Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 12

hey guys ananya here
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i hope u dont have any prob.if u guys have any other ideas on when i should update do temme….ill try
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here u go next part for u all
scene 1
in shivaay’s room
all r present
dadi: anika please tell us everything aur suspense mein math rakho yaar
anika: shivaay u know vijay malhotra?
shivaay: yes of course he is a very famous business tycoon the second richest man in india
anikja: yes am the only daughter of vijay malhotra and suhasini malhotra- anika malhotra
shivaay: ur his daughter omg anika its unbelievable..the only heir of MGI malhotra group of industries..omg
om: dats ok but what did u say suhasini malhotra? omg she is a very very famous social worker..she does social service omg she is a very very kind hearted person…u should infact b proud that ur her daughter
ishana: yeah now i remember ridhima told me..
om interrupts
om: ishana please dont take her name
ishana: am sorry om
shivaay: aur yeh rohan kaun hai? tumhara kya connection hai iske sath
rudra whispers in om’s ears
rudra: o
he signs him to come closer
om does the same

rudra: o bhaiyya is more curious to know about rohan than her parents
om signs him to be quiet
anika: rohan is my ex..v were best friends during college days the on the last day he proposed me and from then on v were in a serious relationship for 2 yrs then one day
she starts crying by turning that side
shivaay makes her turn this side and wipes her tears
shivaay: please dont cry i cant c u like this did he do anything temme chondunga nahin use mein
dadi: ha putthar
anika: actually he cheated me he was in a relationship with someother girl…he cheated me rascal
om: calm down anika
anika: how can i now also when i remember what he did i feel like dying
shivaay cups her face
shivaay: dont u dare speak like dat
anika: he made some obscene pics of mine with some boy and released them with the help of his gf…those pics didnt evn exist he morphed them blo*dy rascal
she falls down on her knees and starts crying
shivaay really couldnot c her like that he goes frm there and stands near the window facing that side nd wipes his tears
here everyone is feeling bad seeing her like this
rudra: anika didi please please sambhalo na
anika: then when i did my own investigation in this matter i got to knwo that both of them were involved in this
om: then kya hua
anika: everyone started to doubt on my character
she breaks down completely
anika: i became such a big issue that even my parents didnt believe me…rohan easily manipulated them and tricked them onto bwelieving him
ishana: anika
soumya: didi
the hiug her
she cries

anika: then i left them i didnt even look at them from then on..i saw saahil somewhere and took him
like this she tells them all the difficulties she faced
dadi comes and hugs her
dadi: am so proud of u putthar and am glad shivaay found someone like u
anika doesnt say anything but just goes to shivaay
he makes him turn this side by his shoulders
anika: shivaal i really didnt do anything
she pinches her neck and says
anika: pinky promise i really didnt do anything…please dont leave me
shivaay: shhh..anika please calm down..u need not explain anyting to me i trust u…paagal ladki
he hugs her and kisses her forehead
anika turns to the others and i about to say the same
but all of them interrupt her
all: u need not explain anything v have faith in u and v r with u always
she gets happy and wipes her tears
rudra comes and hugs her
rudra: so proud of u didi..glad that u came into our lives
he wipes the few tears he gets
shivaay: sensitive oberoi ha
soumya: cry baby
he gives an angry wala look to them

scene 2
down in the living room
pinky:oh my matha who is that girl who came for omkaara
jhanvi: mayb his friend
tej: may be his gf
he smiles naughtily
shakthi: but ridhima is his gf na?
jhanvi: ya she is his friend i think
prinku: i need to know y anika slapped rohan
pinky: where is rohan? kahi dikhai nahi de raha hai
prinku: he went out to make an imp call mamma
she nods
meanwhile 2 persons come
tej and shakthi get shocked seeing them

scene 3
back in the room
shvaay: i should tell u guys something else
om: what is it shivaay?
shivaaly: malhotras r our biggest enemy..the always try to compete with us in everything
anika: tell me if u need any info regarding them..ill do anything to destroy them..i hate them from the core of my heart
dadi: anika its not right putthar u try to tell them once again what all happened imm sure they will undertand
anika: dadi nahi please
shivaay: leave all this
rudra: but what shall v do about that lady baba
shivaay: i think tia didnt do it all by herself someone forced her to do this and she is afraid to reveal their name..ill go and speak to her about anika im sure she will understand
om: thats fine but what about our family? especially choti maa? how will she react
shivaay: whether she accepts or not i dont care…m just telling thm because its my responsibility…im not asking them what they like im telling them what i want..thats it
dadi: u dont worry ill anage pinky if she does any drama
meanwhile a servant comes
servant: tej sir is shivaay sir and om sir down
dadi: why
servant: donno mam someone has he is calling u both
shivaay: tk tum jaao we will come
anika: chalo lets c who it is
they all go out and see from upstairs
anika: mamma papa
shivaay: mr. malhotra?
om and ishana: suhasini malhotra?
dadi is standing behind
dadi: arre hato lemme see
she peeps down and rudra also does the same
rudra: oh so these r those famous personalities and our so called enemies
anika holds shivaay’s hands and gets hyper
she continuously breathes in and out
shivaay holds her
one hand on one shoulder and the other hand on the other shoulder
shivaay: anika what happened
dadi: lets take her in
they do the same
anika: i dont to c them again
saying this she faints
they make her sleep on the bed
rudra: dadi, u soumya and ishana di go down v will b with her here
soumya: ha dadi rudra is right lets go down
they go down

precap:mr.malhotra is about to slap shivaay but someone stops him

hey guys
sorry for not updating
cu all tommorow
next epi will be lengthier
bye bye folks
luv u all loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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