Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 9


hey guys ananya here
thanks for commenting and please i need more energy (u understood right)

so here u go part 9 of my ff

scene 1
om calls up ishana(yesterday’s call only)
ishana: hello
om: hi ishana i just now saw ur missed calls..itne raat ko call kiya anything imp
ishana: nothing much om actually actually… thanks alot for forgiving me
om: its ok ishana now that v r friends leave all this
ishana: ur sounding upset what happened
om: how do u know
ishana: om jab koi apna kuch prob mein ho ya upset ho tab voh bolne se pehle hi pata chal jatha hai..i can feel that ur upset what happened
om gets touched by her words
he doesnt reply anything
ishana: hello om where r u lost
om: nothing
ishana: now temme what happened
om: ill tell u everything tommorow come to my house actually kal raksha bandhan haina my sissy is also returning so lets meet here only ill introduce u to my family
ishana: but but..
om: no buts and vuts u r coming tats it
ishana: ok done
om: ok bye gn cu tommorow
ishana: bye

scene 2
at the hospital
shivaay and anika
shivaay is sitting beside anika in a chair and working
anika is asleep
but suddenly she starts moving
shivaay sees this
he tries to adjust her hand position but suddenly she holds his hand and says
anika: saahil dont irritate me pleasee
shivaay’s POV:
yeh saahil kaun hain? uski bf? oops saahil toh iska bhai hain uff bachgaya
anika is still holding his hand
shivaay keeps on looking at her and thinks something
he falls asleep
next morning
om and rudra come to the hospital
om is about to knock the door but rudra stops him
rudra: om ruko sochooo bhaiyya and anika didi r alonnee for 1 whole night something must have happened
om slaps him playfully
om: duffer shut up ok
rudra goes and peeps in through the window
om: abe kya kar raha hai
rudra: u shut up om and come here
om: kya hua he also peeps in
they get shocked and look at each other
rudra: bhaiyya is very fast ha
om: ya even v didnt know it
they smile
om: lets go in
rudra: i cant bhaiyya i cant
om: y u cant come in
rudra: i cant disturb them
om: shut up she is gonna be disacharged
rudra: but still
meanwhile shivaay opens the door from inside they both fall down
shivaay: what the vaak what r u guys doing out here
om: nothing yeh duffer kuch bolraha hain
shivaay looks at rudra
rudra: bhaiyya what happened last night
shivaay: u please shut up ok
anika wakes up because of this disturbance
anika: gm
rudra: gm anika didi
om: gm anika how r u feeling now
anika: much better
shivaay: hope u had a good sleep last night
anika: yeah
rudra: om pinch me
om: y
rudra: arre yaar pinch me
he does the same
rudra: ouch matlab this is not a dream anika didi and shivaay bhaiyya, for the first time r speaking to each other nicely omg aaj toh thyohar manana chahiye
shivaay: shut up ok kuch bhi bolthe ho
rudra gives an angry wala look
doc comes
doc: gm anika how r u feeling
anika: much better doc
doc checkes her and says
dic: anika ur fine now but a bit weak so please take rest
anika nods
om: doc when can v take her home
dic: ji today only but remember she needs alot of rest
shivaay: ok doc thankyou
doc: excuse me
he leaves
om: anika temme something what was that hurt on ur hand
shivaay: ha even i wanted to ask u that but i forgot
anika: voh voh actually
om: anika straightly come to the point
anika starts telling
when i fought with u and quit the job i went to my house and found someone trying to kidnap saahil actually that person was wearing a mask so i could not see his face then i tried to stop him and he tied me with ropes and beat me a lot with a hunter then he tried to take saahil away just at that time post man came to give a letter he saw us via the window and rescued us when i was about to take his mask off he pushed me and went away and that night i met om and rudra
shivaay om and rudra get shocked
rudra: bhaiyya i am having a doubt there is a chance that all these accidents r connected with each other… ur accidents and then om’s accidents then saahil’s kidnapping and all
shivaay: but anika ko hamaare family se hya connection hai there is no chance that v both have the same enemies
om: shivaay mayb rudra is right mayb there is some common enemy
anika: esa bhi ho saktha hai ki hamaare saare dushman ne milke yeh sab kar raha ho mayb there is a chance right i saw this in a film
shivaay: mayb anika ru having any enemies
anika thinks for a while
anika: maybe no enemies but my bua once u saw her na she always wanted me to get away from saahil but when i adopted him she had no other option
shivaay: yaa i saw her kitne rude aur cheap thi voh
anika: then ur enemies?
om: there r so many anika
anika: but there is someone who wants ur destruction not in terms of business or money but personally r there any such persons?
rudra: ha tia she was the one who leaked that chip and gayathri mayb she is havong a grudge on us personally
om: then roop bua?
shivaay: ya mayb
anika: mayb all there r 1 now and r trying to harm us
shivaay: u dont think much we will think about it after v go home
rudra murmers in om’s ear
rudra oho luving oberoi ha
shivaay hears this and gives an angry wala look to him

scene 2
oberoi mansion
anika is brought home
dadi: putthar am so happy that ur home finally
jhanvi comes and hugs her
jhanvi: anika thanks alot tumne meri 3 baccho ki jaan bachai
anika: auntyji please dont say like that
rudra: lets take her to her room
meanwhile soumya comes
soumya: anika didi ur finally home
she hugs anika
soumya: dadi she will in my room along with me
dadi: ok putthar
rudra fumes looking at soumya
even she does the same\
anika: waise when is priyanka returning
priyanka: am here
all look at her
she comes there along with a boy
all hug her and get happy seeing her

precap: prinku says something shocking to them

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