Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 17


hey guys ananya here….i truly truly thank all those who commented and the silent readers…..please bear with my irregular updates till my exams got over…..

here u go…next part for u all
previously v saw ishana is kidnapped
om saves her from getting stabbed in this process he gets hurt…it starts bleeding

\ishana screams noooooooooooooo
listening this anika and soumya go in and r shocked to see the situation inside
rudra and shivaay r fighting with the others and om is fighting with that goon who came for stabbing ishana
om beats him blu and black……
om: how dare u
he punches him
that goon says: v didnt do anything.. i mean v did everything on their saying
om: whose
then that goon pushes om and runs away
here shivaay and rudra r fighting with others
shivaay: v will take care of dem u c ishana
om: tum theek ho na
ishana: ha and thank you…how did u guys come here
om: voh sab baad mei lekin pehle yeh bolo who r dey
ishana: i dont know i was coming to the same place where u told me to meet and there someone beat me hard on my head and i fainted after that i wa here and then
om stops her and says
om: kuch bhi ho am glad u r fine
ishana: am fine bcz of u all agar aap time pe nahi aajathe…yeh log mujhe maar dethe..i would have been dead…thankyou
2 other goon come from ishana and om behind to stab them both of them see the opp..i mean om sees the person behind ishana and she sees the person behind om
both of them shout at the same time
ishana: om
om: ishana
and both of them pull each other aside

they fall on top of each other and their lips touch
situation freezes
the goons run away from the clutches of shivaay and rudra
everyone see them and put ther hands on their mouths in shock
they r still in that same position
rudra turns this side andsees it
he slips and falls down in shock
shivaay: rudra r u fine
he helps him get up
rudra: bhaiiya whats dat…idhar bhi rimance omg
anika: ha dekho how dey r immersed in each others arms
soumya: kch toh hai in logon ke beech mei
rudra: somu tum wahi soch rahi ho jo main soch rahi hu
anika: kya?
both together say pyaar
shivaay and anika smile
anika: pehle iss picture ko capture karo rudy
rudy: ha didi abhi kartha hu
he clicks
soumya: done?
rudy: ha
soumya: bade baal wale bhaiyya chale agar aapka yeh hogaya toh
they dont respond
shivaay: ommmmmmmmm
om comes out of that trance: ha….ha
omish feel awkward
anika: om get up she needs rest…baad mein kar lena yeh sab kuch
they chuckle
om gives a deadly glare to anika
soumya: chale
ishana sees his hand bleeding and she tears her duppatta and ties it around his palm
om: iski koi zaroorath nahi hai ishana
ishana cries
ishana: please karne do…it all happened bcz of me
4 of them together say
shivaay and anika: karne do use om
rudy and somu: karne do na use bhaiyya
om gives a deadly look to 4 of them
om wipes ishana’s tears and says
om: i cant see u crying so plesasee dont
she gives a weak smile
shivaay: who ever did this na..chodunga nahi use
anika: ha now lets go
they start leaving but hear some other voice
person is trying to make sounds but cant asthat person is tied up
person: mmm…..mmmmmmmmm
anika: hey y am i getting a feeling that someone else is der here
shivaay: even u? mujhe bhi
rudy: ha ha anika didi and bhaiyya same thoughts ha
shivaay: shut up rudra
just then they hear that sounds again
om: ha u guys r right koi toh hai
they start searching then anika finds a girl back of some junk
anika: everyone comee hereeeeeee
they come and shivaay is shocked seeing that girl..even om and rudra r also
shivaay immediately rushes to her and frees her
person: thank god…tum? yaha?
he tightly hugs her
shivaay: ur fine na
person: dont worry
om: u r looking very weak u didnt have anything?

person: no yaar they kidnapped me and didnt give me food..please yaar am really really hngry…kuch khaye
shivaay helpd her get up
rudy comes and hgs her
rudy: mallika didi kitna miss kiya maine aapko
mallika: mee too how a u rockstar?
rudy: am perfectly fine
she goes and hugs om
mallika: kaise ho tum om
om: am fine
mallika: who r dey? pointing towards the 3 gals
shivaay: she is anika my jaan,…
mallika: what the vuck..shivaay aur pyaar? omg unbelievable
shivaay: ok ok hogaya kya karoon
mallika: hello anika
anika: hello
hivaay: and she is ishana om’s friend
rudy blinks at her and she looks at shivaay in amusement
he nods as a yes even anika does the same
mallika understands that something is der between them and they didnt ealise it
ishana: hello
mallika: hello ishana
om: and she is my baby sissy soumya
mallika: hello soumya
soumy: hello didi
mallika: guys mujhe itna bhook lag rahi hai ki..kuch khate hai na
they leave
in the car
shivaay sits in the car and anika goes to sit beside him but mallika goes before her and sits in the passenger seat
anika had no other option so she sits back
om notices this
they leave
they all come to a restaurant to have lunch
again anika goes to sit beside shivaay but mallika does
rudy observes this and says
rudy: mallika didi mujhe aapse bahut saare baat karni hai…sit here na beside me
mallika: rudy some other time ha mujhe shivaay se kuch baat karni hai apni business ke baare mei
rudy looks at anika and she nods and gives a ‘jaane do na wala’ look
she goes and sits beside rudy
mallika: chalo kuch order karthe hai
shivaay: ha…sabko kya chaahiye..anika u?
anika: am not hungry…u guys eat na
shivaay: ru fine..this is normal lunch time na so what happened
rudy and om understand dat her mood is not well
om: choddo na shivaay we will take fod home..she will eat after gng home
rudy: i want linguini with clam sauce
like that everyone order what they want
while eating shivaay wipes mallika’s mouth
they talk something seriously
anika loses her cool and says
anika: guys am sitting in the car..u guys come after u finish it
om adn rudra understand this
they look at each other andsigh
om: shivaay
he doesnt respond as he is very busy with mallika
om: shivaayyyyyy
shivaay: ha om whats it
om: chale…i paid the bill
mallika: ha chalo
shivaay: hey wait where is anika?
rudy: voh toh chali gayi…
mallika: ese kaise?
shivaay: where did she go?
rudy: she is waiting near the car
shivaay: wha happened?
om: uska mood kharab hogaya tha
shivaay: achanak? she was fine right
om: kuch bhi..ab chale
they go near the car and find anika waiting for them
shivaay cups her face and asks
shivaay: tuhari tabeeyat theek haina?
anika takes his hand away gently and nods yes
mallika: anika r u fine? i mean shivaay told me that what all u had to undergo..ur really great….shivaay is lucky
anika gives a fake smile and
anika: ghar chale?
om: ill drive and takes the keys from shivaay’s hands without even asking him
anika goes to sit at the back
mallika: anika if u dont mind..
she signs her towards the front seat
anika gives a fake smile
anika: of course
she goes to sit beside om
shivaay’s POV: what happened to her..y is she behaving so wierdly? ghar jaane ke baad main usse baat kartha hu
ishana: om u drop me in my house na
soumya: no didi u stay with us for today..go home tomorrow…..enjoy karenge na hum
ishana: but soumya..
om: soumya is right ishana..aaj keliye ruk jaa yahi par
ishana gives up
ishana: ok

precap: anika and shivaay r talking something sitting on bed and mallika comes and disturbs them
mallika: am sorry guys…shivaay mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hai
anika: but mallika..
mallika: am sorry anika but this is really imp please
she pulls shivaay with him and takes him away

hope u like it guys
and ya am gonna introduce a leap and end this after that

u want siddharth vikram rana’s character to be introduced or not?
yes or no?

cu soon
luv u all loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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