Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 20

Haii guys I got many suggestions, thanks a lot. Guys I fixed the characters of sana, jeevan, Nikita and arjun. And about shivaay sister, I chose few Actress just select from them. Who gets more vote, I ll select them.

Vote for Shivaay sister’s character 
1. Deepika Singh of Diya Aur Baati Hum. 
2. Jennifer Winget of Beyhadh. 
3. Drashti Dhami of Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. 
4. Avika Gor of Sasrual Simar Ka. 
5. Sonarika Bhadoria of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. 
6. Tridha Choudary of Dahleez. 
7. Shilpa Anand of Dil Mil Gaye. 
8. Mouni Roy of Naagin 2.
9. Divyanika Tripati of Yeh Hai Mohabbetein. 

Here goes the next episode

In Shopping Mall 
Soumya was shocked to see Rudra in the trial room. 
Soumya : rudra, wat r u doing here? Rudra tells her the problem. 
Soumya : u fool, wat would u do if somebody else was there in the trial room. 
Rudra : leave that, now my wife is here so wat is the problem. He holds her closer. He kisses her forehead. Soumya was loosing her control. He moves towards her lips and presses his lips on her. They were exploring each others lips just then rudra’s phone rings. They come out of the moment. He attends the call and says l’m coming. He tells her that Om is searching us. Lets go. Then they finds Om. Rudra sees Nikita and arjun and hugs them. Even prinku comes there and hugs them. Even Jesa joins them. Then they went to beach. Nikita was with Om, playing and hitting him. 
Gauri : y is he always near to her. 
Then they all brought ice creams. Ranveer goes near Prinku. Prinku was going to ask something. Just then she remembers the words of Anika where anika tells that don’t think that ur week, I know u love ranveer but she insulted u and ur love so don’t give up soon, make him realise his feelings, make him jealous and show ur value. So Prinku decides to make Ranveer jealous. She goes to Arjun and takes ice cream from him. Ranveer was out of limit.
Ranveer : (thinking) y am I getting jealous, I like her no I love her but she is not giving me a chance to speak to her. Arjun and Nikita understood that Ranveer jealous becoz of Arjun being with Prinku and Gauri jealous with Nikita being with Om, so they plan something. 
Nikita : our dresses has spoiled, so lets go to some hotel and change. 
All : Ok.

In hotel 
Nikita gives money to receptionist. 
Om : how room do we want? 
Rumya : we want one room. 
Priyanka : I want one room. 
Nikita : even me. 
Arjun : even me. 
Ranveer : even me. 
Jeevan : one room for me and sana. 
Om : one room for me and other one for Gauri. Gauri was shocked. So 8 rooms. 
Nikita : we want 8 rooms. 
Receptionist : sir we have only 6 rooms. 
Nikita : so I have one idea. Jeevan and sana take one room, rumya take one room, ranveer take one room, Gauri take one room, then Prinku and Arjun in one room and me and Om in other room. Gauri and Ranveer was shocked.
Arjun : Prinku do u have any problem? 
Prinku : no. 
Nikita : Om do u have any problem? 
Om : not at all. 
They goes to their room. Ranveer at last decides to go to Prinku’s room. Ranveer tells Arjun that he want to talk to Prinku so Arjun goes to Ranveer’s room.

In Prinku’s room 
Prinku : wat do u wanna talk?
Ranveer : I’m sorry for wat I said that day. 
Prinku : y shud u say sorry, wat u said is absolutely right, my brothers can find thousand boys for me. But I’m fool to come behind u. Ranveer was shocked to see brave Prinku. He holds her closer, she tries to come out of it but he tightens his grip. 
Ranveer : I LOVE YOU Prinku, I’m sorry I insulted u a lot not only u even ur love, when I saw u with somebody else I realised my feelings. Won’t u forgive me. She hugs him. 
Prinku : I LOVE YOU RANVEER. They hug each other.

In Gauri’s room 
Gauri was not able to do anything, she was burning with jealous. She then rushes to Om’s room.

In Om’s room 
Om : seeing u after a long time. 
Nikita : yaa. She then opens the door and sees gauri coming. She suddenly closes the door. 
Nikita : Om, my eyes is paining can u just blow my eyes. 
Om : ok. Just then gauri comes there. She is shocked to see the scene. Om is facing his back to gauri and is blowing Nikita’s eyes. Nikita sees gauri and moves closer to Om. Gauri thinks that Om is kissing Nikita. Then Om moves back. 
Nikita : thank u Om. 
Om : no need of saying thanks. Gauri eyes become wider. 
Nikita : We r meeting after long time, will u give me a tight hug. 
Om : sure. He hugs her. Gauri was burning in anger. 
Nikita : thank u Om for giving such a wonderful day, I ll never forget this day. I love u Om. Om was bit confused. 
Om : I love you too. By now Gauri was out of limit. She goes near them and pulls Nikita. 
Om : wat happen gauri? 
Gauri : (in a sweet way) Nikita actually I want to Om can u please give us some privacy. 
Nikita : sure, Om we ll talk later and gauri, I ll be there in ur room. 
Gauri : ok. Nikita goes from there. 
Om : wat do u want to talk. Gauri hits him with her hands. 
Gauri : u like to enjoy with her right, u can share room with her but not with me. U ll hug her, kiss her and even say I love u, I don’t deserve all these things. Om understood that Gauri is jealous because of Nikita. 
Om : so wat, we are gonna get divorced, so wat is ur problem. 
Gauri : who said we r gonna get divorced, I don’t want divorce, I love u and I can’t see u with any other girl, I won’t leave u anywhere. She hugs him. Om smiles and reciprocates the hug. 
She then realises wat she said. She smiles. 
Om : Nikita is my friend, I didn’t kiss her, I was just blowing her eyes and I love her but as a friend and one more thing she is married, arjun is her husband. So don’t think much. Gauri feels embarrassed. Om holds her face. 
Om : I LOVE YOU Gauri. 
Gauri : I LOVE YOU Om. 
He gets Arjun’s call and says we are coming. They all reach outside the hotel. 
Nikita : I and Arjun want to tell u something. 
Arjun : actually we both r married and we were just acting closer towards Om and Prinku to make Gauri and Ranveer jealous, really sorry. 
Nikita : sorry Gauri, my acting was a bit over. 
Om : don’t say sorry becoz of u both all problems r solved. 
Ranveer : ya Om is right thanks a lot. 
Arjun : actually u shud thank ur Anika didi. 
All : anika didi? 
Nikita : exactly, Om told about me to Anika, so she called me and said to do all these things. I all r luck to get such a didi/bhabhi. 
Arjun : now its too late we r going, bye. 
Nikita : bye. Everyone bids bye to them. They goes back to Oberoi Mansion.

In Shivika’s room 
Doctor was checking Anika. 
Shivaay : doctor, how is Anika. 
Doctor : don’t worry, she is fine she is taking lots of stress. And shivaay is taking some other medicines and ask her regular doctor so that they can help u. I gave her seduction, she ll sleep for 2 hours. Take care of her. Doctor goes. Shivaay checks her cupboard and finds a doctor number because he finds something wrong. He calls the doctor and tells her that he wants to meet her. 
Shivaay : doctor how do know Anika. 
Doctor : my name is Deepika and I’m the personal doctor of Anika. 
Shivaay : Deepika, I’m her husband, today she fainted and when consulted doctor, he said me that she is taking some other medicines. 
Deepika : actually shivaay, anika has got depress before two years so she can’t take much stress. To be frank, there is something to worry and not to worry. 
Shivaay : wat do u mean? 
Deepika : shivaay, from last few months she is taking lots of stress so her life is in danger. She needs lots of stress. The main problem is that Anika wants everybody to be happy so she doesn’t care about herself and not even about her child. Shivaay now only u can save her. Anika thinks that u are taking care of her only because of ur child so she thinks that there is nothing between u people. And ask her to take rest then everything will be fine. And Shivaay, Anika is trying to go away from u so that u can live a happy life. So take care. 
Shivaay : ok Deepika but don’t tell her that I know all these things.
Deepika : ok. 
Shivaay : Thank u Deepika, bye. 
Shivaay then goes to Oberoi Mansion.

In Shivika’s room 
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika awaken. 
Shivaay : u woke up. 
Anika : where did u go leaving me here. 
Shivaay : I went to office, I was having some work. U just fainted and wat is there to worry. 
Anika is confused by his sudden change.

The elders comes and then youngsters. Youngsters tells everything to elders about wat Anika did. Shivaay and Anika comes there and here this. 
Anika : now one more thing is left. 
All : wat? 
Anika : marriage, dadi, anyway Jesa and Priveer shud marry so with them lets do Omri’s and Rumya’s marriage too. Omri is marriage was so sudden and Rumya’s marriage was when they where not in senses. 
Dadi : ok but wat about shivaay’s and ur marriage. 
Shivaay : wat is the need of that? 
Anika was shocked. 
Dadi : billu everybody are getting married so even u. 
Shivaay : but Dadi. 
Dadi : no this is final. 
Anika : to Dadi (slowly) after the marriage we ll open that door. 
Dadi : ok. After 5 days we ll conduct the marriage.

In Shivika’s room 
Anika : shivaay, y did u say that our marriage is not necessary? 
Shivaay : becoz we r already married and I don’t think that there is something in our relation. Anika was shocked.
Anika : shivaay, wat r u saying? 
Shivaay : I called ur doctor Deepika she said me everything. U want to avoid me and go away from me. So do as ur wish. We don’t have anything between us. 
Anika : Shivaay, its like that listen to me. I thought that… 
Shivaay : no need to say any more. He goes from there. Anika cries. 
Anika : shivaay, I don’t want to hurt u, I want to go away from u becoz after knowing my past I know u ll hate me. I know u love me only because of our child. Who ll love a girl who killed seven members and gonna kill one more? Who ll love a girl who got depression. Shivaay we are not made for each other so lets live a life which is just for name sake. Shivaay sees Anika crying. 
Shivaay : (thinks) Anika, u made everybody realise their feelings but today to make you realise ur feelings I shud do this. I know u r taking a lot of stress but after few days everything ll be fine. I know u think that I caring u only for our child but I ll prove u that it is wrong. U ll know how much I love u, I know ur past and present and ur future is me. U showed us who is Ms. Anika Singh Arora and Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Now I ll show u who is Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He smiles and does his signature step.

Precap :
Death of last person….. Anika happy…… Gauri tells her past to Om….. Twice engagement for Shivika……

Author’s note :
Guys u can know everybody’s past only at the last two episodes of this ff, really sorry for that. And guys please select two girls from the above given names. Then I ll choose from ur suggestions. Only after fixing shivaay sister’s character I can continue my ff and guys actually she is dead but the main reason for Anika to take revenge from her enemies. And I ll post my next episode only after 2 days so today I updated a long one. Really sorry for the delay. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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