Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 7


hey guys ananya i always say thanks alot for commenting…if there r any silent readers..please break ur silence… comment more if u can because ur comments only give me energy…then ill be enthusiastic to write so please continue like this throughout and once again thanks alot for ur immense support and vast response

lemme make 1 thing clear to u its ishqbaaz ff as a whole..not on any particular pair..ill introduce other characters soon…..

scene 1
in the hospital room anika oberoi bros and dadi r present
anika: dadi u go home na take some rest even u all go from here im fine
dadi: puttar ill go but not leaving u alone om or rudra or shivaay will stay here with u tonight
anika: bhaagad billa?? no dadi please
shivaay: oh hello im also not interested to stay with u and look at ur facee ok so mind ur tongue
anika: shut up u duffer oberoi
sivaay: dadi c her tell her to mind her language
dadi: billu please calm down dont get hyper
anika: ha u first stop drinking that kaali coffee atleast then ull top getting irritated to petty things
sivaay: its espresso ok
anik: ha wahi chod dijiye use
om: guys guys atleast dont fight here
rudra: om u dont poke ur nose…billu bhaiyya hena voh sab handle karega
they chuckle and give a hi fi to each other
shivaay gives an angry wala look to them
dadi: ok now lemme speak….anika ill go home along with om and shivaay….rudra will stay here with u
rudra: no dadi actually i have to workout
om: ok then ill stay u and shivaay go home along with dadi..ok dadi
dadi: ok

om looks at shivaay
he is already staring at him angrily
om realises what he just did
he messages rudra what to do and rudra gives an idea
om: oops dadi i also cant because my statue is almost done and i need to give a finishing touch to it as it has to be displayed in the art gallery tommorow
dadi: so now only shivaay is left out
shivaay: dadi actually i have to make a ppt presentation for the meeting tommorow
(he acts as if he is least interested because boys always try to maintain their ego infront of girls..right boys? hey no offense i was just joking lol)
anika: thank god i thought i should look at ur face the whole night
shivaay: mujhe bhi koi shauk nahi hai tumhara chehra dekhne ka
their cat fight is about to begin but gets stopped as shivaay gets a call from tej
shivaay: hello..ha bade papa boliye
tej tells something
shivaay: ok bade papa
he ends the call
dadi: kya hai billu
shivaay: actually the meeting tommorow is cancelled it seems dadi
dadi: ok then problem solved ull stay here tonight along with anika
shivaay: ok dadi koi option bacha hai kya..hey u pleae dont irritate me ok
anika: i should tell this not u
rudra: bye bhaiyya bye anika babdi
anika: babdi? whats this
rudra is about to say that its a combination of babhi and didi but stopes as om signs him
rudra: nothing didi byee gn enjoy
om: bye shivaay anika take care of urselves and ha if u guys need anything do call us

scene 2
om rudra and dadi r present in their car
rudra: om temme the truth do u really have to work on ur statue??
om: no no shivaay was messaging me continuously so i had to lie
and shows him shivaay’s messages
rudra: dadi u were right bhaiyya ko takkaer ki ladki mila
dadi: hmm am happy abbout that

scene 3
at the hospital
anika is trying to take water but is not able to and shivaay is working on his phone
anika mumbles: donno y he stayed here- to help me or to fiddle with his mobile
shivaay looks at her and says
shivaay: did u say something?
anika: nothing
shivaay: good if u need anything then ask me and ya dont bother me unnecessarily
anika: ok(biting her teeth) gn
shivaay: gn sd
she sleeps

the next morning
at oberoi mansion
rudra goes to soumya
he goes and peeps through the key hole but just then she opens the door
rudra fall down as he loses his balance
soumya: tum
he is about to call her sumo but then realises what he came for
rudra: no this time i wont tell anything..actually i came here to say sorry this time i really understood ki sorry boli jaati hai khareedi nahi and am sooo sorry sumo oops i mean soumya and then he pours a glass of water on him..u need not do this i only did this
soumya laughs like hell
soumya: its ok rudra please come in
he goes in
they have a cute chat

this is the end guys
thanks again for ur wonderful comments
message me personally if u have any interesting ideas
ill be back with another new episode untile then
bye bye folks
luv u all loads muaahh 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Just Superb episode year and I want Shivay & Manila scenes plz..and some scenes of Sahil&shivay..plz try this my dear..I just fell in love with yr ff…Love u Annanya

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  6. Hi Ananya, this is sat again.please update soon yaar . Can’t wait

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