Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 1

Haii friends this is my first ff, I want ur support so plz comment. Tomatoes and slippers are also accepted.

I will start my ff from janvi trying to commit suicide and shivaay saving her. In my ff soumya and gauri (shrenu) and ranveer are anika’s siblings but nobody knows it except Dadi. There is a huge past behind which I ll be revealing later. So here goes the epi…

Shivaay covers janvi with a blanket and lies her in bed and asks rudra to call doctor. Everybody starts crying. Doctor comes there and asks everybody to go outside. After few minutes doctor comes out of the room.
Doc : Her hands and legs have burned a lot. In this case you shud call some ayurvedic doctor who knows both about English and ayurvedic medicine. But u must be fast
Shivaay : But from were shall we get such a doctor.
Dadi : I ll arrange the doctor. She asks Anika to come with her.
Anika goes behind her.
Dadi : Anika beta, just for me, you shud call gauri, she knows about all these medicines. Nobody will know that she is ur sister.
Anika : but..
Dadi : Anika, I know that its difficult for u but for me. You believe me right, till now I didn’t say the truth to anybody that ur soumya is ur own sister, same way I won’t tell this to anybody. From last two years ur saving our family by hiding ur identify just to fulfil ur promise. Plzzz beta.

Anika : Dadi, why shud u say plz, I ll call her. Don’t wry. Dadi nobody shud anything. Few more days are left until that.
Dadi and come to hall.
Dadi : A doc ll come here within 2 hrs. She ll stay here. Her name is gauri.
Anika goes to her room and calls somebody asks them to do something immediately. She then calls gauri
Anika : gauri, u have to come to oberoi mansion immediately.

Gauri : didi, but y?
Anika : she tells her wat all had happened then she says that we were not able to save our family when they were burning in fire. When I see janvi aunty in this condition I remember about our mom. Gauri plz.
Gauri : I ll come.

Anika cuts phone and sees soumya near the door. Soumya comes to her and says that if bhaiya comes to know about this, then he ll get angry.
Anika : soumya, don’t get scared. Ranveer is mad in his revenge, he doesn’t know the truth so he behaving this way.
Soumya : Didi, we can’t blame him let whoever be in his place they would have done this itself.
Anika : Leave it. I know u r very sad, try to forget it. Saying this she leaves from there.

In hall, prinku is crying and pinky is consoling her and omru is also crying. Tej and Shakti is like in a huge shock. Shivaay is in his phone call. Anika and soumya comes there.
Shivaay : Dadi, y had she not reached till now.
Dadi : Billu, she is on the way.

Then a girl comes there in a yellow salwar suit with her bag in her hand and her hairs left loose. She comes forward and takes dadi’s blessings.
Dadi : hw r u Gauri?
Gauri : Dadi, I’m fine.

Dadi then introduces her to the whole family and says that she is Dr. Gauri who is gonna treat janvi. Anika and soumya looks at her smiles, she too smiles back. Dadi then takes her immediately to janvi’s room. Gauri asks everyone to go outside. Janvi is fully covered with a blanket. Gauri slowly moves the blanket and is shocked to see her in a burned condition. She then takes few leaves and crush them with her hand and then applies all over janvi’s body. She then washes her hand and comes to the hall. Dadi asks her how is janvi. She tells her that aunty will be fine very soon. Everybody gets a relief. She then asks soumya to show gauri her room. Gauri goes with soumya to her room and hugs her. Gauri tells her that she missed her a lot. Soumya tells that she too missed her a lot. Then soumya asks her to freshen up and goes from there.

Gauri then gets freshen up and she is wearing her baby pink salwar suit which is her night suit. She then goes out of her and roams all over oberoi mansion to see Anika. She then reaches near Om’s room and sees many sculptures. She then thinks that so this omkara Singh oberoi’s room. She then goes inside and touches the sculpture. Just then Om comes to his room in anger thinking that Tej is the reason for janvi’s this condition. He then sees gauri in his room touching his sculpture, he gets angry and move towards her. Gauri just then turn towards him and is shocked to see him. She starts to say that she was searching Dadi but before than Om holds her hand tightly.

Gauri crying and Anika consoling her…. Soumya and rudra fight… Om and Gauri romance….. Shivika romance.

Author’s note :
Sorry I could include Shivika scenes. If u guys liked then plz comment an tell whether it is shorter or longer. And sorry for mistakes. Bye

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