Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 9

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In Dadi’s room
Dadi takes out a photo in which there is a father, mother, daughter and her husband and their small daughter. She cries. Tej and Shakti comes there and sees this.
Tej : ma, plz don’t cry.
Dadi : if my grand daughter was there then all these problems wouldn’t happen.
Shakti : ma, we miss our didi and our daughter. I hope that the person who separated them from shud get the punishment.
Tej : yes ma. They three hug each other.

In hall
Rumya comes there.
Rudra tells their plan to Soumya. Then they act as fighting.
Rudra : better than u is romi.
Soumya : then go to her. They fight. Tia sees this and calls romi and tells her everything.

In Gauri’s room
Gauri wakes up and sees Om sleeping near to her. She thinks that Om kissed me, he indirectly said that he loves me but is he now just considering me as a friend. Did he just meant friendship. Om wakes up and sees her. Just then pinky comes there and sees them in bed. They get shocked. Pinky says oo my mata and goes from there.
He then goes to his room.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay wakes up and sees his lady love sleeping. He asks her to wake up. She says 2 mins.
Shivaay : its already 9 am. Anika get shocked.
Anika : y u didn’t call me, its already late. She tries to go but shivaay holds her.
Shivaay : where r u going, give me my gift. He shows his cheek.
Anika in hurry kisses him and goes to washroom. She smiles.
Then she gets freshen up and goes to hall. Then gets freshen up.

In hall
Anriya comes there.
Soumya : Di, I wanna go and buy a mangalsutra for drama.
Gauri : (teasing) Soumya y u want to buy u have one right, u don’t give any value to that so use that.
Soumya : but I value it now.
Aniri : wat, u value it.
Soumya : (blushing) rudra proposed me yesterday.
Anika : come sit here, we ll discuss everything.
Gauri : tell wat happened. Soumya tells them how rudra proposed her. Anika tells them how shivaay spoke to her.
Anika : now ur turn.
Gauri : di, om told me about ur plan, he consoled me, he was sleeping in my room. But…
Aniya : wat but…
Gauri : he never said that he loves me instead asked for friendship. I think he just considered me as a friend.
Anika : Gauri, love starts from fights and friendship. Calm down. They smile. Then Soumya goes for shopping.

In Om’s room
Anika and Rudra comes there.
Anika : rudra call romi and speak to her in a sweet way and ask her to come to a place. Rudra does as she says. Om is that Svetlana’s confession video ready.
Om : yes bhabhi. She calls somebody.
Anika : romi is now in our custody.

In hall
Soumya comes after shopping. She shows the mangalsutra to Anika. Everybody comes in the hall.
Pinky : she looks at Gauri and says now this house has become guest house. Cheap girl is staying here.
Dadi : Pinky be quiet. Gauri is like a member of this house.
Pink : mummy ji, u are giving her more consideration so she is doing such things.
Dadi : wat happened Pinky, wat did Gauri do?
Pinky : ask her who was with her yesterday in her room. Gauri looks at Om. Anika understood wat she said.
Dadi : wat r u saying?
Pinky : she was sleeping with Om. Everyone get shocked. Now wat u all have to say, I said that she is a cheap girl, she is trying to seduce Om. She can sleep with anybody.
Om : (shouts) enough choti ma, its out of limit. He takes mangalsutra from Soumya’s hand. He then holds Gauri’s hand and brings her near to pooja room. He makes her the mangalsutra. Music plays……
He takes the sindoor and applies it in her maang. He then holds her hand and walk around the state 4 times then gauri stands front and then takes 3 rounds. Everyone was super shocked.

Precap :
Nafratbaaz exposed…….Gauri panicked……Shivaay sad as Anika busy in work.

Author’s note :
Guys sorry for mistakes, hope u liked it. Bye.

By Ashwathy

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