Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 12

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In kitchen
Anika is cutting vegetables, at that time she got a call.
Anika : hello.
Ganga : mam, jeevan died. And our 2nd target ll be in our custody very soon.
Anika : very good. She cuts the call. Shivaay comes there. He avoids her. Anika thinks about his words. She cuts the vegetables and by mistake she cuts her finger. She shouts. Shivaay sees this and comes to her. He immediately takes her hand and dips it in the water. He then blows her hand. Anika looks at him lovingly. Shivaay then thinks about anika shooting jeevan. He gets angry and presses her finger. She cries in pain. He then brings the first aid and asks her to dress her wound herself. Anika cries. Just then Gauri comes there and dresses her wound. Anika then goes to see dadi. She sees dadi standing near a door of a room which is locked.
Anika : dadi, I know how much ur sad, just few more days, after that we can open this door. U can see him dieing in front of ur eyes.
Dadi : I know u ll fulfill ur promise.

In hall
Tej : shivaay, now u have to announce Anika as ur wife becoz now all problems are solved.
Shivaay : I won’t announce Anika as my wife becoz we are getting divorced very soon. Everyone was shocked.
Pinky : wat r u saying shivaay?
Shivaay : mom, I and Anika are just living a adjustment life. We ll get divorced soon, this is my last decision. Anika was never expecting such words from him.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay sees Anika crying.
Shivaay : y r u crying, u ll get freedom very soon, u can kill anybody now.
Anika : shivaay, u said everybody that our marriage is a adjustment, do u really think so?
Shivaay thinks about their moments. Shivaay was not able to answer her. He just holds her tight and twists her hand. She cries in pain. Just then she gets a call. Shivaay leaves her.
Anika : hello.
Ganga : mam, 2nd person is in our custody.
Anika : I’m coming. She cuts the call.
Shivaay : r u going to kill next person?
Anika : shivaay plz don’t interfere in my work.
Shivaay : u said me u love me, ur showing ur love by killing people. Anika was not able to take any more. She just kisses his lips. He was shocked. O janna plays…… They come out of the kiss.
Anika : this is the way how I can say u how much I love u.
Anika goes.

Anika kills even the second person and is waiting for the first and last person. Dadi, gauri, Soumya,ranveer and rudra (even rudra know their past, anika told him) all were waiting for it. Rumya consummated their marriage and was very happy with their life. Gauri was avoiding Om. Jhanvi recoverd and Tejvi and Shinky was happy.

In prinku’s college
Prinku sees Ranveer standing and talking to another girl. She was feeling bad. She goes near him. But he avoids her and goes. She feels sad.

In hall
Tej : shivaay, today is the award function, u shud get ready.
Shivaay : bade papa, u all go for the function. I have some work in office, I ll finish it and come.
Tej : ok. Everyone gets ready for the function.

In Shivika’s room
Anika was selecting the dress for the award function becoz today she and shivaay both of them are taking the award. Anika feels dizzy but she smiles. She was so happy. Shivaay comes there. Anika chooses a black suit for him.
Anika : shivaay this black suit is good for u, u ll look stunning in this. And shivaay I want to tell u something.
Shivaay : u just do ur work, don’t interfere in my work. He throws the black suit. He then takes out a yellow suit.
Anika : shivaay listen to me.
Shivaay : just shut ur mouth, don’t forget I’m gonna divorce u. Tia is better than u and don’t think I ll waste my life after divorcing u, I ll marry Ria who is good looking and caring than u and more than everything she is not a criminal. (guys he is saying this to just hurt anika, that’d is just his secretary).
Anika : shivaay she is ur secretary.
Shivaay : but today I ll announce her as my wife. U know, I’m going to see Ria for dating. Anika was out of her limit.
Anika : enough shivaay, as u say today onwards we are strangers. She was determined and in her heart, she felt as her life going far from there. Shivaay goes from there.
Shivaay (thinking) : anika, I loved u so much but u are cheating me, to hurt u I have to say this lie. (guys actually he is going for a meeting not for dating).
Anika sits crying. She wears a black saree and gets ready for the function.

Everyone goes for the function.
Shivaay comes back to Oberoi Mansion after his meeting. Shivaay goes to his room. Shivaay open his cupboard. He then thinks to check Anika’s cupboard so that he can find about her intentions. But its locked. At last after so much searching he finds the key and opens the cupboard. He finds Anika’s diary. He reads it and was shocked. (Guys I ll reveal the past after few episodes). He just fell down. He was unable to bear this. He then thinks how he hurted her. He then sees the black suit. He wears it and goes to the function.

Precap :
Media questions Shivaay…….Gauri jealous……Prinku hugs ranveer.

Author’s note :
Sorry guys for the late update. I ll finish my ff within few episodes. And I ll reveal Anika’s past in upcoming episodes. And please comment guys, its gives me lots of support. Please. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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