Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 18

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In Shivika’s room
Anika gets a call.
Anika : hello.
Ganga : mam our last aim is in our custody. Anika was very much happy.
Anika : don’t kill him, he shud know the pain and before killing one more person shud come.
She cuts the call. Then she calls somebody else.
Anika : its time for u to come back.
Girl : didi, he is in ur custody, right?
Anika : exactly, tomorrow everybody ll know everything.
She then goes to Dadi.

In Dadi’s room
Anika : Dadi, he is in our custody.
Dadi was really happy.
Dadi : is this true?
Anika : yes Dadi, now its time to open that room. Its time to reveal everything. She then informs this to gauri, ranveer and rumya. Shivaay hears her and is extremely happy. He then goes to his room.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay closes the door and takes out a photo from the cupboard.
Shivaay : didi, it has been 2 years u left us, u know how I miss u, I thought that u died in a accident but before few days I came to know that it was not a accident but a murder. I scolded Anika for killing some people but I was not knowing that she is fulfilling ur wish. The revenge which I shud do is done by her. I was not knowing that ur best friend and ll once become my wife, my life. Even I want to see his death who spoiled many people’s life. Now I’m waiting for that day. Tears roll down his eyes.

Next day morning
In hall
Ranveer comes there. Everyone is present in the hall except Anika. Just then a girl enters with a boy. Behind her a lady and another girl enters.
Ranveer sees the girl and hugs her. Gauri and Soumya joins the hug.
Ranveer : sana, where were u?
Gauri : (to the boy) jeevan from where did u get sana?
Soumya : sana di, how r u, how did u come here?
Anika : will u stop questioning her? Anika comes there with Sahil. Sahil sees the lady and girl and runs towards them and hugs them. Everyone was shocked to see Sahil’s leg being proper.
Sahil : ma, di. Tears were rolling down his eyes.
Anika : Geetha aunty, I told u na, the day he gets caught in my custody that day u ll get ur son without even a cut.
Maya (2nd girl) : anika, I don’t know how to thank u, u protected my brother from last 2 years and gave him all the love and care he wants. And most important thing is that u reached ur aim, u promised that u ll make him cry for his deeds. Thanks a lot.
Anika : no need to say thanks, Sahil is even my brother. Tomorrow u can see his death. So know go and start ur new life. Sahil hugs her. They go from there. Everyone was confused.
She then goes to Ranveer.
Anika : I said u na, the day u he get caught in my custody, that day u ll see ur sister. Priyanka and Om has not done any mistake. If that day the accident didn’t occur then u could see ur sister everyday but as a girl who lost her dignity. Ragaya was shocked. Only becoz of that accident she didn’t loose her dignity.
Sana : bhaiya, didi is saying right. And it was my decision that until he get caught in our custody I ll not come back. And within this two years I completed my studies and now I’m a famous architecture.
Gauri : did, jeevan (boy) know all these?
Anika : jeevan is ur sister’s would be husband.
Ragaya : wat?
Soumya : bhaiya so ur gonna become my jiju.
Jeevan : exactly, ur sister said that she ll only marry with the permission of her siblings.
Ragaya : we all r happy.
Dadi : U all shud stay happy like this.
Anika : Now u all go for a shopping and enjoy. It has been a long time.
Gauri : r u not coming?
Anika : I ll join u people later. Now I have some work.
Sana : didi, plz.
Anika : guys listen to me.
Sana : ok, but before going for shopping, I want to apologise. She goes and apologise to Om and Priyanka. Even Ranveer apologies to Om and Priyanka. Om forgives them. Priyanka too forgives them but she avoids Ranveer. Ranveer feels guilty.

Everyone were happy. Just then Anika feels dizzy but she didn’t say to anybody. All the youngsters went to shopping, elders to temple and shivaay to office. Anika calls Ganga.
Anika : hello.
Ganga : hello mam.
Anika : Ganga, kill him by injecting slow poison. He shud die only within 2 days. He shud experience the pain of death. Call me when he is about to die, I want to see him before his death. She then cuts the call. She then goes to her room. Just then shivaay comes there but he didn’t find Anika there.

Precap :
Shivika romance…… Anika unconscious……. Priveer romance……

Author’s note :
Guys please suggest me a actor and actress for jeevan and sana. Then one for actress who is very important, actually shivaay’s elder sister, she is brave so suggest a bold and beautiful actress. Among the suggestions, I ll chose the better one. Also a sweet name for this character. Please give ur suggestions, plzzzz. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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  1. Nice one dear… I suggest you sanjida shek from ek hassina thi for shivaay elder sister..

  2. Awesome

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  4. Pleaseplease update the nxt epi today only

  5. Anshikaa

    How about tridha choudhary and vrushika mehta as she is no more part of ib you can put them in any role and for jeevan varun toorkey would be great. And apart from this todays post was awesome
    Pls post next part asap

  6. Shivaay’s sister name can be ira or vani singh oberoi

    1. or even shivannya?

  7. Awesome

  8. Awesome

  9. Archisha

    Awesome episode ! Shivaay’s sister name can be Shivaani, well it is ur chioce which name to choose. Loved the episode ! ??

  10. Sairan

    Awsomeeee episode..Full on fantastic
    Sana Jeevan mishkat and aneri

  11. Awesome pls post asap

  12. Awesome epi… waiting for next

  13. Madhuri

    You can keep shravan Reddy as jeevan

    1. Madhuri

      Shweta Basu as sana and shivakari as shivaay sis name as all their name meaning Lord shiva

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    Awesome update dear ????

  16. Shivika

    Superbbbb…….loved it……amazing…….i wish to know all the story of their pasts ……..and really big big sry for not commenting on ur ff as i was really vry vry busy with my exams…….really sry i now only read ur episodes and they all were outstanding……loved to the core all of them……
    Post soon….eagerly waiting…..

  17. Awesome?

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  19. Awesome….. i suggest Sanjida sheik as Shivaays elder sister !! Episode was Superb..hope Anika will be fyn..want some shivaay’s care towards Anika

  20. Tridha chaudhary as shivaye’s elder sister and harshad arora as jeevan

  21. Vanshree

    amazing mind blowing please post the next part asap

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  23. Mrunal

    for sana’s role u can take sonia balani she is cute and looks small..
    and for jeevan u can take priyanshu jora who was her co-actor in tu mera hero…

    about shivaay’s sister then u can take
    sanjeeda shaikh or krystal D’souza bcoz both have beautiful orbs somewhat similar to shivaay…

    coming to episode…
    this was fantastic… but many revelations also… eager for ur next epi…

    and if u have choose cast already then kindly ignore the suggestions…

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