Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 7

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Here goes the episode

In hall
Khanna : sir, few staffs from Meera Industries has come to meet u sir.
Tej : y have they come here? Anyway let them in.
Khanna : yes sir.

A girl with few security officers enters Oberoi Mansion.
Girl : Gud morning.
Tej : Gud morning. Who r u?
Girl : I’m Ganga Sharma, I’m the secretary of the CEO of Meera Industries. Rahul sees her and hugs her.
Rahul : did my wife come so soon.
Shivaay : Wife?
Ganga : yes, I’m his wife. I have here to meet Mrs. Kalayani Oberoi. Dadi comes there. Ganga takes her blessing and says that everything is ready. And where is mam.
Dadi : she ll come now. A security man comes there.
Man : mam the files are ready. Few more details shud be filled, so I wanna ask mam about this.

Everyone comes there except aniriya. Just then acp ranveer enters. He walks towards Ganga.
Prinku and Om gets tensed.
Ranveer : y did u do this?
Ganga : sir, mam said to do this?
Dadi : wat happened Ganga?
Ganga : Dadi, mam called commissioner and gave suspension to ranveer sir. Dadi gets shocked.
Ranveer : but y, wat did I do?

A voice says the I ll give u the answer. Its none other than Anika. She comes down the stairs with Gauri and Soumya. She is a wearing a blue saree with hair’s loose and simple makeup. She is stunning and is looking exactly like a business woman. Gauri is wearing a green salwar suit with hair’s loose. Soumya is wearing her usual jeans and top with hairs open. They come down. Everyone look on shocked.

Anika : veer(ranveer), I ll give u answer but wait for few minutes. (To security) wat details do u want?
Man : shud we right ur new surname or old.
Anika : Old name becoz my new surname is not revealed infront of the world. So in the file write as Miss. ANIKA SINGH ARORA, CEO of Meera Industries. Everyone was shocked.
Man : ok mam, he goes from there.
Anika : now, wat is ur problem veer?
Ranveer : anika, y did u ask commissioner to give suspension order that to for not attending a meeting.
Anika : ranveer, meeting is very important.
Ranveer : but I have asked his permission. U used ur money power for my suspension.
Anika : I ll tell u y I used my money power in this, before that tell me where did u go?
Ranveer : I… I went to meet my friend?
Anika : but wat were u doing there?
Ranveer : We were just talking?

Anika : is ur friend’s name Priyanka Singh Oberoi and were u chatting with her or torturing her. Everyone gets shocked and get confused.
Ranveer : u r right, I was with her and torturing becoz he is the reason for my sister’s condition. U know very well Sana (ranveer’s sister) is missing from last two years. U know very well were she is but ur not telling me about her.
Anika : veer, how many times did I say don’t go behind Oberois. Ur right becoz Priyanka and om, sana got the accident but u know very well that she is alive and safe with me. There must be some reason if I shud say that.
Ranveer : I don’t know y r u supporting Oberois, but I just hate Oberois except dadi becoz she is a kind person not like others.

Anika : veer, listen to me…
Ranveer : When I tried to make shivaay in jail for Gayathri murder case, u saved him by spoiling ur respect. Everybody here has insulted u, Shivaay Singh Oberoi has forced u to marry him and tortured him but u could has avoided all this. But u didn’t may be u like to stay with him so that u forgot everything….. Just then Anika slaps him. Everyone was confused.

Anika : Tum bhul gaye ki me tumhari didi hai. (u forgot that I’m ur elder sister). She pulls Priyanka in front of him and says a police officer who tortures a girl let it be for any reason doesn’t have the right to wear that uniform. U know very well I don’t like playing with a girl’s future even though she has done a mistake. Sana is even my sister. For me U, Gauri, Soumya and Sana are equal. If I’m protecting Oberois then there must be some reason. I know how much ur hurt but always remember veer the faith which I got shud never get to any other girl. I ll tell u everything very soon. Now suspension is the punishment for ur mistake. Won’t u trust me veer. Ranveer hugs her.
Ranveer : I trust u though I hate Oberois, I ll accept this punishment not for torturing Oberois but for not trusting my sister. Then Gauri and Soumya joins them in their hug.

Anika : u must go, now its time to fulfil ur duty as the board member of Meera Industries. Ranveer goes from there. Ganga gives Anika some files. Anika tells Rahul and Ganga something. Then they go from there.

Anika comes near to pinky.
Anika : Now, wat do u want to say Mrs. Oberoi. Once again don’t dare to speak to my sisters in such way. Everybody was shocked. (To Priyanka) u didn’t do any mistake, don’t get tensed and sorry for wat veer has done to u. And at least know tell everything to everybody. They have the right to know it. Aniriya goes from there.

Priyanka and Om tells everything to everybody. Shivaay consoles them.
Dadi : forget it, happened is happened.

Rudra : but bhabi…
Dadi : u ll come to know everything very soon until that behave to her in a normal. Let Anika be in any position she is always ur bhabi. (To shivaay) And Anika is always ur wife keep this in ur mind. Aniriya are always the same. Then everybody goes back to their room.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay sees Anika checking some files. She sees him and closes the files and keeps it aside. He comes near to her. She tries to go but he pulls her back to him.

Precap :
Shivika romance……. Om shocked to see Gauri crying……..Rudra proposes Soumya.

Author’s note :
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By Ashwathy

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