Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 17

Haii guys, today I updated three episodes becoz of ur comments. Thanks a lot.

Here goes the next episode

In Rumya’s room
Om, Anika and Rumya were planning something to make gauri realise her feelings.
Anika : we all know gauri loves Om, she eve accepted that but now she is avoiding him, so with our plan we ll bring her back as our old bubbly Gauri. Ok
Omrumya : ok bhabhi.

In hall
Om gives divorce papers to Gauri. Everyone was shocked.
Shivaay : wat r u doing Om?
Om : if gauri don’t value this relation then wat is the use of this.
Anika : shivaay, om is saying right. Gauri cries and goes to her room.
Dadi : anika, wat is happening?
Anika : don’t worry Dadi, everything ll be fine.
Jhanvi : anika, I trust u. (guys now Jhanvi has recovered)
Shivaay : is this any drama?
Anika : shivaay, Om has right to take decision in his life, this not any drama. She goes to gauri.

In Gaukara’s room
Anika comes there and sees Gauri crying.
Anika : y r u crying gauri, even u wanted divorce.
Gauri : I love Om, this divorce is hurting me but still Om deserves someone else.
Anika : gauri, u r a fool, who is giving her life to somebody. I know u can’t forget ur past but u can stop ur past entering into ur present and future. Gauri u know how much I suffered in my life, I didn’t forget my past but I’m allowing it to enter my happy life, past is past.
Gauri : but didi, if Om knows my past.
Anika : gauri, I won’t tell ur past to him becoz its u who have to tell that. Om has the right to know it. But u spoiled ur life unnecessarily so sign the divorce papers.
Gauri : I ll sign. She signs the papers.
Anika : gauri, even now u can tell Om everything, even if u don’t want to tell ur past then leave it. He ll accept u, he just want u.
Gauri : no, Om deserves someone better than me.
Anika : then ur wish. She gets a call and goes from there.
Anika : hello.
Ranveer : didi, priyanka is in my house.
Anika : how did she come there.
Ranveer : I ll tell u everything now just come here.
Anika : ya I’m coming.

In Ranveer’s room
Prinku wakes up. Ranveer goes near her. Prinku gets panicked.
Prinku : go, don’t come near to me. Leave me. Ranveer gets shocked seeing her in such condition. Ranveer holds her and injects a injection. He makes her lie down. Later Anika comes there.
Anika : veer, wat happened to Prinku? Ranveer tells her everything.
Anika : veer, you did u speak to her in such a way.
Ranveer : didi, she says that she loves me. She is the reason y our sister is far away from us.
Anika : veer, I said u Prinku has not done mistake. Anyway we ll talk later about this. Anika takes Prinku to Oberoi Mansion.

In Oberoi Mansion
Everybody was shocked to see Prinku in such condition. Anika convinced them telling that it was just a accident.

Precap :
Anika’s plan…… Sana’s entry with a boy……..Ragaya happy…… Ranveer apologies Prinku….

Author’s note :
Guys thanks for ur support and sorry for mistakes. Ragaya (Ranveer, Gauri, Soumya). Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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