Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 11

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In Shivika’s room
Anika comes there and searches for Shivaay but he is no where. She then goes to pool area and finds him sitting there. She understood that he is sad. She goes near to him. Shivaay sees her but ignores her.
Anika : shivaay I’m sorry. I was busy in some work.
Shivaay : do whatever u want I don’t care.
Anika : shivaay sorry, look at me once. She feels bad. She cries. She just hugged him. He was not able to see anika crying so consoled her.
Shivaay : if I shud forgive u then u shud give me something.
Anika : wat do u want?
Shivaay shows his cheek, she understood wat he meant. She kissed his cheeks. They hugged each other and went to their room.

In Gaukara’s room
Gauri woke up and she was thinking about yesterday. She sees Om sleeping next to her. She goes and freshen up. She comes back and thinks that she is not match for Om.
Gauri : I shud stay away from him. I forgot that I can’t escape from my past. Om wakes up and sees her. She sees and just avoids him. Om gets confused by her behaviour. Om thinks that till she tell her past to him herself, she won’t ask anything about her. He goes to freshen up.

In hall
Dadi sits sadly. Anika comes there. Just then she gets a call.
Anika : hello.
Rahul : the work u said is done. He is in our custody. Anika gets very much happy.
Anika : ok, I ll be there on time.
She cuts the call and goes near dadi.
Anika : dadi, today is the day to finish our 3 target. Dadi gets happy.
Dadi : anika, is this true. She nods positively.

Dadi : anika, so from 8 targets we reached on 3rd, just 2 more left. She then goes to change her dress. She then comes down in a Pink Saree in her attitude. She then takes Dadi’s blessings. Shivaay asks her where she is going? She says that she has some work. She goes from there. Gauri and Soumya smiles because today their 3rd target is going to finish. Shivaay feels fishy and follows without getting caught.

In an isolated place
A man (Jeevan) is heavily injured and his hands are tied. Many securities are standing near him. Ganga and Rahul are waiting for Anika. Anika comes there. Shivaay too reaches there by following her.
Anika : jeevan, how r u feeling now, is it paining, don’t think I ll kill u so soon. U shud know the pain I experienced. She then takes a gun from Rahul and shoots at Jeevan’s both legs and then at both hands. He shouts, Shivaay gets shocked.
Anika : how is it? U shud now the pain Jeevan. This is the punishment for ur deeds. (To Rahul) Lock him in the room, don’t allow him to escape and don’t give him even a drop of water. Give him water only when he is about to die because if we do wat he has done then wat is the difference between him and us. Shivaay sees this and was shocked. He then goes back to Oberoi Mansion. Anika also comes to Oberoi Mansion after finishing her work.

In Shivika’s room
Anika comes there and sees Shivaay sitting on bed. She closes the door and places her hand on his shoulder. He sees her and pushes her. She gets confused.
Anika : wat happened shivaay? U r u angry?
Shivaay : I don’t know how can u be this way?
Anika : wat r u saying Shivaay?
Shivaay : (shouts) u r a murder, a cruel lady, I saw u shooting a person with my eyes. How can u be so merciless. She gets shocked.
Shivaay : u always say that I won’t give u chance to explain, but today I’m giving u that chance, tell me y u did this.
Anika : shivaay, I can’t give u a answer now.
Shivaay : u r right, how can a criminal give answer for her crimes. If u r not able to give a answer for ur crime then it shows that ur a cruel lady. Today onwards we don’t have anything left in between us. We ll get divorced very soon. May be tomorrow u will even kill me.
Anika : shivaay plz.

Shivaay : Today onwards u ll sleep on couch as before. Saying this he leaves from the room. Anika sits down on the floor and cries. Dadi, Gauri and Soumya sees this. They comes near to her. Anika tells them wat has happened.
Dadi : I ll speak to shivaay.
Gauri : yes Di you have to tell jiju the truth.
Soumya : yes Di, u must tell him.
Anika : no, until I reach my aim, I can’t tell the truth to anybody. Shivaay’s and my relation is based on love it won’t break soon. One day he ll know the truth and that he ll be with me. Dadi, Gauri and Soumya consoles her and then goes back to their room.

Precap :
2nd target of anika….. Shivaay tortures Anika…… Prinku and ranveer meets.

Author’s note :
Really sorry guys for being late and I’m busy with my studies so I ll be late to post next episode but don’t worry I ll make it longer. And guys plz comment. Bye.

By Ashwathy

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