Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 4

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Here goes the episode

In Om’s room, Anika and Om is planning to expose Svetlana.
Anika : today u shud get more closer to Svetlana and make her drink the wine which I’m giving you.
Om : what is the use of this bhabhi?
Anika : Om I have added a special medicine in it, after drinking this she ll automatically reveal everything.
Just then Anika sees rudra standing there.
Rudra : so u both planned all these things.
Anika tells him everything.
Rudra : don’t worry bhabhi, I ll help u.
They joins hands.

Somebody comes to Oberoi mansion. Dadi sees him and gets happy.
Dadi : I ll introduce u as my friend’s grandson. Ok
Man : ok Dadi, where is Anika?
Dadi : she ll come now.
Everybody comes to the hall. Dadi introduces him as her friend’s grandson. Gauri and Soumya gets happy seeing him.
Anika comes to the hall and gets surprised to see him. She suddenly goes and hugs him. Shivaay fumes in anger.
Anika : how r u Rahul?
Rahul : I’m very fine.
Rudra : bhabhi, how do u know him.
Dadi : I said to her about him and to my surprise, he is his friend. Anika u go an show his room.
Anika takes Rahul goes to show the room.

In Rahul’s room,
Anika : I hope, everybody believes us.
Rahul : don’t very Dadi acted very well.
Anika : nobody shud know y u came here.
Rahul : ok, I ll go and freshen up.
Anika, we are meeting after so many days, won’t u give me a tight hug. Shivaay sees this and gets angry.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay (thinking) : how dare is he to touch her and too reciprocated but y shud I be angry. After all he is her friend. Y am I getting angry.
Anika comes there. She keeps on praising Rahul and telling about him.
Shivaay : will u plz stop this Rahulayana.
Anika : Rahulayana??
Shivaay : Like Ramayana ur saying about Rahul so I said Rahulayana.
Anika : shivaay, he is so good and romantic, not like u.
Shivaay : u mean I’m not romantic?
Anika : yes, after all y shud u be romantic to me, I’m just ur responsibility.
Shivaay : u wanna see romance.
Shivaay walks towards her. She moves back.
Anika : wat r u doing?
Shivaay : u wanna see me romantic, right.
She reached near the wall. Shivaay pushes her to the wall slowly and then tucks her hair behind her ear. He then kisses her cheeks. She gets surprised by his behaviour. She then bring her near the mirror closing her eyes and then asks her to open her eyes.
Shivaay : see ur cheeks, its like tomatoes, ur blushing a lot when I’m coming near to u, this show that how much romantic I am.
He goes from there.
Anika : Shivaay, u very romantic but to make u jealous, I don’t have any way. Shivaay until I reach my aim, I can’t tell u my feelings. She smiles.

Precap :
Trap for romi…..Shivika drunk.

Author’s note :
Sorry for mistakes. Please comment, always tomatoes and slippers are accepted.

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