Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 4

hey guy ananya here..
sorry could not update as i was not in town yesterday

guys i already told u all that i didnt like the part 3 i updated please for my satisfaction please delete that one from ur minds…this is the new part 3 and the story will be continued according to this please guysss please for my satisfaction..its a request and my sincere apologies for this inconvienience

guys shivaay still didnt realise dat he luvs anika so some actions r done by someone else rather than shivaay for example yesterday om pulls anika’s sleeve up not shivaay i think many of u didnt like it i felt so…in the real serial shivaay is not such a person so suddenly this much caring and luving attitude will be wierd for the readers so such actions r done by someone else rather than shivaay..ill mention such scenes wherever they come… i hope u could understand what i meant

this is gonna be dhamakedaar

previously v saw
1.anika and oberoi bros joining hands in revealing tia’s true face
2.shivaay thanking as well as apologising anika
3. they sense something wrong when they see anika’s hurt

scene 1
anika and saahil start leaving
anika: now its too late ill leave guys and ya cu tommorow at your house..u guys watch out that tia bahut chaalak hai she may do something overnight
shivaay: u need not tell us what to do and all
anika: jus shut up if i didnt tell u about tia then u would have married her u duffer billu
shivaay: hey..u .. dont call me billu only my dadi can call me like dat
om and rudra tap their forheads seeing their fight
om and rudra: not again man
their fight continues
om: guys
shivaay: u dont poke ur nose in the middle
rudra pokes his nose and says
rudra: bhaiyya i poked my nose what will u do
om: shut up rudra
anika: om u tell ur bhai also to shut his mouth to stop his bakbak..u dumbo
shivaay: dumbo??u called me dumbo
anika: yes mr.SSO
shivaay: SSO?? matlab??
om and rudra chuckle
rudra: s*xy singh oberoi
sivaay: what tthe vaak
anika: na no SSO means stupid singh oberoi
shivaay: how dare u paagal
anika: what im paagal?? no no ur paagal
their cat fight continues
anika: shut up u duffer
shivaay: duffer?
rudra: bhaiyya its better v go home ill search for new bad words in internet and tellu so that u can fight
saahil: didi chalo
and grabs her
anika: remember mr.SSO i saved u from entering hell
saahil grabs her

rudra messages her
rudra: didi after saahil sleeps please come and meet us v will b waiting here only if u want om will pick u up
anika: ok but y
rudra: please didi u come
anika: ok but can anyone of u pick me up
rudra: definitely me or om will come
anika: ok done
(this is their convo in whatsapp)

scene 2
anika and saahil come home
anika: saahil late hogaya go and sleep
saahil: ok didi
anika: did u eat anything
saahil: yep
anika: ok good now go and sleep good night
saahil: but u won come
anika: u go i have some imp work to b done ill come afterwards
saahil leaves and he sleeps
anika peeps him and finds him asleep
she messages rudra to come and pick her up
after 5 mins rudra comes
she gets into the car and they go to the same place

scene 3
anika ad rudra come to shivaay nd om
anika: what happended y did u guys temme to meet
om: tell us the truth what happened to ur hands
she hesitates
anika: ntg much om im fine
rudra: didi u dont lie if u dont know how to
anika: really im fine
shivaay: oh please stop ur leave it na she doesnt want to tell us or else she jus wants everyone to ask her…jus to gain sympathy
tears roll down her eyes
anika: did i tell u to ask me?? mind ur tongue
om: stop it shivaay, anika tell us what happened
anika breaks down
shivaay gets shocked seeing that..he finds her pain genuine
anika: actually…
she sees someone behind hiding in the trees and aiming at om
that person shoots
anika: om jus move
she pushes him and she gets shot
all r dumbstruck
anika, shivaay, rudra and om- all these faces r shown in shock (they will get blackened right like that)
3 bullets r shot leg hand and chest
shivaay: oh my ghossssshhhh
om is on shock
rudra: bhaiyya v should rush her to the hospital
shivaay: om ru fine
he doesnt respond
rudra: om om
he shakes him
then he says
om: omg yeh kya hogaya what happened she saved my life putting hers at risk
shivaay: nothing will happen she will b fine but v need to rush her to the hospital
they rush her to the hospital
while going om sees ishana sitting alone on a bench and just then her papa comes and calls her ishana
om gets shocked
this is the end


double shock for om right?
cu soon
i hope its lengthy enough


  1. mukul

    ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜žsad for poor omkara yaa he is in double shock๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿฅanika is enough brave to save oberio brothers I hope anika n omkara will be fine soon ananya u r doing a gr8 job ur way of imagination is like reality is playing in front of my eyes u r really a good writer becoz ur words seems to be reality u connect with us easily n keep on writing u no I was waiting for dis update from morning itself but plz don’t separate ishkara create such circumstances that ishana breakdown n share her real story with omkara n later they will become closer n Om falls in love with bela

  2. Jara


    |Registered Member

    Thank God u changed the name yaar ananya was confused well I am fanfic writer but new to this page… U r just awesome dear waiting for next eagerly… Stay blessed

  3. Mukta

    This is amazing….. please post regularly and post d next part soon….please, can’t wait for it………

  4. Trisha

    u should shoot 1gun anyway nice episode i always luv to read ur FF but today i am little bit dispointed ….

      • Trisha

        I dont want to hurt u ,i really luv to read ur FF , i known it is very diffcult to think nd write FF if i really hurt u i really very very sory anaaya u known

      • Trisha

        I dont want to hurt u ,i really luv to read ur FF , i known it is very diffcult to think nd write FF if i really hurt u i really very very sory anaaya

    • ananya

      Hey its ok don’t feel bad…there is no rule that everyone would have the same taste u didn’t like this so next time I hope u like it don’t feel guilty at all

  5. Shaza

    Awesome ff dear soon as i read ff by ananya i got so damn exited.. make it more lengthy..maybe im getting greedy but i juz love ur ff..i hope you dont create misunderstanding and differences between iskara ..but i was thinking uf shivaye was gonna get the bullet and anika saved then it would be mire better maybe ..anyway awesome,fabulous and mindblowing ff post ur nxt ff asap as u can and make it very very very very long;)

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