Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 10

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In hall
Gaukara completes their marriage. Everyone was shocked.
Om : now nobody has the right to question her. Choti ma u was right, I was in Gauri’s room but not the way u think. She was tired by crying becoz of me so I consoled her thats all. And now she is my wife. Gaukara takes Dadi’s blessings. Gauri was in a complete shock, she don’t know wat to do. She goes and hugs anika. She cries. Everyone was confused but anika understood her condition. She consoles her.
Svetlana : Om u cheated me. Om just slapped her. He asks Rudy to play the video. Rudy plays the video. The video is of Svetlana’s confession, romi telling y they have revenge on Oberois and atlast Tia’s and Robin’s marriage photos and the video of shivaay marriage day where tia runs away with Robin. Pinky slaps Tia and Mrs. Kapoor and Tej slaps Svetlana. Then police arrests them. Pinky apologies to Anika and Gauri. Shivomru hugs each other and Aniriya hugs each other.

In Gaukara’s room
Gauri was standing near the window. Om comes there.
Om : I know its difficult for u to accept our marriage. Don’t worry I won’t force u. He goes from there.
Gauri : (to herself) y can’t he understand that I’m ready for everything. But he won’t understood. Om hears this. He smiles. He goes near to her and hugs her. She get shocked.
Om : r u ready for everything? I LOVE YOU GAURI. She blushes.
Gauri : I LOVE YOU OM.
He asks her to get ready, we are going outside.

In Shivika’s room
Anika : (thinking) Om married gauri so soon. I was not able to tell him Gauri’s past, before he knows it, I shud tell him. Just then shivaay comes there and hugs her. She comes out of her thoughts.
Shivaay : wat is my wife thinking about.
Anika : nothing shivaay, leave me. I have to go.
Shivaay : y, don’t I have the right to hug my wife.
Anika : (being angry) shivaay I said u I have some work, just leave me alone. She goes from there. Shivaay was shocked and sad.

In hall
Anika comes there and sees Soumya.
Anika : Soumya, where is gauri and om.
Soumya : they went for shopping.
Anika gets tensed.

In city
Om and Gauri gets down the car. Suddenly a car comes in high speed, so the mud water on the road splashes on Gauri’s dress. So they goes to a hotel to clean their dress. The receptionist gives them the key. Just then Om gets a call and he asks Gauri to go and he ll join her soon. Gauri goes to the room. She gets inside and the room. She reminisces her past. She gets scared. Just then somebody comes from back and hugs her. Its Om but she pushes him. Om comes near to her. She gets scared, Om was confused. She says that don’t come near to me. She throws the pillows and shouts, Om gets shocked. She then runs outside, Om follows her. She then takes a auto and goes to Oberoi Mansion. Om follows her.

In hall
Gauri comes crying and hugs Anika. Om comes behind her. Everyone was confused. But Anika understood the situation so she took Gauri to her room and injects a injection which made her sleep. Om comes there.
Anika : Om, I know ur confused on seeing her behaviour. She gets panic very soon. Actually I want to say u her past but ur marriage was unexpected. Now u take rest, she ll be fine soon. U ll get ur doubts cleared very soon. I ll tell u everything later. She goes from there. Om sits near Gauri and kisses her forehead.

Precap :
Shivika romance…. Gauri tries to avoid Om. Shivaay shocked.

Author’s note :
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By Ashwathy

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