Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 19

Haii guys thanks a lot for ur suggestions. I think Varun Toorkey as Jeevan and Sanjeeda Sheikh as Sana is good. But for shivaay sister’s character I am in a confusion. And I think that Shivanya(name) will be good for shivaay’s sister. And guys please give tell ur opinion. And today I ll introduce two more characters as Om’s friends Nikitha and Arjun to make Gauri jealous.
Shwetha Basu as Nikitha,
Mishkat Varma as Arjun.

Please say ur opinion whether this is perfect or not If u want won’t suggest then I feel that my ff is quite boring. So plz.

Here goes the next episode

In Shopping Mall
Jesa, rumya, omri and priveer are in a shop. Priyanka is in confusion in selecting dress. Ranveer notices this. He acts as calling somebody and suggests that green colour looks good. She smiles and selects that dress.
Gauri is selecting dress but Om avoids her. Just then a girl comes and hugs Om. Om too reciprocates. Just then a boy comes there.
Om : Nikita and Arjun, how r u? U went to London right?
Arjun : we reached India before 2 days.
Nikita : well, Om who is this (pointing towards gauri)?
Om : that is my wife gauri.
Nikita : u got married.
Om : not only married but also getting divorced.
Arjun : Om, I ll tell u everything later, come lets do shopping.
Om was selecting dress for Nikita and gauri Waa fuming in anger. She tried to interfere but of no use.

In another shop
Soumya is confused. Rudra gives some suggestions but she is not happy.
Rudra : sumo, select faster, after this u have to buy a lot of things to eat.
Soumya : I’m very busy here and ur joking, joker. Soumya goes to trial room. Just then he sees a one of his ex gf, so he hides. He then enters the trial room. Rudra finds Soumya struggling to put the back lace so he helps her. Soumya gets shocked seeing rudra there.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes and sees Anika. Anika sees Shivaay.
Anika : shivaay, u came so fast.
Shivaay : ya, I felt that I want to see u. Shivaay holds her closer.
Shivaay : u solved all problems so soon. U r really smart.
Anika : today u r praising me a lot.
Shivaay : anika, u are the lamp of this house. He kisses her forehead and moves towards her lips but anika pushes him.
Anika : enough of romancing, now go and freshen up. Shivaay gets freshen up and goes near anika.
Anika : my husband is becoming romantic.
Shivaay : shivaay Singh oberoi is always romantic.
Anika : really?
Shivaay : Ooo, where did I keep it.
Anika : wat?
Shivaay : my phone, I think I left it in the hall.
Anika : wait I ll go and check.
Anika goes to the hall even shivaay follows her.
Anika sees the phone and gives it to shivaay. Shivaay gets a call. Just then Anika feels dizzy and she faints. Shivaay sees this and holds her on time.

Precap :
Gauri jealous…… Rumya romance in trial room….. Doctor checks Anika…… Shivaay shocked…….

Author’s note :
Guys, few suggested me Vrushika but I don’t want to include her becoz she was there in past episodes. Then few suggested me some names for shivaay sister’s character but I don’t feel that appropriate. Sorry guys. And others please tell me ur opinion. And guys sorry for short episode. Bye guys. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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  1. Sairan

    Greatttt episode .Not at all boring.. Perfection casting

  2. Sairan


  3. Amazing

  4. Great episode but a longer one nxt time please

  5. Nice one dear…. Plz update soon ASAP.

  6. Archisha

    Awesome episode.. Post ASAP

  7. Vincy

    Little big longer episode…
    Shivaye’s SIS name can be Shivangi… Shivanya ??

  8. Shanaya1526

    Mishuuuuuuuu my love is also here in this gf …If I don’t mind can u add aneri vajani too plzz
    Well amazing ff….Do write more
    PS just suggestion

  9. Madhuri

    Nice one. Small but awesome. Waiting for next

  10. Shivika

    Loved it……superbbbb…….amazing……all characters are wowww……no changes required

  11. Nithu

    shivaay sister as rajshree rani… aand her name will be suhani….is it gud…its one of my suggestions …

  12. Awesome… just loved it…

  13. It would be nice If sanjeeda used to be shivaay’s sister as u said she’s a strong character…..anyway a lovely episode

  14. Awesome

  15. Superbbbbb….. U could keep shivaay’s sister name as shravani… I hope u would like the name…??

  16. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear

  17. I prefer drasti dhami or Jennifer as shivaays sister. Name-mahi

  18. Ashwathy

    Thank u guys for ur suggestions

  19. Ananya7044

    i feel dhrashti dhami would be good..she gives an elderly look kinda thing….and u r going good girl..update soon..

  20. U can try name – saahira.and sanjeeda would be better as shivay’s sister .l?? pls update as soon as possible

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  22. Mrunal

    amazing update

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