Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 14


hey guys ananya here…thanks everyone for ur comments….for the energy i must say… i hope ur liking it… i always say please DONOT hesitate to drop in ur suggestions and ideas..ill try my level best to add them…HEALTHY CRITICISM is most welcome……guys lemme clear 1 thing to all of u…this story is gearing up for a leap very how many episodes..icant tell u this but surely there will be one..prepare yourselves..before that there r alot of twists and turns awaiting…..

ok now no more bakbaks
here u go next part for all the ISHQAAZIANS

previously v saw om getting sad because ishana is leaving
rohan is arrested

scene 1
inspectors take rohan
tia comes
shivaay: hey tia come come..i was just thinking of meeting u
tia hug him and says hello shivaay baby and hello everyone
shivaay: can v speak for a while
tia: of course
they go aside
shivaay: tia voh voh…donno how to tell u but..
tia:you luv anika right..pyaar karthe ho na usse
shivaay is surprised
shivaay:how do u know this
tia: i can read ur mind and heart..i can know what ur thinking before u temme
shivaay: but how?
tia: leave all that am so happy for u guys
shivaay: tia but what about..
tia: u dont worry ill manage my mum..

he hugs her
shivaay: am so glad that ur so understanding..thanks tia
tia: its ok shivaay…am happy for u guys….both of u r lucky to get each other….bye i better leave
shivaay: bye tia….thanks alot
she smiles and leaves
shivaay goes out and tells the same to soumya rudra and om
shivaay: i never thought tia will be convinced so easily
om: kuch bhi ho can v believe her?
shivaay: i dont think she is manipulating this time
the nod

scene 2
an unknown place
sunsan jagah
a person meets another person
person 1: jiska dar tha wahi can this happen
person 2: u dont worry..ull get what u want
person 1: but how?
person 2: simple just do as i say
they discuss something

scene 3
back in oberoi mansion
anika is working
someone from behind closes her eyes
anika: billuji..leave me please
its rudra now shivaay
rudra: anika didi i know u will b saying the same thing..billuji billuji billuji…thak chuka hu mai yeh naam sunsunke aapki muh se..kabhi hamaara bhi naam ko bola karo..(nautanki)
he gives a fi to om
om: rudra is right
anika: ok ok stop ur nautanki
om: where is shivaay?

anika: donno..mayb on his phone..or fiddling with his meds
om: tum bhi jaao
anika: jaao? what shall i do…eat those meds along with him? no way main yaha hi thik hu
rudra: waise o did u c how shivaay bhaiyya was directly supporting anika didi and anika was indirectly supporting bhaiyya….anika didi says voh mera apna hai….. bhaiyyya ays mind ur actions..kya kamaal tha aaj
om: ha ur right
anika: hogaya? now stop ur drama
shivaay is seeing them from outside
his POV:
enjoying without me ha? i hope our relation stays like this throughout…inspite of all the hurdles v face
someone is tapping him from behind
he doesnt respond

soumya; bhaiyya bhaiyya
shivaay comes out his senses and says ha ha
soumya: kaha kho gayi aap? thinking about anika didi ha?
shivaay: ok now stop it i know what u mean
soumya: bhaiyya voh lets go and enjoy tommorow…even u take a break from ur work..every one will be relaxed especially anika didi
shivaay: ok but lets ask everyone first
they go to anika rudra and om

scene 4
police station
the same person 1 comes to the police station along with a lawyer
person 1: wakil saab
that person signs him to show the papers
lawyer: hello ins saab yeh lijiye rohan khanna ka bail papers
ins checks them and orders his constable to release him
person 1: thank you wakil saab
laywer leaves
rohan comes there

rohan: who r u?
p1: thats not imp right now mr.rohan khannah..i need ur help
rohan: how can i help u?
that person tells him something
rohan; ok done ill help with u in this
they shake hands
p1: chalo now ill take to the mastermind behind this game
they leave

scene 5
back in oberoi manion
anika is standing near the window and is lost in deep thoughts
shivaay comes and hugs her from behind and puts his chin on her shoulder
lights get off and ishq hai sehra song plays in the background
shivaay: temme one thing how come ur not afraid??
anika: jab aap mere saath ho toh mujhe kisi cheez ki dar nahi hogi..i love u
shivaay: i luv u too..did u have ur meds?
anika: no i actually forgot
here om and rudra r watching them
they put their hands on their mouth in surprise
they make some signs to each other

rudra: o bhaiyya is romantic ha
om: ha ek hi jhatke mein itna shaanthi..omg not able to bear it….they cant even live without fighting even for a min but now..good
there they start fighting
om and rudra tap their forehead and sigh
om: chalo dekhthe hai
they go in and try to stop their fight
om: guys stop it
anika: om tum beech mein math bolo

rudra puts his finger on om’s lips and he takes it off
anika: u always have the habit of blaming me…ok i accept i forgot but what about u cant u remind me?
u have a weakness for meds so how did u forget?
shivaay:i have alot of work not only remembering ur things
anika: ok u need not remember anything…domnt remember our birthday..our children’s bdays also u dont remember
she realises what she said
shivaay: what the vuck! baccha?
om and rudra put their hands on their muth in shock
anika blushes and she leaves from there in embarassment
after she leaves
om: ur too slow man gear up
he gives a fi to rudra
shivaay: shut up
they leave after teasing him a lil bit
after they leave

shivaay pov:
mayb om is right..i should gear up
chi chi what the vuck…he sighs

precap: shivaa comes closer to anika…..he moves forward towards her…rudra and soumya share an eyelock

they plan to go out for a day…will they go out..or r more dangers r awaiting them..will they have a smooth day or a very hectic day?? to know the ans stay tuned..

hey guys
i hope u like it
do comment
bye bye for now
cu soon
luv u all loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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