Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 5

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Recap :
Janvi was saved, entry of gauri, om and gauri friendship turns to love, Svetlana and om engagement, anika and om plan,ranveer threatening prinku, entry of anika’s friend Rahul, shivaay jealous.

Here goes the next episode :

In Om’s room
Anika : Om, I have added this medicine in the wine. In case if u want more medicine then take from ur cupboard. And rudra, u just keep watching tia.
Omru : ok, bhabhi
Anika goes from there, she asks the servant to send some juice to her room. Om goes to kitchen to take glasses and forgets the medicine there which is in a bowl. The servant by mistake adds it in the jug of juice. She then takes it to Shivika’s room.

Shivika’s room
Servant : mam, juice.
Anika : keep it there.
Servant goes. Shivaay comes there and he was thirsty, he took the juice and drank it. Anika then drinks the remaining juice.

Om searches the medicine and goes to kitchen and asks the servant, she says that she added it in the juice and gave to anika.
Om gets shocked. He goes to anika’s room and sees the empty juice glass and shivaay and anika holding hands.
Om (thinking) : I think the medicine has started to work, may be it is not useful in finding the truth but it is good in revealing ur feelings to each other. I shud not disturb them. He closes the door and goes from there.

Om’s room
Om takes the medicine and adds it in the wine. He then takes it Svetlana’s room.

In Svetlana’s room
Om comes there and closes the door. She looks on shocked.
Svetlana : wat r u doing Om?
Om : first drink this, then I ll tell u everything. He forcibly makes her drink it and he too drinks the wine in which medicine not mixed.
Svetlana feels dizzy. She was about to fall but he holds her and makes her lie down. She pulls him closer.
Svetlana : where r u going? I want u, do u knw I left ur father for u.
Om : Svetlana, I know u love me, but do u still love Mr. Oberoi?
Svetlana : no Om, I just love u, I was behind tej for revenge, not only me mom, tia, romi, we all, we won’t leave him. Om won’t u be mine completely.
She pulls him closer and kisses his cheek. Svetlana then falls unconscious. Gauri comes there to call Svetlana for dinner but gets shocked to see Om lieing near her and she kissing him. Om sees her and gets shocked. She gets angry and goes near him. Holding his collar.
Gauri : I thought that u love me but….
Om : gauri, listen to me. I was just…
Gauri : enough, u were drinking wine and enjoying with her. She takes the wine glass.
Om : Gauri, don’t drink that.
Gauri : y can’t I drink, is it special for u, I ll show u. She drinks the wine. Before she could get above the limit om stops her and takes her to her room.

In Gauri’s room
Gauri feels dizzy. Om makes her lie down and he tries to go but gets hold by her. She pulls him closer. She then hugs him and sleeps. He reciprocates the hug. Om thinks that she is really mad.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay : anika, ur looking very beautiful.
Anika : billu, ur also very beautiful.
Shivaay : if I’m billu, then ur billi.
Anika : ur not good, y r u always scolding me. Bad billu.
Shivaay : sorry billi, I won’t repeat it, u knw I really love u. He holds her face.
Anika : pinky promise.
Shivaay : pinky promise. They does pinky promise. Anika tries to go but shivaay lifts her makes her lie in the bed. He then kisses her forehead, cheeks. Anika smiles feeling his touch. She just kept quite and enjoyed it. Shivaay at last kissed her lips. Their started moving out from there body. She too reciprocates. They then consummated their marriage(lets give them privacy).

At early morning
In Gauri’s room
She sees Om lying near her in a hugging position. She thinks how she got, a smile appears in her face. Om wakes up and sees her smiling. He then thinks about Svetlana and goes from there.

Precap :
Shivika reaction…… Svetlana gets shocked……. Svetlana tells something to Gauri…….

Author’s note :
Sorry guys I was not able to type longer. I ll try to post next one tomorrow and please comment if u liked my episode. Like always tomatoes and slippers are accepted.

By Ashwathy

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