Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 16


hey guys ananya here…..guys frankly speaking i was really really dissappointed with your response…..hey i found one thing funny yesterday..tia and shivaay have already planned about their baccha…lol…tia kaam nahi karna chahthi hai aur aage bacche sambhalthi hai…i mean its so wierd when shivaay talks about was laughing out like hell when i saw this and ya omish fans an i promised these 2 episode will be alot of them..atleast the next one

previously v saw shivaay kissing anika…..
something reverse happens with rudra and soumya…lol

now at present
scene 1
unknown place
a girl is tied up with ropes..
girl screams
girl: u bl***y bi**h…come forward if u have the guts
a speaker was arranged and someone from somewhere speaks
kidnapper: shut up….dont force me to kill
girl: u stupid…y did u kidnap me
meanwhile someone comes to her with a knife
kidnapper: good bye pretty lady
girl: no…no please
kidnapper: ok then u better stay calm
she gets silent
kidnapper: wakt aane par tumhe ab kuch samajh mei aajayega

scene 2
oberoi mansion
anika gets ready and comes
om: so lets go?
they nod
they leave
dadi: bye enjoy karna…tc
rudra gives flying kisses to everyone by standing near the door…
om pulls him
they get into the car and om calls up ishana
she doesnt picks up even after repeated calls…everyone get tensed
just then om gets an mms
he clicks on it and everyone see this
its the same mms of scene 1
that girl is ishana
om gets shcked
he feels as if his world has turned upside down
om: what the… am not gonna leave him f*** t*r*
he gets hyper
shivaay: om please calm down…..pleasee
om: if anything happens to her…jaan se mar dunga un logon ko
everyone get thinking on what to do
soumya: ek sec…bhaiyya phone do
he does the same

soumya plays that video and she pauses at a particular place
soumya: see this her bangle is missing….she is having only one this means the other one must have fallen down somewhere
rudy: somu ur really really intelligent yaar….just like me
soumya laughs but her smile vanishes when rudy tells just like me
they start their nok jhok
om is getting impatient here
om shouts: guys will u stop
rudy: o u stop..he turns to somu and says somu what were u saying
om pulls him and slaps him tightly
everyone get shocked
before shivay reacts anika does
anika: om ru mad..kya kiya tumne
rudy goes from there
anika follows him
shivaay: anika will speak to her …come lets find a way to find her
soumya: ha bhaiyya u know where she lives?
om is feeling bad for slapping rudy
shivaay: om where ru..soumya asked u something
om: ha…ha what is it
soumya: where she lives?
om tells them her address
om: but i dont think we will find a clue there..because i told her to meet at the public square….i told her that we will pick her up
shivaay: so lets go there first..
spumya: if we dont find anything then we will go to her area
they nod and leave

scene 3
rudy comes out from the car and goes and sits on the steps near by
anika follows him
she sits beside him
rudy starts speaking
rudy: u know what didi im not feeling ad that om slapped me..instead am hating myself for trying to fight with somu even in such a critical situation…omg i was so stupid
anika: u know what rudy…am proud of u tum itna samajhdaar ho
rudy: how can i be so stupid…sab shai kehthe hai am a dumb
he starts crying
anika hugs him
anika: rudy please….dont cry na
rudy: didi u only temme i was wrong na
anika: ur wrng yes but the way u took om’s action is really great..chalo ab ek joke maro
rudy smiles
anika: ab chale
rudy: chalo…
anika calls up shivaay
shivaay: hello
anika: where r u guys
shivaay tells dme what the thought
om tires to speak with rudy but he goes from there
anika: om he is feeling guilty…leave him alone for sometime he will be fine dont worry..and ya please send me that mms..u stay strong ok..we will come there ok
om: ok
she ends the call

rudy: show me the video
she does the same
they see the video
rudy: didi see this..this background…i have seen it somewhere
anika: thats great try to remember….yaad karne ki khosish karo na
rudy: ek sec…..
they keep walking forward and inbetween anika slips
rudy: be careful..
when they look down they find blood stains
anika: omg yeh kya hai
they keep following the stains and it leads to a bead
rudy picks it up and says
rudy: didi see this whats this…kiska ho saktha hai yeh khoon aur yeh bead
anika: ek sec…yeh dekho (and shows the video)..its hers…see the similar beads here
rudy: ha we should inform this to everyone
anika: ya ur right..main abhi call karthi hu
rudy: ha jaldhi..voh yahi kahi hai

scene 4
parallelly shivaay,om and soumya r searching for cluesthey r showing her pic to everyone but in vain
om gets depressed and goes to a temple
he goes inside
om: bhagwaan ji please help us out..where is she? and and y am i becoming so depressed for her…kya rishtha hai uska mere saath ki mai itna close feel kar raha hu use…what is it oh god please give a clue
meanwhile shivaay comes and taps him on his shoulder
shivaay: om see this anika is video calling us
they get into a call
anika: guys v have something imp to tell u guys…she signs rudy to show
he does
rudy: see this….v found this bead along with some blood stains scattered..and guess what when we followed further v saw the same kinds of beads in a fixed path and we followed them and we ended up here..he shows them the place
anika”: and guess what thisis…
somu: what
rudy: its the same area where mr.omkaara singh oberoi told her to meet us
om understands that he is angry
om: sorry

he ignores om and says
rudy: shivaay bhaiyya u better come here fast…
anika: we better go inside we dont have time
shivaay: no u dont wait there till v come
anika is stubborn
shivaay is more stubborn
they start fighting and mean time they reach the place
shivaay: hello ab chale jaldi\
anika: u here oho very intelligent ma..chalo
shivaay: u and somu stay here only…u r weak
anika: no no no i waited for u till u came here and now im not gonna go
om: guys stop it..anika u and soumya stay here if v need help we will call u
somu: ha ok
they go in along with rudy
they hide behnd a wall and peep out they see ishana fighting with words with a man and he is coming with a knife towards her
kidnapper from the speaker
kidnapper: good bye..and this time its for sure
he is about to stab her
ishana screams: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
someone stps him by catching hold of that knife it om..his hand is bleeding as he stopped it by holding the sharp side
anika and soumya hear her scream and rush in
they get shocked seeing the situation

precap: all the 6 leave..but hear another voice there

who is it in the precap
guess guess

bye for now
cu soon
luv u loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Jazz1

    Wow good. Om slaps rudy??. Feel bad for rudy??. Who is in the precap my godd suspense. Please update the next episode soon

    1. Ananya7044

      jazz u want to know who it is in the precap?? then c ur inbox

  2. nice episode ananya and thanks for update

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks kavinnilla

  3. I guess I know very well very nice suspense maharani … Better than my idea thanks for implementing it in your ff its a cute gesture of friendship I have some more check your private box and come back to me asap ….
    Loved it to the core

    1. Ananya7044

      dhanyawaad rani saahiba….thanks for the ideathanks alottttttt

  4. Shaza

    Awesome ep as usual?? ……no we love ur ff and they are silent readers also just chill ….and dont get disappointed dear …and was missing ur ff from a couple of days ..glad ur back ?

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks alot shaza…how will i know dat u guys r liking it unless u temme? anyways i understood what u want to say…thanks again

  5. plzzzzzzzz post next part soon…….and i love it…….

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks tanu..wil do it soon

  6. Is it roop

    1. Ananya7044

      mayb or mayb not…stay tuned to know the ans

  7. Ruhirachel

    Superb episode ??
    Plz upload the next part soon

    1. Ananya7044

      ruhirachel thankyou ill update soon

  8. Ananya7044

    thanks everyone….will update soon but now please wish me luck as its science tomorrow…mummy papaaa….:(

    1. Best wishes Dr for science exams

      1. Ananya7044

        thanks rani saahiba…….am glad u liked it rani shri shri shri shama the great saahiba…..

    2. Best wishes Dr for science exams and idea is nice maharani sahibaa..return ur comment to you…
      I will modify it according to my track thanks…. Dhamika

  9. Sat

    Oh science will be very tough, my maths paper is very tough. All the best the episode is very nice. I loved it

    1. Ananya7044

      thnaks sat…hope u did well

  10. Itss awsome…but plz post next asap..n yeah all the best..

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks abiha

  11. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

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    Nice dear

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  13. Ananya di you rock plz update next episode ASAP plz…

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      thanks sejal…and ya no di business here…call me ananya 🙂

  14. Ayath

    sry dear for late comment juzt now only i read ur ff shivika was awesome

  15. Ananya your ff is amazing hope you best for your science

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