Ishqbaaz FF (AnSh, IshKara & RuMaya)- CHAPTER 1


Hi everyone ☺☺☺. Thnk u for liking my story but pls do comment more. OK now I’m gonna start my story but first few episodes will be more in a flashback mode & then I’ll jump onto the present.

Episode 1 –
London –
A big mansion is shown guided by top security guards. A girl is shown in the garden working on her laptop, she’s none other than Anika a.k.a. Princess Anamika Vikramjit Singh Shaktawat while a boy of abt 6.5 age is doing drawing & a 8 month cute little baby girl is sleeping peacefully in a baby cot. The boy is Sahil & the little angel is Pihu Rudra Singh Oberoi (RuMaya’s daughter).
Sahil asked Anika abt the date its then she realized that its the same date i.e. date for ShiTia’s wedding, though it didn’t happened but it reminded Anika of Shivay Singh Oberoi.

2 Yrs Ago –
After Anika went home the day Shivay pre-poned his marriage she was very sad & upset. Upset with the fact that Shivay thought her to be obsessed with him & he calling her a gold digger. Sad b’coz he is marrying Tia who is niether a correct life partner for him nor a good daughter-in-law for Oberois.

Anika (to herself) :- mujhe nahi pata tha k Shivay mere bare mein aisa sochte hai. I mean how could he? Lekin mujhe itna bura kyu lag raha hai, woh kuch bhi soche mujhe kya, hu kaun main unki? Par woh Tia se shaadi kar rahe hai jo pehele se hi shaadishuda hai. Maine unhe kitni baar warn kiya hai par woh ulta mujhe hi galat samajh rahe hai khair mujhe kya unhe jo krna hai woh kare lekin unki family ka kya? Sab ne mujhe itna pyar diya, itni respect di especially Dadi ne. Nahi main aise chupchap nahi baith sakti mujhe Tia ki sachai sab k saamne lani padegi phir main Sahil ko lekar yaha se chali jaugi.

She then assembled all the proofs she collected against Tia & was abt to go to Oberoi Mansion when she heard a knock on her door. She opened & found 3 boys standing with happy tears welled up in their eyes & abt 10 bodyguards behind them. Anika was at first was dumbstruck to see the trio but acted normal. The 3 boys were Prithvi, Hammad & Samar.
Anika :- yes? Who do u want?
Prithvi :- Jiji. Hammad :- Aapi. Samar :- Mini B
Anika :- sorry yaha par is naam ka koi nahi hai. I think aap galat ghar mein aaye hai.
Samar :- Mini B aapne humein pehechana nahi?
Anika :- maine kaha na yaha par iss naam ka koi nahi hai aap log ja sakte hai?(& tries to shut the door but Prithvi stops her)
Prithvi :- Anu Jiji….
Anika :- mera naam Anika ka hai Anu bahu nahi?
Hammad (realizing the situation getting out of control) :- Prithvi Samar relax (to Anika) Miss Anika I’m sorry from both their sides (Prithvi tries to say something but Hammad stops him) Miss Anika can u pls get us a glass of water, then we’ll go.
Anika (sighing) :- yeah sure come in.

The trio came in while Anika went into the kitchen to get water. As she entered into the kitchen she cried silently as she saw her family after so many yrs. While outside Prithvi hitted a table due to which a album or u can say a scrap book fell & it opens which shocks Prithvi.
Prithvi :- Maddy (Hammad’s nick name) Samar see this (they both were also shocked to see it, it has all their pictures, info etc etc)
Samar :- this means Mini B knew abt us all this while but why is she pretending not to know us.
Hammad (noticing Prithvi lost jerks him) :- Prithvi u ok?
Prithvi :- yeah yeah I’m fine.
Samar :- Chachu why is Mini B pretending not to know us?
Prithvi :- I think I know the reason.

Then they noticed Anika coming out of the kitchen with water tray. She gave them water.
Anika :- u 3 had ur water now pls leave.
Prithvi :- not so easily.
Anika :- what do u mean?
Prithvi :- for god sake Anu Jiji apna yeh natak band kariye pls bahaut hogaya.
Anika (turns her face) :- maine kaha na main tum teeno ko nahi janti phir kyu tum log mujhe pareshan kar rahe ho. Jaao yaha se.

Prithvi (making her face to his side) :- really toh yeh baat hamari akhon mein dekh kar bolo. (shows her the book) what’s this huh, aapko humare bare mein sab pata tha him kaha hai, kya kar rahe hai phir bhi aapne kabhi humse contact nahi kiya kyu? Aapko pata hai humne aapko kitna miss kiya, aap humara sab kuch thi Jiji – hamari frnd, philosopher, guide & most importantly hamari Maa.

Listening to this Anika bursted out in tears & falls on the floor. Prithvi too bend down & hugged her, Samar & Hammad too joined them both.
Hammad :- Aapi aap itne saalon tak humse dur kyu rahi.
Samar :- Mini B aapko nahi pata maine aapko kitna miss kiya, aapki lori ko kitna miss kiya.
Anika (caressing his face) :- maine bhi tujhe bahaut miss kiya Chotu (she calls him Chotu)
Samar :- phir aap kyu nahi aayi mere pass, humare pass. (Anika was quite)
Prithvi :- mujhe pata hai aap kyu nahi aayi, Bhabhisa Ki wajah se, ryt?
Samar :- Mom ki wajah se? Chachu aap aisa kyu bol rahe ho?
Anika :- Prithvi pls….
Prithvi (paid no heed to her) :- b’coz Bhabhisa made Jiji kidnapped & the kidnappers left her in some orphanage of this city.
Samar (in shock) :- what? Mujhe nahi pata tha k Mom aisa bhi kuch kar sakti hai. Lekin woh toh Mini B se pyar karti thi. Phir unhone aisa kyu kiya. I’m sorry Mini B, Mom ki wajah se aapko itna sab kuch sehna pada.
Anika :- Chotu listen to me. Bhabhisa ne jo bhi kiya woh sab tere liye kiya. She really loves u & she feared that what will happen to u if Bhaisa gave ur right to me. Trust me mujhe kisi se bhi koi shikayat nahi hai. Tu mera Chotu hai Aur main tujhse bahaut pyar karti hu Aur hamesha karti rahugi samjha. Now leave the past, waise tum logo ko mere bare mein pata kaise chala.
Hammad :- kuch din pehele main Devgarh aaya tha kuch kam k liye. Waha newspaper mein aapki photo dekhi with Shivay Singh Oberoi?
Prithvi :- jab Maddy ne humein bataya ek sec k liye vishwas nahi hua phir main Aur Samar bhi Devgarh agaye. Waha aakar humne humare sources ko alert kar diya & it was not that difficult to track u down as u exactly looks like ur Maasa, my Choti Maasa.
Anika :- OK so where’s Bhabhisa? I knew abt Bhaisa dying.
Prithvi :- 1 saal pehele Bhabhisa ki…jaane se pehele unhone mujhe aapke bare mein bataya tha, woh bahaut guilty feel kar rahi thi.

Anika was sad thinking abt Sumitra. Samar to lighten up her mood mentions Shivay.
Samar :- BTW Mini B, u & Shivay luk gud together ?
Anika :- ? what do you mean?
Samar :- means u both as a couple have a gr8 chemistry?
Anika :- its nothing like that.
Hammad :- is it❔? coz the way u 2 luk each other, the way he took a stand for u at that time (when Anika favored Shivay in murder case) luks like u 2 share a special bond?
Anika :- shut up? its nothing like that. I hate him & have only hate in my heart for him nothing else.
Prithvi :- really❔?
Anika :- yes. Anyways how’s Sanyukta?? (Prithvi gives her shocked surprised look) oh pls don’t give me those looks. I know everything??

They all were chit chatting when Sahil came from school. Anika made Sahil introduce to the trio. All 5 of them were enjoying themselves.
Anika :- Prithvi jaane se pehele kuch adhure kam pure krne hai
Prithvi :- kaise kam? Aap humein bataiye.
Anika :- I need 2 favors from u guys.
Hammad :- Aapi, aap ek shehezadi hai aur shehezadiya ahsan nahi manga karti, bad hukum deti hai. Bataye kya karna hai.
Anika :- mujhe 50 lakh chahiye, Dadi ka karz utarne k liye.
Samar :- Dadi❔?
Anika :- Shivay Singh Oberoi ki Dadi. Unhone hamesha Meri bahaut help ki hai. Bad dhyan rahe unmein se kisi ko pata nahi chalna chahiye k mere pass itne paise kaha se aaye OK.
Prithvi :- it’ll be done don’t worry. Aur dusra kam❔
Anika (brings a CD & give it to Hammad) :- make sure that yeh CD Shivay ko mile Aur woh ise dekhe coz its very imp.
Hammad :- sure.

Prithvi :- now pack urs & Sahil’s bag & get ready to start ur new life. First we’ll be going to Devgarh as after so many yrs Devgarh’s beloved Princess & daughter will be returning to her home. & u’ll also be coronated officially as Princess Anamika Vikramjit Singh Shaktawat of Devgarh & then we’ll move to London. Jiji aap dekhna hum iss event ko kitna grand banayege ki saari duniya ise sadiyo tak yaad rakhegi.
Anika :- Prithvi pls iss event ko pvt rakhna as I don’t want certain people to know abt me.
Hammad :- magar Aapi….
Anika :- pls…
Prithvi :- OK
Anika :- thnk u☺

Anika smiles remembering her meeting with her real family. She then picks up little Pihu & asked Sahil to come in the house as the weather is getting cold.

Note :- guys in my FF Anika is a total carbon copy of her mother Rani Gayatri Devi i.e. both mother-daughter is played by Surbhi Chandra.

So how’s it amigos☺☺☺ I know u r disappointed by my irregularity but sorry frnds u can’t help it. I write whenever I get a free time so pls bare with me.

Precap :- RuMaya flashback part; Shivay missing Anika; Omkara telling Ishana abt AnSh

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    1. Thnk u for liking my ff & yes u r ryt the name Maddy/Hammad, I took it from famous Pakistani serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat as I’m a die hard fan of this show & really love & admire both the characters of Hammad & Iman & the actors too.

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  3. it was nice….

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