Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 8

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Here goes the episode

In Shivika’s room
Near pool area. Anika sees shivaay and tries to go but shivaay pulls her closer to him. He forcibly makes him to sit.
Shivaay : anika….
Anika : don’t ask me any questions, I won’t answer. Don’t forget that I’m not a ordinary girl. Keep it in ur mind. She gets up and tries to go. But Shivaay pulls her and lifts her and throws in the pool. He too jumps into the pool. He comes towards her and holds her close. Anika gets angry.

In Om’s room
Om gets restless on thinking about Gauri. He decides to apologise to her.

In Rumya’s room
Rudra comes there and sees Soumya crying. He closes the door and walks to her. He holds her by shoulder.
Rudra : sumo, I don’t know wat is ur problem. But I want to see u happy. Please smile.
Soumya : She smiles. Duffer ur getting more emotional nowadays.
Rudra : sorry for om and prinku.
Soumya : rudra, don’t say that, I know they didn’t do it intentionally. And sorry for veer bhaiya. Rudra hugs her. She gets shocked by his sudden reaction. He then takes the mangalsutra kept on the table and makes her wear it. He then takes sindoor and applies it on her maang. She gets shocked.
Rudra : Bhabhi said me that one day I ll accept our marriage is it happened now. I LOVE YOU SOUMYA, won’t u accept me sumo.
Soumya : I LOVE YOU RUDRA. Don’t become more emotional. They hug each other and he kisses her forehead. Music plays…… They both hug each other and sleeps peacefully.

In Gauri’s room.
Om comes there and opens the door. He sees full of darkness. He on’s the light and closes the door. He searches Gauri and is shocked to find her sitting at a corner crying. She was completely tired. He goes near her and tries to touch her but she stands up and gets away.
Gauri : don’t come near to me. U cheated, ooo no I’m a fool, u never said me that u love me but I thought that u love me. U gave me hopes. I believed u more than him and trusted u more than him. But u cheated me and broke my heart than him. I just considered him as my friend but I considered u as my everything. But u insulted me in front of everyone one. Made me a characterless girl. She cries. Om holds her forcibly and tells his and anika’s plan. She was shocked and happy to know that om is not hers. He doesn’t love her. Om wipes her tears.
Om : sorry for making u cry.
Gauri : didi didn’t say anything to me.
Om : becoz she don’t want u to be in danger.
Gauri : sorry Om.
Om : don’t say sorry, u didn’t do any mistake. They both shake their hands and says friends. She feels tired. He makes her lie down on the bed. Music plays….. He sits near her and sleeps hugging her.

In Shivika’s room
In pool
Anika : don’t try to show ur tadi to me.
Shivaay : Now I’m not showing tadi, ur doing it.
Anika : u don’t who I am.
Shivaay : let ur identity be anything, I don’t care. I just want u. Rather than anybody I know u. Maybe ur rough and tough as a business woman. But ur sweet inside ur heart. I know u r hiding something from me. Don’t worry I won’t ask u about it until u tell me wat it is. Anika calms down.
Anika : now r u telling this becoz of my surname?
Shivaay : no, I told this to u before itself but we were not in our senses. Don’t remember that. Anika thinks about his confession and smiles. Oh jaana plays…… See a small smile has come in ur face. I don’t want to know anything about u becoz now ur my… Wife, my life. That is ur identity. I just want u. If u don’t trust me then its ok. He tries to go from there. But Anika holds him. Tears roll down her eyes. He wipes it.
Shivaay : That day we confessed our love when we were not in senses. Now I’m asking u by being in my sense. Will u be completely mine forever. Will u become Mrs. ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Anika nods positively. Shivaay holds her closer. Oh jaana plays……….. Their lips touch. They feels their breath. At last they came out of the moment. He lifts her and make lie on the bed. He moves her saree away. He then kisses her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks. He then kisses her waist. She was out of control. She removes his shirt. She feels his bare body. She holds his back tightly. Her nails hurts him but he enjoys it. He then kisses her lips. She too reciprocates. They tastes each other. He covers them with blanket. Their dress moves out of their body. They completely become one. He gets into her. They explore each other. They enjoy their beautiful moment.

Precap :
Jhanvi recovers…… Anika busy in work….. Romi in Anika’s custody. Gauri sad as Om just considers her as a friend. Dadi sad seeing someone’s photo.

Author’s note :
Guys if the number of comments increase then I ll post the next episode faster becoz it means a lot for me. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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