Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 2

Haii guys, thanks for ur support. And San asked me a doubt that rumya are married or not and if ranveer is anika’s brother then y he take revenge from oberois.
Ans for this doubt : In my ff rumya is married and anika has 2 own sisters (gauri and soumya) and 2 cousin (anika’s mom elder sister’s son ranveer and daughter sana). Anika is the eldest, then ranveer, gauri then Soumya and then sana . And ranveer is taking revenge for his girlfriend’s accident (which ll be revealed later).
So guys if anybody have any doubt you can ask me.

Recap : Janvi is saved by shivaay. Dadi asks anika to call her sister and ask her to come. It is revealed that Gauri and soumya is anika’s sister. Gauri (anika’s sister) comes to oberoi mansion to treat janvi. Gauri tells that janvi will be fine very soon. Gauri goes to Om’s room by mistake and touches his sculpture. Om comes there and holds her hand tightly.

Here goes the next epi
Om holds gauri’s hand tightly.
Om : U r here to treat my mom, not to touch others things. Don’t think this is ur house, remember that ur a guest here. So be in ur limits and he holds her hand more tightly.
Hearing this tears flow down from eyes, seeing this Om leaves her hand. Then gauri runs and goes to her room. Anika sees her crying and goes back of her.

In gauri’s room
Gauri sits crying, anika comes there and asks her the reason. Gauri tells her everything.
Anika : u r crying for such a small reason. Very shame.
Gauri : its not like that, he behaved very rudely to me.
Anika : Gauri, u must understand Om’s condition, he is very angry and when u ll get angry u ll also do the same thing, right. Now stop doing ur drama, I ll go and bring milk for u, u like milk a lot, right. Wait here. Saying this she leaves from there.

In Om’s room
Om thinks that what did is a mistake, he should have not spoke to her that way. Om feels guilt for speaking in such a way to her so he decides to apologise to her. So he goes to her room.

In Gauri’s room
Gauri is standing near the window and thinking about Om’s words and tears are flowing from her eyes. Om comes there and sees her standing near the window. He moves towards her and stands behind her. She feels that somebody is behind her and turns. She dashes with him and was about to fall but Om holds her by waist and brings her closer to him, now her hand is in her chest. Om sees her face with tears and wipes her tears. She gets shocked by his this gesture. He says sorry for what he has done without changing their standing position. He then says that she has all right here becoz ur my friend. Will u be my friend. On hearing this a smile comes in her face and she nods her head. On seeing her smiling he loses his control and touches her face and tucks her hair behind her ear. He slowly brings her more closer. She feels his touch and was not able to resist herself. He slowly kisses her forehead and moves towards her lips. They could feel each other’s breath. He was about to touch just then anika’s comes there with milk in her hand for gauri. She gets shocked seeing them in such a situation and calls out gauri’s name. Hearing her sound they come to the real world. They look at each other and feel awkward.
Anika : Om what r u doing here?
Om : bhabhi, I was just asking her…. Anika interrupts in between
Anika (in a teasing way) : asking or romancing, gauri u was angry on Om right did it finish so soon.
Om : bhabhi I have some work. Saying this he leaves from there.
Anika : have this milk and sleep. Saying this even she leaves from there.

Om and gauri think about their moment and smiles and thinks what is happening to them.

In rumya’s room
Soumya comes there with her things.
Rudra : what r u doing here?
Soumya : Dadi said me to stay here becoz I am ur wife.
Rudra : but I ll not accept this marriage.
Soumya : that’s not my problem, Dadi said me to stay here. Saying this she lies down in the sofa.
Rudra : Don’t think that ur my wife, I ll divorce u very soon. This marriage is just a mistake. U r responsible for all this.
Soumya : y r u blaming me wat did I do ?
Rudra : u shud have not come here then all this would not happen. Saying this he goes to Om’s room and sleeps there.
Soumya thinks what has happened to him and sits there thinking there marriage.

In shivika’s room
Shivaay is sitting in bed and working in his laptop. He feels tired and closes his laptop and sleeps there in a uncomfortable position. Just then Anika comes there and sees him sleeping in an uncomfortable position and makes him lie down properly. Then she tries to go but Shivaay holds her hand tightly. She tries to remove his hand but in vain. Then she sits behind him and sleeps near him. She then hugs him in sleep. And they sleeps peacefully.

Shivaay wakes up sees Anika sleeping beside him and sees her few hair strand disturbing her and tucks behind her ear and goes to freshen up and leaves the room. Anika wakes up and sees Shivaay missing and goes and freshen up and leaves the room.

In hall
Everybody is present.
Tej tells that today he is going to get engaged with Svetlana as he has given divorce to janvi. Everyone gets shocked. Tej says that he has taken the decision and nobody can change the decision. Saying this he leaves from there.

In Dadi’s room
Anika : dadi, don’t get tensed, everything ll be fine. Just three more days.
Dadi : even I’m waiting for that day to see his death who killed my daughter.
Anika : don’t worry dadi and Svetlana’s lies will come out very soon.

In hall
Pinky asks gauri about her.
Pinky : how is jethanji
Gauri : she ll be fine very soon.
Pinky : beta, where is ur house and ur parents.
Gauri : She looks at Anika and says that she is a orphan.
Hearing this Anika gets tears in her eyes. Om looks at gauri and she smiles.
Pinky : I’m sorry beta.
Gauri : its ok aunty.
Just then dadi diverts the topic.
Anika sees soumya upset and realises y she is upset.
She then goes to Rudra and tells him that she wants to talk to him

In Rudra’s room
Anika : u must understand soumya’s condition, y did u behave rudely to her. U know that she has not done any mistake.
Rudra : bhabhi, that I don’t accept this marriage.
Anika : Rudra until u accept ur marriage stay as friends, I am sure one day u ll accept this marriage. Hearing her words Rudra feels guilty and goes to soumya and apologies to her and shakes their hands.

Seeing this Anika smiles and thinks that I have solved one problem, next I have to find tia’s secret. She then smiles.

Precap :
Om and Svetlana engagement….. Omri(Om and Gauri) lip lock….. Ranveer and prinku meeting…..

Author’s note :
Sorry guys I won’t be able to post next episode tomorrow but I ll post it very soon. Please comment. Bye
By Ashwathy

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