Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 15


hey ishqbaazians…ananya here… am sorry for this delay…..i know u guys r upset with me….but still i cant help it out because my exams r from 21st of this month only 2 days…and here its me who doesnt read anything even for a sec if there is no exam..though i read, the syllabus is building up…jitna mein pad rahi hoon, syllabus usse 2 guna zyaada bad raha hai..kya karoon i should read….as this is my 10th also in between study i took a break to update im a fast typer thank god i could finish it in 20 mins or so… now also i bunked my school to study… guys please wish me luck..i need ur wishes to do well…..and ya until my exams dont get complete, please bear with my irregularities…please comment more….and give me energy both to write exams and this story well…..
so no more bakbaks
here u go next chappy for u all

lets quickly recall what u have read in the previous class..oops i mean previous part( reading so much that im even remembering my teachers’ dialogues lol rofl)
they plan a day out kinda thing(but i dont its gonna go on smooth because im here to sopil it..main hoon na kharab karnew keliye lol)
something embarassing happens with anika
om and rudra tease him
rohan is planning something against anika along with 2 other mysterious persons

now this is the next epi
scene 1
after anika comes out of shivaay’s room, she goes to her room?(hers and soumya’s)
she goes in and directly sits on the bed biting her nails
soumya: didi ur here…what happened if ur hungry ill get food for u no need to bite ur nails
anika: its so embarassing yuck..
soumya: what biting nails? i dont think so
anika: no not that
soumya: toh what then?
she is not in here senses and blurts out the truth
anika: i spoke about baccha..omg
soumya: what??
anika: ha and om and rudra were also there….how can i face them tommorow its really really embarassing
soumya: its ok didi….jab aapki aur bade bhaiyya ki shaadhi hogi na tab yeh sab baate aap logon ke beech mein hota hai..isme embarass hone ki kya baath hai?yeh sab baate hona chaahiye(here soumya is actually pulling her legs and anika’s bulb glows after so long)
anika: shut up ur making me feel more embarassed
she laughs
soumya: ok sorry now take ur meds and sleep
anika: yeh sab na is meds ki galthi hai chii
she gives anika her meds and she goes and sleeps on the other side of the bed
soumya: didi gn so jaao acche se..bahut thaki hui lag rahi ho
anika: gn
she also lays down and thinks about it
soumya falls asleep quickly
after sometime anika wakes her up
soumya: didi what happened so u need anything
anika: how can i face them
soumya drags: diiidi what didi to ask this u woke me up..please sleep and lemme sleep
she again sleeps
anika: how embarassing
she also sleeps

next morning
soumya wakes up and sees anika sleeping
soumya: how peacefully she is sleeping..she was so tensed yesterday
anika is awake and is covering herself with a blanket
anika: me? sleeping peacefully?
rudra bangs on the door
rudra: are somu…bangs the door…open the door….(in his usual funnuy tone..dragging)
soumya: arre this duffer is gonna wake her up
she runs to the door and opens it
soumya: arre duffer ur waking her up
rudra: oops sorry…waise how will i know she is sleeping
he mover towards her in anger
he slips and holds her hand
he assumes falling down and starts shouting
rudra: mummy pappa(jus like he shouted when prinku comes dressed as a ghost..the same tone)
but in reality soumya i holdind his hand
their pose is similar to that of arshi’s pose outside the temple when khushi faints..but here soumya is holding rudra
om and shivaay come there..anika sees roumya by peeping outside the blanket
om and shivaay cover their mouths in shock..and anika silently laughs under her blanket
roumya r sharing an intense eyelock
om: waise shivaay..we wasted money by booking tickets…here only itna accha picture hai
shivaay: ha ur right
they give a fi
om coughs
they break their eyelock
om: hogaya aapka ey..
rudra interrupts him
rudra: o stop it….
shivaay: where is paanika
soumya: sleepong..she didnt wkae up
here anika is thinking
please no one should raise that topic….go go go
om: oh may b she is tired
shivaay: ha ur right..lets not disturb her
soumya: bhiayya i dont think so..she slept late at night…she was continuously thinking about..
shivaay: about what?? complete karo soumya
om: aap logon ka hone wala baccha
rudra: aur aapki shaadhi
the break into laughter..except shivaay
they give a fi to each other
shivaay: now shut up 3 of u..
they try to stop their laughter by putting thei rhands on their mouth..but in vain
om: ok now lets end this..lets go out.. let her sleep
rudra: ha bt v thought of gng out right?
om: ha rudy…lets go but not now after sometime..let her take rest
soumya: ha rudy om bhaiyya is right…we will definitely go out as all of us need some relaxation…especially anika di
they nod as a yes and leave
after they leave
anika comes out of her blanket
anika: uff thankgod they left..i need sometime to face them
but just then she sees someone and get shocked
its shivaay
anika: what the…u didnt leave?
shivaay sits on the bed beside her
shivaay: 1st thing u cant hide hide from me…now temme what were u saying yesterday??hamaara baccha? hamaara shaadhi??
anika: voh …voh…
she feels awkward
shivaay cups her face
shivaay: u need not feel awkward….tommorow when our shaadhi happens yeh sab baate hona chaahiye…si whats the need to feel embarassed?
she blushes
shivaay signs anika to come closer
he moves closer to her
anika while blushing
anika: kya kar rahe ho aap?
shivaay realises something
shivaay: ur really mad paanika…i told u to come closer bcz i wanted to tell u something
again she feels awkward
anika: oh
shivaay: what did u think? i was cmg closer to do this
and he kisses her on her lips
anika blushes and her cheeks turn tomato red
shivaay: jab tum blush karthe ho na tum bahut cute lagthi ho
she blushes again
shivaay: agar tum chaahthe ho toh hum abhi hamaari bacche ke baare mein soch sakte hai
anika hits him playfully
anika: kuch bhi
they laugh
shivaay: chalo ab ready ho jao ill go down
she nods and goes into the rest room
shivaay’s POV: yeh ladki bhi na..kamaal hai yaar

precap: everyone is in the car gng calls up ishana but she doesnt pick up…they get tensed

hey guys what do u think
they r gonna enjoy their day or are more dangers awaiting them

this is it
bye guys
cu soon
keep commenting
luv u loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Goms

    Ananya amazing.. Am loving it..

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks luvng ur ff tooo 🙂

  2. Good one Ananya!!!! Eagerly Waiting for yr best update!!? Shivika Part was just Awesome as always?n yeah… All the best for yr exams dear ?????

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks alot anaida…..

  3. I am glad to read our ff after a long time. I waited for it. It was short but sweet and nice .and all the best for your exams .do well ananya.

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks kavinnilla….ill try to make it more long

  4. Ananya best of luck . And if you are from CBSE board , no need to worry dear almost paper is set by our teacher. Now I am in 12th but when I was in 10th I took a lot of tension but the exam was very easy.

    1. Ananya7044

      ru serious?? then it will really be helpfull…thanks alott

  5. Jazz1

    Really good u post it after long time. Really loved the scenes btw shivika?? and the scenes btw rumya and shivom teasing rudra??

  6. Hii ananya. …how are u? Your updates are really superb. ……. I just can’t resist myself in reading your updates…. SHIVIKA’S part was awesome ??? and ALL THE BEST ??for your exams of 10th

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks ajjivita

  7. Hey…its soo good …keep it up..n yeah all the best for well n come back..soon..

  8. Nice episode lovely too..andthe best ??

  9. All the best ananya for ur exams…ur’e an awesome writer ..

    1. Thanks naimee

  10. Finally ananya is back with a bang loved it to the core Dr

    1. Thanks shama

  11. And yaa all the best for exams did u read I have sent u link plz read after exams and letme know

    1. Ananya7044

      no need to read..without reading only i can say ur stories r jus… wirds to fill in the gap

  12. Nithu

    Ananya character character character bagundi nxt epi marram. .long unte baguntunde menu telsa nenu puttindi vijayawada lo kami perugutundi hyderabad lo

    1. Hey thanks nithu….its quite opp in my case I was born in hyd but growing up in vja tq tq tq

  13. Nithu

    I mean chala chala chala bagundi

  14. Suchitra

    I am sorry for late .. But the episode was awesome
    All the best for the exam … And let us do combined studies as discussed today
    Ok na

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks suchi..finally u commented…..what in the auditorium???? combine studies in the auditorium???

      1. Suchitra

        I mean as we r writing exam in the same place ….. We can do copy right

      2. Suchitra

        And ya sorry for not commenting yaar … Actually exams r near na so my mom was little bit strict…

    2. Ananya7044

      ofcourse yar..u need not tell dat lol..v always do copying where ever possible lol…all the best..prepare well

  15. Ananya7044

    suchi u need not explain…..all moms r strict during xms…its ok chill

  16. Alekhika20

    Fab part

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      thanks alekhika

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