Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 8


hey guys ananya here sorry could not update yesterday..actually pushkars r going on at my place so i got a vacation of 15 days so im visiting small places here and there
as always thanks alot for commenting
hope u like this and do temme if im going offtrack or if my story needs to spice up anywhere

so here u go part 8
prinku goes abroad only for 2 months to do a course there
scene 1
at the hospital
anika and shivaay r present
shivaay: here u go take ur tablets and then then take some rest..doc said that u will be discharged tommorow
anika: thanks by the way aapko meri fikar kabse hone lagi
shivaay: jabse tumse pyaar karne laga
anika: kuch bola aapne??
shivaay: listen if i dont take care of u then om rudra and dadi will kill me
then they feel someone’s presence at the door
anika: i felt there was someone at the door
shivaay: even u did: i also felt..lemme go and check
anika: please be careful mayb someone harmful
shivaay nods and goes near the door
just then a masked person comes inside the room via the window
shivaay suddenly comes from nowhere and catches hold of that person
he removes that person’s mask and it turns out to be tia
shivaay: tia??
anika: aap?
shivaay: how dare u tia?
anika: tia y did u like that as far as i know u love sso and family alot then y did u put their prestige at stake? v know that it was u who leaked that chip and temme it was u who tried to shoot om am i right
tia: yes i accept that i leaked that chip but i didnt try to shoot om i swear
shivaay: u r lying u tried to kill my brother and how dare uuuuu
anika: please u b calm
tia hugs shivaay and cries
tia: baby im sorry i was forced to do so am sorry
shivaay: u r lying tia no use of it
tia: am saying the truth baby please believe me please
shivaay: if u r in any prob u should have shared it with me u only say this right then y did u make such abig mistake
tia: baby pleasee
she turns to anika
tia: anika please atleast u try to understand please
anika signs tia to leave now she will meet her afterwards
tia: ok i know its not easy for u guys to believe me take ur time im leavig bye guys and anika get well soon
anika smiles
she leaves
anika: maybe v should let her explain
shivaay: no more disscussions on this matter u take rest

scene 2
dadi om and rudra reach home
pinky: oh my mata what was the need for shivaay to stay with that girl
om: choti maa he had no option
rudra: bumper offer for bhaiyya right om?
om signs him to shut his mouth
rudra realises what he said
jhanvi: how is she now?
rudra: she is fine
jhanvi comes and hugs om
jhanvi: am glad ur fine om agar tumhe kuch hojatha toh mein bilkul akhela ho jathi
om wipes her tears
om: ma please u dont become senti please i cant c tears in ur eyes
tej comes and says
tej: thankgod ur fine…we will bear all her expenses related to this accident and a compensation of 5 lakhs will be given to her
om: how can u be so insensitive mr.oberoi..there she is at hospital and here ur calculating what to give and all omg u r so insensitive than i thought u are
adding fuel to the fire tej gets svetlana’s call
om: go and pick up y r u here gn everyone
he leaves and rudra follows him
dadi: pinky prinku ka call aya?
pinky: ji she was quite worried about anika
jhanvi: hope she gets well soon
dadi: i forgot to tell u she will be discharged tommorow and she will stay here only along with us till she gets fine
the nod
dadi: gn
she leaves

scene 3
om and rudra go to their room
om sees ishana’s missed calls
om: y did she call me late at night?
rudra: kaun voh mabela aka ishana
rudra realises what he said
om: ha vohi wait what did u just say do u know
rudra tell him everything
om: shaitaan ur done..shivaay ko toh main chodungi nahi
rudra shows his tongue
om: ok now lemme speak
rudra: ok
om: what ok u wont go?
rudra: ohoo personal convo bhaiyya
om slaps him playfully
om: shutup duffer
rudra gives an angry wala look and goes away
after he leaves om calls up ishana

scene 4
at the hospita shivaay is about to off the lights
anika: please dont off the lights am very afraid of darkness
shivaay: you don worry im here only na
anika is surprised to see a soft side of sso
anika: but still please
shivaay: everyone should try to overcome their fears so tonight ur gonna sleep by offing the lights if u want ill sit beside u and work
anika is surprised to c a diff side of sso
anika: ok but please u sit here only and work
shivaay: ok definitely
anika: thank you waise am surprised because i never experienced this sso
shivaay:you r not irritating me like u always do so am also cool
anika: ok then from now on i wont irritate u so friend
she extends her hand forward
shivaay thinks
anika: what is there to think this much am keeping my ego aside and asking u something and u r thinking this much
shivaay: really:
anika: im jus kidding, friends?
shivaay also shakes his hand
shivaay: friends
both of them at the same time say “but one condition”
they laugh
anika: ok lemme speak u wont ask my surname and u wont speak about our status
shivaay: ok conditions accepted now u wont call me that word
anika: what word
shivaay: shut up anika i know u understood what im saying
anika chuckles and says: ok anything else
shivaay: haa u wont throw water on my face
anika laughs and shows her thumbs up
shivaay: ok ab so jaao
anika: u stay here only
shivaay: ok baba am here only gn
anika: gn

precap: prinku returns with a shocking news…..

hey guys sincere apologies for the late update
message me personally if u have any idea
im ready all the time
ill cu guys with the next chappy
until then cu byebye muahhh
luv u all loads 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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