Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 16

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In hall
Shivaay comes there.
Shivaay : ria, there are few mistakes in this file, just correct it then arrange the meeting.
Ria : ok, sir.
Shivaay : Om, if u can then just help her.
Om : sure. Shivaay goes from there.
Om tells Ria something to make gauri jealous.
Om and ria finish their work. They then goes to Om’s room.

In Gaukara’s room
Om and Gauri sits there and talk. Gauri comes there and Om sees this. Om holds ria’s hand. He moves her hair from her face.
Gauri thinks that he never held my hand so smoothly and never talked to so sweetly. He then hugs her. Gauri’s eyes becomes wider.

Gauri’s POV
wat kind of man is he, he is hugging some other girl in front of his wife. But y shud I care, I want to divorce him then y shud I be sad but still I love him. A thin layer of tears appears in her eyes.

Om : ria, ur looking really beautiful. Gauri was not able to control. She walks near them.
Gauri : ria, I hope ur work has finished so can u please go from here, I wanna talk with my husband.
Ria : sure. She goes from there.
Om : gauri, wat do u wanna talk?
Gauri : ur a cheap man who doesn’t care about his wife.
Om : u don’t care about me then y shud I?
Gauri : wat type of man r u, u married me and romancing with other girls, everyone are cheating me. Its better if we take divorce. Om to make her stop puts his lip on hers. She was shocked by his sudden gesture. He then comes out of it. Om holds her closer.
Om : u wanna know wat type of man I’m, I’m a man who is waiting for his wife to talk to him. U said I’m romancing with other girls, if I can’t romance with my wife then wat shud I do. U know very well how much I love u, even u love me, oo sorry u loved me thats truth. I don’t know y ur avoiding me but I know there is some reason for it. If u don’t wanna tell to me then leave it. I just want u Gauri, I don’t wanna know ur past. I was waiting for u and I and ria did all this to make u jealous we r just friends. I thought u ll come to me and say that u love me and can’t see me with anybody else. I thought u ll say that u r ready to live with me, to ready to become completely mine. But instead of this u said u want divorce then its fine. Today onwards we r just strangers. U ll get the divorce very soon. He goes from there. Gauri cries. Om sees Anika there. He goes to her.
Om : bhabhi, I have done my level best but now its out of my control, if she doesn’t accept this marriage then wat is the meaning of this marriage. It is better to end this but still I love her. Bhabhi, I trust u, I have a hope that u can make everything fine. He goes from there.

In Ranveer’s room
Prinku hugs him. Ranveer was shocked.
Prinku : I love u ranveer. He gets angry. He pushes her.
Ranveer : wat kind of girl r u, u tried to kill my sister and now ur saying that u love me. I can marry even that cheap girl but not u. If u want any boy then go and ask ur brothers they ll find hundreds of boys for u. Girls like u think that with ur money and beauty u can make any boy fall for u, but thats wrong. Till now to how many boys did u say I love u, maybe countless. I’m leaving u just for my sister. Get out. He throws her out of the house. Prinku was shocked. She didn’t utter even one word. She was walking on road like a lifeless body. Just then some goons comes there and kidnaps her. She shouts to leave her. They bring her to a godown. She sees the same girl who tried to seduce ranveer.
Girl : u slaped me, u ll know who am I. Ranveer is a strict officer. I want a help from him so I was trying to seduce him. But u failed my plan so know I ll play with u. She calls ranveer and he asks ranveer to come here alone if he want Prinku alive. Ranveer comes there but he is not able to see Prinku.
Ranveer : where is Priyanka?
Girl : u wanna see her. She brings Prinku. Ranveer was shocked to see her in a injured condition.
Girl : if u r ready to help me then I ll leave her.
Ranveer : ok, I ll help u, tell me wat u want.
Girl : release my friends from jail.
Ranveer : ok, now leave her. He calls inspector and asks them to leave the goons.
Girl : let them reach here. The goons come there.
Goon : oo acp sir is ready to do anything for this girl, don’t worry we ll leave her. But before that let me talk to her. He goes near Prinku. He holds her hand.
Goon : she is so sweet, y did u hurt her. I ll treat her properly.
Girl : she slapped me so I hurted her. Sorry Priyanka, I hurted u so my friends ll treat u. U just make them happy then u can go.
Ranveer was fuming in anger.
Goon pulls Prinku closer. She tries to run. But they catch her. The Goon throws her dupatta, and goes near her. He then tores her sleeves. He then takes her to a room. She cries loudly. He goes near her. Just then police arrives there and arrested everybody. (guys Ranveer called the police and informed them to leave the goons and also to follow them). The Goon doesn’t know that police has come, he holds Prinku tighty and was about to kiss her but Ranveer punches him. Police arrests them. Then Ranveer takes the dupatta and covers Prinku with that. She falls unconscious. He lifts her and takes her to his house. He makes her lie in his room.

Precap :
Prinku panicked…… Anika and Om’s new plan……. Om gives divorce papers to Gauri.

Author’s note :
Guys thanks for ur support and please give some suggestions. And tell if it is boring. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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    Oh my god.. Fantastic..priveer track also came..Gauri om was tooo good..2 episodes in one day..Veryyyyy impressive..Plz post next one also soon… Waiting for devar Bhabhi plan

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  6. hey Ashwathy..I really like ur ff..
    Keep posting.I dnt knw if u’ll notice my comment or not but if u do then I just wanted to gve u a suggestion..can u pls change the couple name of Om and Gauri ? From “Gaukara” to “Omri” ?..It sounds better I guess ♡

  7. Ashwathy

    Haii Nikita and Shrutika, thanks for ur comments. I ll update the next one today itself but a little bit shorter. Once again thanks for ur sweet comment.

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    Awesome loved gaurika scenes….waiting 4 nxt…

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    amazing update dear…
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