Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 6

hey guys ananya here and am sorry for for not updating yesterday because i was not in town for the whole day
i request u all to continue commenting like that only…ur comments r like protein shake if rudra’s..he gets energy by drinking it and i get energy to write more by reading them
please continue the same throughout its a request

guys its ananya..u all r using diff diff spellings some annaya some ananaya 🙂
some of u got a doubt whether both om and shivaay have feelings towards anika? nope its nothing like that its gonna be shivika and omish and rumya
in real life shivaay is not such a playful person with a loving attitude so if i change his avtaar all of a sudden then it will be wierd for u all to read thats y im changing his attitude gradually
who is the person in the previous chappy?????
is that person related to anika or is he related to the oberois??


anika and everyone r present in the hospital room
om gets a call from ishaana
om: hello bela?
ishana: hello omkaara ji i want to meet u its very urgent pleasee
om: ha even i should meet u
ishaana: lets meet at the coffee shop v always meet
om: ok cu
she cuts the call
ishana’s POV:
am sorry omkaara ji i did a very big mistake of cheating u but i was forced to do so am sorry
he gets a few tears she wipes them and goes to meet om
om is in car on the way to the coffee shop
om’s POV:
ur not bela i know that but y did u lie to me?? jaise dikhthi ho vaise nahin ho?? mayb there is a solid reason ill ask her today what was the reason..mujhe jaanna hai…main tumhe jantha bhi nahin hu so did u lie to me??
someone is following him lol its shivaay and rudra
rudra: bhaiyya om was lying
shivaay: even i know that and thats y v r following him mayb something is bothering him
the keep on talking and shivaay misses om’s car
rudra: bhaiyya gadi kahan hai??
shivaay: oh shit v should search for him noww
they keep on searching
om is waiting at the coffee shop for ishaana
ishaana comes thinking something and trips over his leg
ishaana without looking at him says am sorry and she starts to leave
om says its ok bela
she realises its om
she turns back and sees its him
she goes and sits
om: hi bela
ishaana is thinking something and doesnt listen to him
om: hello bela
he waves his hand infront of her face she still doesnt replies
he hits on the table but she still doesnt respond
he pours a glass of water on her face
just at that time rudra and shivaay see them
rudra spits the drink he had in his mouth
rudra: bhaiyya whats this
shivaay: who is she??
rudra: shall i ask her? poochke aaon kya? how will i know who she is?
they keep on listening to them by sitting at the nearby table

scene shifts to om and ishaana
ishaana: omg omkaara ji what the hell did u do
om: what shall i do bela u were lost somewhere
ishaana: not bela ishaana
om acts shocked
ishaana continues and tells him the whole truth
ishaana: i know im wrong…i did a big sin by trying to cheat a person like u having a pure heart…am sorry omkaara ji
saying this she leaves from there and comes onto the road
om follows ishaana and shivaay, rudra follow om( LoL)
ishaana is leaving om catches hold of her hand to stop her
rudra again spits the drink from his mouth
he wipes in eyes
rudra: bhaiyya pinch me
shivaay pinches
he screams
om turns back but doesnt fine anyone as they hide behind the bushes
they move forward along with the bushes and come close to them
rudra: bhaiyya ru der
shivaay: shut up and stay quiet rudra

scene shifts to om and ishaana
ishaana: i cant show my face to u ever in my life again please leave me
om: i also accept u did a mistake but now u rectified it so there is no need to feel guilts
she turns towards him in surprise
om nods as a yes
she hugs him he also does the same
rudra: bhaiyya whats this i cant c this anymore
shivaay: omg
there ishaana realises what she did and composes herself
ishaana: am sorry i did that in happiness i didnt expect such a reaction from u
om: its ok lets start afresh hi im omkaara singh oberoi and u can call me om
ishaana: and hi im ishaana patel
they shake hands
om: so friends again
ishaana: yes
om: a hug for the beginning of a friendship
they hug

precap: rudra apologises to soumya and…..

hey guys sorry if its shot the upcoming episodes r gonna be dhamakedaar
today its completely omish because i was concentrating on shivika only from the beginning

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  1. nice episode ….loved it….plzzzzz update soon…..wating for next part….so plz come with a nice episode again soon…….

    1. Thanks yes il be back with another episode soon

  2. Thx for writing in English like I’m in love with ur ff…like I really can’t stand a day without reading ur ff…and now today u see me on ur first comment on ur ff…becuz I was checking every min

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks maya am glad u got connected to my ff so well

  3. Nice episode Ananya……but I’m SHIVIKA fan so I love SHIVIKA scenes specially but d episode was amazing. U r superb writer…….and ya it’s short but I can understand……..plz post d next part asap…….eagerly waiting for it….specially for SHIVIKA scenes………..

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks muktha ill try to add more shivika scenes but i cant promise as its ishqbaaz ff as a whole and ill introduce other characters soon so ill try

  4. Ayath

    ananya…..really superb i thought u will continue story as shivika bt its so nice u mention om and ishaana story.

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks ayath…its ishqbaaz ff as a whole so it contains all the 3 pairs

  5. Ananya gud going but I am missing shivika coversationsss

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks anu sri i have to concentrate on all the 3 pairs o as i wrote only about shivika frm the beginning ill concentrate on the other 2 but ya ill definitely add shivika scenes

  6. Ananya gud going but I am missing shivika coversationsss.

  7. Nice episode ananya. Tanq for that.
    update the next episode soon ananya

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks…its almost done will do it

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks am glad about it

  9. Great episode!! But tomorrow try to add shivay and anika as well. I love seeing them… eagerly waiting for shivay to confess his feelings to anika…. lots of love!!!!

    1. Ananya7044

      ok ok il definitely and thanks

  10. What happened with Anika ? Did she go to Oberoi Mansion for the night ?

    1. Ananya7044

      no she is still in the hospital

    2. Ananya7044

      read it once again ull understand it

  11. It was amazing continue soon

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks simiyy

  12. Maddy_02

    Awesome…loved it…omish scene were best…???

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks alott

  13. Best eagerly waiting for the next ananya

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks…wait a lil more ff on its way:)

  14. Awesome episode..juz loved it to the core and im soo happy that omkara is so understanding right now i feel like he is god? I wish it happend the same in the serial also and 1 request dont make sny misunderstanding between shivika at this point and shivaye should learn to trust anika pls misunderstanding plss if b4 he realise their was a misunderstanding then Ok but now after realising No way snd dont let anika realise so fast let shivaye try a lil???

    1. Ananya7044

      ok and thanks shaza

  15. Today episode so guddd i hope it happen same serials but in their would be misunderstand btw isana nd om thanks for this update it does nt happen in serial but u have try in imaginee …one more thing u can write when anika live oberios house shivaya should known anika every promblems her fear with dark nd sahil nd her relationmake him realise how he is wrong about low classs nd high class nd evrythink about anika nd anika should known shivaya is good hearted but try to shows ruddness in front of her…nd make frndship then luv …..( jo tumhe thik laga wohi lekahana anaya just i have given some hint…)

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks will keep them in mind for suree

  16. it is a mind blowing are a very good writer but it is a very short ff so please try to give it long and also that are you will give ff today.

    1. Ananya7044

      ok shanya thankss

  17. plss right next epi soon…..

  18. Nice ananya …. Add sum bromance scene dear….

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks jayashree..yep even i thought of adding some scenes between them

  19. Thanks for clearing my doubts n u told in the beginning of crappy that u will welcome all the thoughts for ur next script so how can contact u n share my idea’s with u plz clear this doubt too.
    A part from this ff is awsum as always loved the fresh start of ishkara n rudra expressions I wish it could happen in the real ishqbaaz storyline too

    1. Ananya7044

      hey mukul ya all interesting ideas r welcome and it will be a combined work…if u r a registered member then u can message me personally as im already a registered member…..thanks alot

  20. Jara

    Superb one yaar !! One request plz make it lengthy na I really wanted to shivika convo but it’s OK …update next soon tc

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks jara..will try to make it more lengthy but cant promise though

  21. Suchitra

    Superb Ananya
    Loving ? you ff soo much

    1. Ananya7044

      suchiiiiii thanks alottttttttttttttttt 🙂 🙂

  22. Awesome sis
    Pls continue

  23. Saalini


  24. wow love ishkara

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks shivani

  25. Can’t wait for the next episode plz update asap

  26. Hey Ananya, do you speak Telugu . Are you from ap or Telangana. Even I speak Telugu. Episode is nice (chinchesavu I’m Telugu ). Please update fast and I want more shivika scenes please

    1. Ananya7044

      hello sat i know telugu and ya thanks for the compliment where do u come from??

  27. Beautiful funny lovely i love this story very much love you ananya

  28. Nice one

  29. Sanjanaagrawal

    Hello everyone can anyone tell me the short summary of whole ishqbaaz serial as I started watching it from past 2 3 days … plz ……

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