Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 21

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In Shivika’s room 
Anika gets a call. 
Anika : hello. 
Ganga : mam, he is about to die. 
Anika : I’m coming. She cuts the call and goes. Shivaay hears her. He follows her.

In a Godown 
A man is seen severly injured. 
Anika comes there. Shivaay too reaches there and sees this hiding. 
Anika : is it paining, u shud know the pain Varun. Do u remember the day u destroyed my family. The day u spoiled a girl’s reputation. Do u remember the day u killed a poor girl. 
Varun : anika, save me. 
Anika : nobody can save u know. 
She takes out a matchbox and lights it. 
Anika : varun, u shud know the pain of dieing in fire, the power of fire. She puts the matchstick on him. He burns. Anika smiles. Shivaay too smiles on seeing this. 
Shivaay : anika, today ur wishes had been fulfiled, now a sweet life is waiting for u. He goes from there and sees Anika going and follows her.

In temple 
Anika comes there and prays to god. 
Anika : today, my biggest wish has been fulfiled but I don’t know wat ll happen to me. I don’t want to spoil shivaay’s life. Dadi always says that we are made for each other, even I believed that but now I feel that shivaay ll show sympathy to me after knowing my past, he ll be thankful to me. But I don’t want all these things. I just want his love. He thinks that I’m avoiding him wantedly. He saw me killing somebody and after that he hated me then he is caring because of our child. From all these things I just understood that he doesn’t love me, he is just caring for me for his child and if he come to know my past even then he ll care but there ll be only sympathy throughout our life. I don’t want that. Today onwards we are doing all the rituals and getting married once again but there is no love in it. It’s just a relation for name. God y did u give me such a life. I just asked u my shivaay who loves me but I lost him. I lost everything. There is nothing left in this life for me. She cries. Shivaay sees this and comes near her. He holds her hand and takes her. Anika was shocked to see him there. He makes her sit in the car. He wipes her tears.
Shivaay : I don’t want to see tears in ur eyes. 
Anika : shivaay, leave me alone, y r u taking care of me? 
Shivaay : becoz ur my sweet heart. Anika didn’t except this. She smiles. 
Anika : (thinking) will I get back my old shivaay, no never he is always in sso avatar, I’m not his family, he cares only for his family. 
Shivaay : anika. She comes out of her thoughts.
Anika : I know ur speaking all these sweet things to me to know my past, but there is no use. 
Shivaay : ur my wife and ll always be my wife. U itself ll come to me and tell ur past to me. Anika was confused. 
Anika : ( thinking) wat does he want? Y is he behaving wierd. 
She : anika, enough of ur thoughts, we reached.

In hall 
Shivika comes there. 
Dadi : where did u go? Go and get ready faster. 
Anika : (to Dadi, slowly) Dadi, he is dead. Dadi was really happy. Then everybody goes to there room.

In Omri’s room 
Om comes near to Gauri. 
Om : my naughty girl is looking beautiful today. 
Gauri : u mean I’m naughty. 
Om : mad girl, u don’t like to romance so better let me try some other girl. He tries to go. Gauri pulls him back. She hugs him. 
Gauri : who said u that I don’t like romance. Om I want to tell u something about my past. Om keeps his finger on her lips. 
Om : bhabhi told me everything, forget it, I just want u. They hug each other. Om goes towards her lips. But Gauri kisses him in his cheek and runs away. He smiles.

In Sana’s room 
Jeevan comes there and hugs Sana. She smiles. 
Sana : leave me jeevu, wat ll happen if somebody see. 
Jeevan : I’m hugging my fiance. He kisses her in her forehead. Sana pushes him saying she have to get ready.

In Prinku’s room 
Ranveer comes there and gives her something.
Prinku : wat’s this? 
Ranveer : I want u to wear this today. He hugs her kisses her in her neck. Prinku blushes. 
Ranveer : get ready soon. He goes from there. She smiles.

In Rumya’s room 
Rudra comes there. 
Rudra : ur always beautiful. 
Soumya : y r u praising me. 
Rudra : ok then ur looking ugly, ur mad, beggars r better than u, ur a big sumo. Soumya cups her mouth. She hits him and they falls on the bed. 
Rudra : rather than all this ur my sumo, my sweet sumo. She brushes. She gets away and tries to go. Rudra pulls her and kisses on her forehead. 
Rudra : get ready faster. He goes from there. She smiles.

In Shivika’s room 
Anika is struggling to tie the back lace. Shivaay sees this and closes the door slowly and goes to her. He ties her back lace. Anika feels as she has experienced a shock. She was confused. 
Shivaay : ur looking good in saree. Shivaay then makes her wear the jewellers. She tries to go. But shivaay being shivaay pulls her and makes her wear it. He then tucks her hair. She tries to go but shivaay pulls her puts sindoor in her maang. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. He then gives a peck in her lips. 
Shivaay : though we are getting married once again, ur my wife always so until our second marriage this shud be there in ur neck. He then takes her to the pool area. He takes out a ring and makes her wear it. He then asks anika to do the same. She makes him wear the ring. She cries. 
Shivaay : y r u crying, one more thing I ll make u ready everyday until the marriage like I did today. 
Anika : I.. I don’t want ur help. 
Shivaay : did I say u want my help, I ll do as my wish. 
Anika : don’t worry our child is safe, don’t show this fake care. Don’t try to know my past. I know very well u don’t love. 
Shivaay : (angry) how can u even think like this anika, u think I don’t know ur past. I know very well wat varun, maan, and their goons did with ur family, I know very well wat is the relation between u and my sister. I know very well how ur parents died and everything. U told ur past to rudra, om, mom, papa, badi ma, bade papa but not to me. U think that I don’t know anything, I read ur diary, u thought that after knowing ur past, I ll show sympathy towards u, u thought that I don’t love u. I just wanted to share ur pain with me, do it when u feel the right comes. And u think that I just care for our baby. U forget one thing anika, our baby is the sign of our love. Anika cries. Anika I love u a lot, I behaved harshly towards u was to make u understand that I’m that old shivaay who loves his family and u forget that u r also a part of that family. Anika don’t be scared to cry because even ur a human who has feelings. I want u as my old Anika. He goes from there. She cries.

In hall 
In hall everybody were wearing green and black colour dress. (guys dress code is green and black). 
All the girls except Anika comes down. All the boys are waiting for them. All boys are wearing Black colour sherwani. Gauri is wearing a green colour Lehenga. Sana is wearing a green colour salwar suit. Soumya is wearing a green colour gagra choli. Prinku comes down wearing a green colour gown. 
Boys were mesmerised seeing their lady loves. Shivaay comes there.
Dadi : shivaay, where is Anika? Go and call her. 
Shivaay : ok Dadi.

In pool area
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika standing there. 
Shivaay : Anika, Dadi is calling u. Anika holds his hand and removes the ring from his finger. He was shocked. She then removes her ring and gives it to him. She goes from there. Tears roll down from shivaay’s eyes, he wipes it and goes to the hall.

In hall 
Everyone are waiting for shivika. Shivaay and Anika comes down. Anika is wearing a green colour saree with black border and Shivaay is wearing black colour sherwani. Shivaay tries to go ahead of Anika but Anika holds his hand and walks down holding hands. 
Rudra : bhabhi, don’t worry bhai won’t run. 
Everyone laugh hearing rudra. Anika blushes. Shivaay looks at her. 
Rudra : bhaiya, control urself. 
All : shut up rudra. He makes puppy face. 
Then elders gives rings to the boys and girls. But anika didn’t take the ring. 
Anika : dadi, can I make him wear the ring which I brought. 
Dadi : ok. Anika takes out the ring which shivaay wore in her hand. She asks shivaay to make her the ring. Shivaay shocked. He takes out the ring which anika he wore in her hands. 
Anika : ( to shivaay, wishpers) shivaay, I don’t want any other engagement ring other than this so I removed it from there. But don’t think that I ll back off from my challenge. 
Shivaay : wat challenge? 
Anika : u won’t make me ready until marriage. 
Shivaay : we ll see who wins. Shivaay Singh Oberoi never looses. 
Anika : even Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi never looses. 
Dadi : now everybody make ur partners wore the rings. 
Gauri makes Om wore the ring, Om does the same. Then Sana makes Jeevan wear the ring, Jeevan does the same. Soumya makes Rudra wear the ring, Soumya does the same. Prinku makes Ranveer wear the ring, Ranveer does the same. Then Anika makes Shivaay wear the ring, Shivaay too does the same. The partners have a eye lock. 
All the elders smile.

In Shivika’s room 
Anika takes her pillow and goes to couch for sleeping but shivaay pulls her closer. 
Shivaay : anika u ll sleep on bed. 
Anika : till marriage I ll sleep in couch. 
Shivaay : no, u ll sleep on bed. He lifts her and makes her lie down on bed. Then he goes near her. 
He kisses her tummy and says good night. 
Anika : (smiling) good night shivaay. 
Shivaay : who said good night to u, I said to our baby. No good night for u. 
Anika : but y? 
Shivaay : we say good night before we sleep. Our baby is going to sleep so I said good night to our baby. 
Anika : even I’m going to sleep. 
Shivaay : no. 
Anika : then wat ll I do? Shivaay moves closer to her. Anika understands wat he meant. 
Anika : shivaay, don’t forget that our baby is there in my stomach. 
Shivaay : I said good night to our baby, he is sleeping so that he doesn’t come to know about our naughty acts. She blushes. He then covers themself with blanket.

Next day morning 
Shivaay wakes up and doesn’t find Anika.

Precap : 
Mehendi function….Anika hiding in Dadi’s room… Shivaay’s plan….. Jesa romance in kitchen…..

Author’s note :
Guys, sorry for the delay, thanks a lot for ur comments. After 3-5 episodes I ll end my ff. And about Shivaay’s sister’s character, Jennifer Winget and Tridha Choudary is selected from the voting. Now last voting, please vote for any one of them. I’m excepting many comments and suggestions too. As I always say tomatoes and slippers are also welcome. So guys plz comment, there is only few days. Hope u liked today’s episode. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy 

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  16. About shivaays sister..I feel Jennifer winget would be good…and the episode no doubt was awesome?

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