Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 6

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In Shivika’s room
Shivaay wakes up, he has pain all over his body. He then notices that he was half nude and covered with bed sheet. He gets shocked to see Anika near him hugging him. He thinks yesterday night. Just then Anika wakes up see her lying inside the bed sheet naked. She get shocked. She covers herself and thinks about yesterday night. She remembers their confession.
They look at each other. Oh jaana plays…….. Just then they hear a knock on the door. Shivaay wears his shirt immediately and goes to see. Anika immediately covers herself and acts as sleeping. Shivaay opens the door and sees Tia.
Tia : shivaay baby, I wanna talk to u.
Shivaay : not now Tia, we ll talk later. Anika sees Tia, then smiles and sits on the bed covering herself with a cute smile. Tia sees the room, shivaay and anika smiling and understands that they consummated their marriage. Shivaay closes the door. Tia leaves from there angrily.
Anika then suddenly thinks about Svetlana and goes to washroom adjusting herself.
She sees her love bites and smile.
Anika thinks that shivaay, I thought that u don’t love me but ur confession yesterday changed my life. Today I’m completely yours.
Shivaay thinks that anika, I didn’t realise my feelings but yesterday I said it, I can’t leave without u, we became one.
Anika comes out of the washroom. Shivaay then goes inside washroom. Anika then smiles and goes to Om’s room.

In Om’s room
Anika comes there and sees him standing.
Anika : wat happened om?
Om tells her everything. She gets shocked. She then sees the video where Svetlana confess everything. They then goes to Svetlana’s room.

In Svetlana’s room
Anika and Om comes there and sees her sleeping.
Anika : to make her believe u must continue this romancing, u shud tell her u slept here yesterday.
Om : but bhabhi, I was in gauri’s room.
Anika : Om, but u shud make her believe that u were sleeping with her, ok.
Om : ok.
Anika then closes the door. She then moves her saree a little bit and torn her blouse little. She then makes her hair improper. She then asks Om to remove his shirt, he removes it. She then asks him to lie down. Om asks her that wat we are doing now is mistake, we are spoiling her respect.
Anika : Om, don’t get tensed, we are not spoiling her respect, we ll tell her the truth once we finish our work. So don’t worry just think about ur mom’s pain that is more than enough for u to do it. Om after hearing her words lie down near to her. She then takes a bit lipstick and puts it on lip marker and applies it in Om’s body and face. She then spreads her lipstick. She then spreads her kajal. She then keep her hand on Om’s chest and asks him to hug her. He does as she say. She then wishes him all the best and goes from there closing the door.

In Gauri’s room
Gauri thinks that where did Om go, she thinks about him and smiles.

In hall
Anika says everything to rudra and asks him to target romi. Then they plan something.

In Svetlana’s room
Svetlana wakes up and sees her hugging Om. She gets shocked. Om then pulls her closer.
Om : did u enjoy yesterday night.
Svetlana : wat happened yesterday, I don’t remember anything.
Om : Svetlana, wat r u saying, how can u forget yesterday night. We became one, yesterday our love increased. Aren’t u happy?
Svetlana : I’m happy.
Om : ok, my dear I’ll get freshen up and come.
Om goes from there. She gets confused. She feels tired. She feels to cry but controls herself after all she is happy that Om fell in her trap. She gets freshen up and goes to see Om.

In Tia’s room
Svetlana comes there. She sees Tia angry.
Svetlana : wat happened Tia?
Tia : di, Shivaay and anika consummated their marriage. I understood that.
Svetlana : wat, we shud do something immediately.
Tia : yes di, and wat about Om.
Svetlana : he is under my control, let me go and see him once.
Tia : ok, di. Svetlana goes from there.

In Om’s room
Gauri comes there and does not see him. She sees his shirt and hugs it. Just then Svetlana comes there and sees her hugging Om’s shirt. Svetlana pulls his shirt.
Svetlana : how dare u to touch Om’s shirt, only I have right for it.
Gauri : who are you to say that?
Svetlana : Om’s fiancee.
Gauri : he got engaged to u just for his mother.
Svetlana : u r mistaken, he loves me. We have become one by heart and by body. Gauri gets shocked.
Gauri : u r saying lie.
Om : no, she is saying the truth. Girls like u can’t understand it. Gauri gets shocked.
Gauri : Om, how can u do this to me? Tears rolls down her eyes.
Om gets hurt on seeing her crying.
Svetlana : for girls like u this may be a joke but for us its not a joke. U may slept with many many boys for money but my Om is not like that. Om gets angry but controls. Gauri gets shocked and shouts and runs to the hall crying. They goes behind her.

In hall
Everybody comes there except anika and sees her.
Dadi : wat happened Gauri, y r u crying?
Svetlana : Dadi, she was trying to seduce Om but it did not work.
Shakti : is this true Om?
Om : (without no other way) says yes.
Gauri looks on shocked.
Pinky : oh my mata, girls like u goes behind boys for money. Don’t u have shame.
Dadi : stop it Pinky.
Pinky : no mummy ji, this girl is over smart. Within few days she is doing this much. Wat type of values did she get. May be her mom is also like that. Gauri after hearing this gets panicked. Just then anika comes there. Gauri goes and hugs her.
Gauri : didi, lets go from here. I thought that….. O….. Om won’t do like him but he did it. She broke my trust. I’m very much scared, lets go from here. Anika’s eyes gets tears on seeing Gauri in such a condition.
Pinky : I said u na mummy ji, such girls can go to any extend. Now she is blaming Om. (To Gauri) u don’t try to tell ur lies, she may believe it but no use. She is just a servant here.
Shivaay : mom, plz…
Pinky : no shivaay, u don’t come between this. See that girl she thinks that if she say some lies to cheap girl, we may believe it. She calls Gauri cheap, road trash, ur values are very low. Ur mom thought this to u, maybe she may also have slept with many people and made u. Anika was hell angry by now. Soumya was crying. Dadi was having tears in her eyes. Pinky continues saying that she doesn’t even know who is her father. She may also have gone by her mother’s path, maybe more than that. U don’t even have a surname. U may be became a doctor by serving many of them like this. Om gets angry. Gauri’s cries a lot. She continues that u may have slept with more than 30 people a day. Tomorrow u may also get a child, u may not get a name to tell to ur child, who is her father becoz u even have doubt in that. Tomorrow u may even sell ur own daughter for money like ur mother…….
Anika (shouts) :not a word against my mother or my sister. Everyone gets shocked. (To Gauri ) y shud u cry, u didn’t do any mistake. Ur my sister and I believe u completely. She takes her to her room. Soumya, Rahul and Dadi follows them. Everybody was shocked hearing the word sister from her mouth. Then all of them moves to their respective rooms.

Then anika feeds Gauri and Soumya. She then sleeps hugging them. Dadi and Rahul sees them and smiles.

Next day morning
In hall
Tej :shivaay, ur award has been shared.
Shivaay : ya even I got the news, but with whom?
Tej : actually she is known as princess of business. She is the owner of Meera Industries. This is the one of the most famous company all over the world. Even last two years, she got this award but she refused it. But this year she accepted it.
Shivaay : let it be, we ll see who is she. Om comes there, he was feeling guilty but didn’t express it.

Khanna comes and tells them that few staffs of Meera industries has come to meet u sir.

Precap :
Rahul, Ganga (new entry ) staffs of Meera industry ……. Entry of ranveer in oberoi mansion.

Author’s note
Please comment guys, plzzz and sorry for mistakes. And a question to everybody, within how many episodes shud I finish my ff. Please answer.

By Ashwathy

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