Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 14

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In Award function
Everyone is waiting for shivaay. (guys media doesn’t know shivika are married so anika stands away from oberoi family). Just then shivaay comes there. Anika sees him wearing black suit, she was surprised and a small smile appeared on her face. The media surrounds around him. Shivaay was not answering any of the questions. He just hold Anika’s hand and took her to the stage.
Shivaay : Now I would like to introduce my wife to u, Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Everyone was shocked especially anika becoz she never excepted this.
Media 1: sir, then madam.
Media 2 : sir she was the girl who stayed with u whole night before marriage.
Media 3 : sir, she was ur wedding planner.
Media 4 : sir she is a middle class girl. Shivaay was angry hearing this.
Shivaay : I didn’t marry Tia, I married anika, she is the owner of Meera Industries.
Media 1 : so sir u married her for money.
Media 2 : sir, so u cheated Tia.
Media 3 : sir, u want anika mam’s power and money so did u force her to marry her or did u cheat her.

Media 4 : sir, Tia is pregnant with ur child, now ur a father right.
Media 5 : sir, don’t u think u spoiled Tia’s and ur child’s life. U also spoiled anika mam’s life.
Media 6 : sir, ur a cruel person right? Shivaay was not able to answer any questions but anika was not able to take any more.

Anika : (shouts) just stop it, Tia is married to dushyant, she was trying to cheat shivaay, she ran away from the marriage so I had to marry shivaay but Tia came back with many other lies. At last she was caught. As u said, I stayed with shivaay in a room before marriage but its not like the way u think, we were friends. And somebody asked me that did shivaay forced me for marriage and married me for money or not. The answer is that shivaay married me but with my will and wish, shivaay was not knowing that I was the owner of Meera Industries, according to him I was a middle class girl who doesn’t have money or power, we thought to take divorce after marriage but we slowly fall in love and released our feelings. And somebody else asked that Tia is pregnant and shivaay is going become the father of that child but ur wrong father of Tia’s child is Dushyant her husband. And ur right shivaay is going become a father, everyone was shocked. But the father of my child. Shivaay was superb shocked. Yes u heard it right, Shivaay and I are going to become father and mother of our child. Everyone clapped. She then introduced Gaukara and Rumya to the media. Then Shivaay and Anika takes the award together. Shivaay touches Anika’s hand. She tries to come out of his touch but he then holds her tightly.

In Oberoi Mansion
Everybody reached home. Everyone hugged Anika. Shivaay just went to his room.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay was sitting on the bed. Anika comes there and closes the door. She then goes near the mirror to remove her jewellery. She was avoiding shivaay, shivaay sees this and goes near her. He holds her hand but she removes it. Shivaay then forcefully makes her sit on the bed, he then keeps his ear near her tummy and then says.
Shivaay : baby papa is waiting for u, plz come fast, ur mummy is angry on me, won’t u forgive ur papa, I’m a cruel person who tortures his wife, sorry. Tears rolls down his eyes. Anika also cries. Anika makes shivaay sit properly. She hugs him.
Anika : shivaay, I know u wanna know y I killed them, I ll tell u when the actual time comes.
Shivaay : anika, I believe u, until u tell everything to me by ur wish, I won’t ask u anything. (guys shivaay know about anika’s past but he ll not tell to anika that he knows that) Please forgive me anika.
Anika : don’t say that shivaay. They Hug each other.

Precap :
Gauri jealous…. Prinku hugs ranveer……

Author’s note :
Sorry guys for being late and for shorter episode. I was not able to include other scenes but I ll write it any next episode. And for one week my episodes ll be shorter and I ll post alternate days. And guys tell me whether u liked this strong and bold character of anika. And give some suggestions too. I ll add Gaukara, rumya and priveer scenes in upcoming episodes. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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