Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 15

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In Oberoi Mansion

In Gaukara’s room
Om gets ready. Gauri avoids him. Om gets a call.
Om : Hello
Ria : Sir, I’m Ria, shivaay sir’s secretary.
Om : oo ria, ok y did u call me?
Ria : sir, shivaay sir is not picking up the phone so just inform him that I’m coming to Oberoi Mansion for giving some files.
Om : so ria ur coming here. Gauri was confused (guys Gauri doesn’t know that ria is shivaay’s secretary, she thinks that ria is Om’s friend). Ok ria, I ll inform shivaay, bye.
Gauri : Om, who called u? Om was surprised becoz Gauri was avoiding him but know she is talking with him with so much curiosity, then he understood that she is jealous.
Om : she is shivaay’s secretary, shivaay was not picking up calls so she called me.
Gauri : do u know her?
Om : ya, she is my friend too, she is really very beautiful. Om goes from there. Gauri gets tensed.

In Prinku’s room
Prinku’s POV
Wat happened to me, y am I getting affected when I see ranveer with somebody else. Do I love him? Yes I love him but he ll never love me. Anika comes there.
Anika : prinku, I know wat is going on in ur mind, don’t worry tell ur feelings to ranveer, we ll see the remaining later.
Prinku hugs her.

In hall
Om tells shivaay that ria is coming to Oberoi Mansion for some work. On hearing ria’s name gauri fumes in anger. Even anika hears this and thinks that shivaay has called for something else (guys anika and gauri thinks that ria is gf of shivaay and om).
Just then ria comes there. She talks to shivaay. Anika sees this and gets angry, she goes to her room. Shivaay follows her.
Shivaay : wat happened anika?
She throws pillows on him.
Anika : u cheat, u called that ria again for romancing, u ll never think about me. Shivaay thinks about his lie, he smiles.
Shivaay : I was just saying a lie to make u jealous, I didn’t go for dating with her, just for meeting.
Anika : so u was saying lies. U cheat, don’t talk to me. Shivaay just holds her and keeps his ear to her tummy and says.
Shivaay : baby, see ur mummy is not talking to me, I just said a lie for jock and she is scolding me. Anika smiles. Shivaay kisses her tummy. He then hugs her.

In hall
Om and Ria were talking and gauri was burning in jealousy.

In Ranveer’s house
Prinku comes there and knocks the door. The door was open so she went inside, she saw a girl in ranveer’s room. The girl is trying to seduce ranveer but ranveer was bold and didn’t reciprocate. The girl moves closer to ranveer and removes his shirt, she then throws it, she then makes him lie down, ranveer tries to go but she pulls him back. Prinku sees this and goes to her and slaps her. She then throws her out of the house. Ranveer was shocked.
Prinku : wat kind of officer r u, a girl is trying to seduce u and ur standing simply.
Ranveer : its about my work, many people come here for different purposes with money or beauty, I never care about it, I know she is a cheap girl but I’m not so weak that I lose my self control. Prinku gets happy. She hugs him. Ranveer was shocked.

Precap :
Prinku being kidnapped…… Gauri cries…….

Author’s note :
Sorry guys for shorter episode. I ll reveal everybody’s past within 4 episodes. Guys any suggestions. And once again really sorry, please forgive me. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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