothing could have saved the girl from his wrath but the limping child who stood next to her pulled his heart out.

That boy strangely reminded him of his brothers when he was clutching Annika’s hand in fear, seeking comfort.

So he had gone and asked the editor of the news channel, showing the photo and found her not guilty..

Shivaay had destroyed many people but he had never destroyed anyone innocent.

In a fit of rage he had gone and destroyed a innocent girl along with a child’s life. He couldn’t sleep properly so he had restored everything he had destroyed.

But he had to admit the girl has a strong will power. He thought she will beg but she didn’t.. He thought everyone has a price but she seemed to prove him wrong.. He restored everything for the child’s sake not that he was affected with the sad eyes of her piercing his soul. Nope, not at all..

Shivaay didn’t know who had leaked the chip.. But he should have thoroughly investigated it. Shivaay was so restless seeing Om like that and in fit of uncontrolled anger he had gone and destroyed someone’s life..

It’s been six days…

Shivaay had broken two phones..

He had gone home once to check about Om and Rudra..

He hadn’t gone home for six days..

He had checked in a hotel and most of the time stayed in office, immersing himself in work..

He hadn’t attend any of family member’s call.

He was angry with Om and above all angry with himself for letting Om down…

What Shivaay feared most in the world is,

To not be a brother and protect his brothers..

Shivaay still couldn’t digest the fact that Om tried to kill himself…

To leave them….

To leave Shivaay and Rudra…

How could Om take decision like this…?

Shivaay changed his clothes and worried remembering what dadi said.

Om hadn’t eaten anything… Rudra is not well too. Maybe he should cook something for them. He didn’t want to face Om. Facing Om means facing the fact he had failed as a brother.

Suddenly he heard Rudra’s yelling for help all the way down..

“Shivaay bhaiyaa… Bhaiyaa”

Shivaay ran towards the voice knowing Rudra always called him when in problem. Rudra always instinctively yelled out for him. Rudra even calls his name instead of mom or God even when he falls.

Shivaay searched for where he is in the top floor,

“Shivaay bhaiyaa… Help me…”

Shivaay ran towards his room,

“What happened Rudra..? What happened?”

Shivaay could hear door closing and locking behind. He turned around to see Rudra standing guard to the door.

“What happened Rudra..?”

He moved towards Rudra only to see him turning his face away.

“First sort it out with Om”

There were dark circles under Rudra’s eyes.


Shivaay turned around from the door to see Om standing beside the bed, looking horrible with his hair as messy as ever and he too had dark circles under his eyes..

“Do not call me that”

Shivaay suddenly couldn’t contain the anger and frustration inside him.

Om was taken aback to hear those words. Om felt terrible these six days, not seeing Shivaay. Shivaay didn’t attend his calls and to top it all he was not even coming home, holed up somewhere.

Shivaay had broken the promise of keeping guards and had again stayed alone. Everyone was beyond worried whether he was fine or not. Shivaay called dadi alone daily to let her know he’s fine.

Shivaay didn’t allow him to explain that it was not suicide. Still Om felt responsible for Shivaay’s suffering. Om shouldn’t have taken sleeping pills at all.

The house hadn’t been house at all without Shivaay.. Many may think if Rudra hadn’t been home, laughter will be missing and the house will be full of happiness but if Shivaay’s not in the home, they all feel vulnerable and exposed.

Om shouldn’t have done that..

Shivaay’s eyes still searched him to look if he’s fine or not, taking in his health even in anger. But Shivaay didn’t look at him in eyes, turned his face away..

“Please Shivaay let me explain.. Please”

Om went and hugged Shivaay not able to take the coldness from his brother. He could never handle it if Shivaay was this cold to him.

Shivaay pushed him away and Om felt his heart may stop beating in shock..

“Let’s hear what is your explanation that led to take your life.. To leave us..”

“Mom… Mom… I had failed as a son Shivaay.. To see my mom breaking apart after seeing the video.. Mom had sacrificed almost everything to raise us.. To see her like that.. I felt so lost.. So lost that I felt I couldn’t find my way.. I was so scared that I wanted to run away.. ”

Before he could continue, Shivaay slapped him…

“So you decided to take your life away… Do you have any idea of what I had gone through seeing you like that in the pool? Do you think you alone have problems in the world..? Do you think I am invincible? If you thought of us for one minute, you wouldn’t have done that..”

Om knew Shivaay is the one who take everything to heart if anything happened to him or Rudra.

Shivaay raised his hand again and stopped not wanting to hurt him. Om caught the hand and kissed it feeling at peace…

The hands which saved him from everything, the hands which kept him hidden from the world, the hands which helped him, caressed him in care and affection, the hands which always gives a security has every right to slap him for his stupidity.

Om could see tears in Shjvaay’s eyes, he could feel the pain and felt even more guilty…

“No… Shivaay.. Even after seeing my mom like that I didn’t want to die.. I just wanted to sleep Shivaay.. I had mistakenly took pills more than necessary.. I didn’t want to die.. I don’t want to die”

Shivaay caressed his cheek where he had slapped and looked at him searching for honesty in what he had said..

“I am sorry Om.. I am sorry..”

Shivaay put both of his hands on his shoulder and finally the tears kept at bay, trailed down his cheeks.

“I was angry at what you have done but I was even more angrier with my inability. I was so angry that I didn’t even see you. I thought I had failed you Om. I thought I had failed you and I didn’t want to face you.”

Om hugged Shivaay as tightly as possible and rested his head against Shibaay’s shoulder finally feeling his world right..

“You haven’t failed me Shivaay… If I wanted to die I would’ve died years before but I am still alive because of you two.. I cannot leave you two both no matter what.. I cannot bear the thought of leaving you two.”

Shivaay pulled away from the hug and looked at Rudra,

“Why are you not joining the hug like you usually do Rudra?”

Rudra was so silent unlike his usual self..


“Do not speak with me Shivaay bhaiyaa”

Shivaay was shocked to hear it from Rudra.. Rudra had never been angry with him.. Never..


“Yeah.. Now you see Rudra.. But you’ve not been home for six days bhaiyaa.. To punish Om, you’ve punished me too.. What ever had I done wrong..? You were not there when I needed you Shivaay bhaiyaa”

Rudra pouted turning away from Shivaay bhaiyaa’s face.. He never could stay angry with Shivaay bhaiyaa more than few minutes and now he’s looking at Rudra with very sad expression and eyes like that. How could he stay angry anymore..?

“Come here Rudra”

Nope… He’s not giving in this time..

“I am so sorry Rudra”

Maybe he should forgive him this time.. Nope.. He will not..

“Baby Ru.. Please”

“Bhaiyaa” Rudra rushed forward and hugged his brother with all his might..

This is cheating, Rudra thought.. Rudra has a weakness for that name and Shivaay bhaiyaa shamelessly uses it whenever necessary..

“Yeah.. Yeah… Your baby ditched college for a week in the name of staying angry with you and dumped all his assignments to me in the name of punishment.. Such an innocent baby you have Shivaay”, Om said smiling at them.

Shivaay pulled away and still hugged sideways with his one arm..

“You deserved it Om”

Om gaped at Shivaay when Rudra stuck his tongue at Om..

“This is not so fair Shivaay…”

“Yeah… You worried us, so you deserved it and do his homework for a month because Rudra was so shocked and you don’t know how worried he was..”

“But Shivaay….. I told you it was an accident”

But both of them were not listening at all to Om.. Shivaay was like seeing his child after an year and looked at Rudra over and over checking him for any injuries..

“I hadn’t even had protein shakes bhaiyaa and my face is getting all rough not doing anything for a week”

“Oh poor baby Ru… I will buy you everything today itself. See… Your face is still soft.. I will buy that facial pack from Paris you so like and you should eat more.. Look at you..”

“I am standing here you know” Om said seeing them still ignoring him..

“But you were not here to Cook na bhaiyaa…”

“I am so sorry Rudra..”

“Hello.. I am talking to you two..”

Om threw his hands up in frustration and hugged them both to get their attention..

“I am sorry ok..?”

“Do not do that again Om.. I will do everything and anything to make all right. I will set everything right… If anything happened to you two, I won’t live Om..”


Om felt himself guilty again to put them through this..

“As like I always say… One for all and All for one.. Remember this before doing something stupid again, As long as Om and Rudra is, Shivaay will be”

Om and Rudra nodded..

“Dadi said you two haven’t eaten anything properly.. I will cook.. Eat and sleep properly. You two have dark circles under your eyes”

Om and Rudra didn’t mention the dark circle under Shivaay’s eyes. Shivaay too hadn’t slept well.

Shivaay put one hand around Rudra’s shoulder and opened the door..

“Come and gain your strength Om by eating well.. Then only you can do all the assignments for Rudra”

“But Shivaay….”

They went not listening to his protests while Rudra was going on and on about Shivaay bhaiyaa being the best brother in the world..


(A/N: Someone copied one of my fics ‘I fell in love with A Psycho’ A beyhadh fan fiction written by me in Facebook, taking credits for it shamelessly in tellyupdates… I was disappointed and hurt that’s why I am little late in updating..

Anyway.. Hope you all liked this.. Let me know your thoughts.. See you all with next update)

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