Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 13


hey guys ananya here…i know i didnt keep up my promise and thats y am updating for u all today….happy ganesh chaturdhi..i know am late in wishing also but still.. may lord ganesh shower up all his bestest wishes on u all..
ganapathi bappa moryaaa..jaiii

lemme explain the reason for my late update…actually on of my grandfathers expired and so i had to go there….. i didnt even study anything all these 3 days…i hope u all understand..
first temme do u all remember my story?? i hope yes…..

anika’s surname is revealed
anika faints after seeing her parents at the oberoi mansion and dadi ishana soumya go down
oberoi bros r der with anika

anika is still unconcious
she keeps on murmering in this state
anika: muuj..mujhe…
shivaay takes her in his lap and hugs her
om sprinkles water on her face
she wakes up
she speaks very fastly and without taking a breath
anika: om rudra sso please ill go from here some way or the other…i dont want to leave u all and i dont want to c dem
rudra goes and sits beside her
rudra: take a breath anika didi relaxx…ur not gng anywhere..if in case shivaay bhaiyya sends u then i wont…..ok please calm down
om: ha rudra is right shivaay wont send u with them though
anika gets happy
anika: thanks
and hugs all 3 of them

she starts dancing in happiness
om: but u should face dem
anika stops dancing and gets sad again
anika: but..
shivaay: no but and all is right u will face them but that doesnt mean u will go with not gonna leave u at any cost
meanwhile ishana comes up hurriedly and she is panting
ishana:L tej uncle….fighting…
om: wait
he gets water for her and makes her drink it she drinks it in a go
the other 3 see them and smile looking at them
ishana: uff thank you
om: now tell what is it
ishana: hurry up guys anika’s dad and tej uncle r fighting down
they get shocked
shivaay: rudra and anika..u guys stay here we will go down
he comes and cups anika’s face and says dont worry im always with u
rudra: now go bhaiyya
anika: b careful and ya om video call on karna
m: ok baba
they rush down

scene 2
down in the living room
they all go down and see mr.m and tej fighting
mr.m: u r trapping my daughter
tej: mr.m i think ur mad…v dont even know who ur daughter is so how on earth can v do something like that
mr.m holds his collar
mr.m: how dare u call me mad
before tej reacts om comes and holds his hand
he holds his so tightly that he automatically leaves his collar in pain
mr.m: how dare u chodo mera haath
om: now thats better

he leaves his hand
mr.m: who the hell ru? servant?
tej: dont u dare call my son like that ur crossing ur limits and ur fircing me to cross mine
everyone get happy and surprised seeing them support each other
suhasini: please calm down ji..v r here for our daughter…not to fight with them..please return her back to me..please
jhanvi: aapki beti hai kaun?
before she reacts shivaay answers
shivaay: am sorry but anika is not coming with u
everyone get shocked knowing this
jhanvi: what?
pinky: oh my mata! anika!
mr.m: u guys just shut up
he comes forward to slap shivaay and someone stops him by holding his wrist

everyone look at that person and it is anika
anika holds his hand and leaves it with force
anika: mr.m voh mera apna hai so beware…mind ur actions..i wont spare anyone who thinks of harming them
suhasini comes and hugs her
suhasini: beta kaha chali gayi thi apni maa ko chod ke
anika stands still and she doesnt even reciprocate
mr.m also hugs her
mr.m: anika meri bacchi
she stands like a stone with an emotionless face
mr.m: chalo anika lets go home
he holds her hand but she leaves it and goes to dadi
anika: am not coming with u i will never do such a thing..
dadi: no mein anika ko nahi bhejungi
om ishana soumya also stand besode her
om: she wont come with u

shivaay also joins them
shivaay: no she is not leaving
soumya; v support her decision
mr.m steps forward to grab her but tej stops him
tej: ek kadam bhi nahi mr.m..she is not willing to come with u so u cant force her
jhanvi: yes tej is right u cant..u cant force her to do something
shakthi: bhabiji is right u can even b arrested for that
pinky: definitely there must b a reason for her for saying like that so v r with her
shivaay: mr.m v r rivals in terms of business..and i dont want this enemity to become personal…so u better leave
anika: how on earth did u come here
suhasini: rohan called and told us beta

rohan comes
rohan: anika they r asking u so much so u can go right
anika shouts on top of her voice
anika: u better shut up
everyone is shocked to c this side of anika
rohan: dont shout at me anika
anika: u tell them what did..i mean batao use ki tumne kya kaant kiya
mr.m: he already told us everything beta..and v r really ashamed for not believing u
rohan: enough is enough anika u better go back
he is about to go forward
everyone go a step ahead
he automatically steps back in fear
shivaay: mind ur actions
anika: dekha ise kehthe hai apna..ise kehthe hai parivaar..i dont have any blood relation with them but today they stood up for me without thinking for a sec…they didnt even think about the reasons…they stood up for me..i was ur daughter..but still u didnt believe me…yehi farak hai..
she wipes her tears and continues
mr and mrs malhotra lagtha hai ki aap log bahut umeed se aaye ho yaha pe but am sorry im not gonna come back..ab yehi meri zindagi hai..this is my life and am not the same anika as before..
she goes up
mr.m keeps on shouting while she goes up
mr.m: please dont go they r trapping u
sh edoesnt even looks at them and goes off

dadi goes to them
dadi: please dont bother her i can understand ur pain but right now she is very weak as she got up from 2 big accidents so please dont stress her more….for now lets not drag this further
mr.m: am not leaving with anika
suhasini: vijay v r not ere to fight…v r here for our daughter..please calm down and relax
vijay: but suha..
suhasini: please vijay v r leaving thats it
he leaves in anger wothout saying anything
after he leaves
suhasini: dekhiye am really sorry for his behaviour …uska ek hi beti hai aur usne kayi saal baad dekha so thats y he became emotional and angry…am really really sorry on his behalf…
she folds her hands and continues..but please anika ko samjahyiye ki voh hamaare paas wapas ajaay….please ek hi bacchi hai hamaari…
dadi: dekhiye v cant force her..neither can u….its her wish..PURELY HERS…if she wants to stay back then v dont have any prob…
she looks at jahnvi,pinky,tej and shakthi and they nod yes
tej: ma is right..v dont have any prob if she stays…
dadi: v will c everything afterwards..but for now dont bother her more..pleae leave…..
she leaves

after she leaves police inspector comes
ins: namasthe tej oberoi
tej: namasthe ins saab aap? yahan?
ins: ji who is rohan khanna here?
rohan: ji its me ins saab any prob?
ins: mr.rohan ur under arrest…miss anika complained against u….pics morph karthi ho? aao ab hum tumhe tumhara chehra ka boundaries badal denge
rohan: ins saab kuch galat faimi hui hai
anika comes down
anika: derz no mistake in this rohan and there can never b any…..ins sab he is the one…yeh sab mujhe pehle hi kardena chahiye thi…but better late than never..please arrest him
he is being handcupped and taken away
rohan: no anika u cant do this to me……no i wont spare u all
he shows his fingers and leaves

after all this
prinku: anika what did u say: rohan khanna?
anika: ha rohan khanna his full name
prinku: cheat he said he is rohan kapoor..omg liarr
anika: dhokebaaz hai voh..he played woth the feelings of so many girls like u and me..
she hugs anika
prinku: thankyou
she smiles

meanwhile tia comes
pinlky: anika now u go and take some rests..ha..u can live here for as many days as u want
anika: thanks auntyji and tq everyone for ur support
dadi: v r always der with u rest for some time
anika: no rest dadi..billu ki saadhi ki preperations karni hai
he gets angry
anika shows him her tongue and runs away
ishana: i also better leave
om gets sad
om: tum jaa rahi ho
ishana: ha jaana toh hai
om: ok bye
ishana: bye om and bye everyone..once again lemme introduce myself….ishana patel om’s friends..bye
she leaves
om keeps on waving his hand after she leaves
rudra: bhaiyya she left
om puts his hand down in a go

precap: anika fights with shivaay…u dont remember our children’s bday also ok only ur work work and work…only dat matters to u…u dont remember our anniversary our children’s bdays anything ok…..

bye for now
sorry for being late
am disappointed with ur response
cu all
luv u loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    othrwise do as u wish bt sorry i will be nt able to read ur ff after this leap??
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