Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 11

hey guys ananya here
guys its such a poor response im sorry but i really really didnt expect such a thing from u am disappointed..temme if ur not liking it na ill stop it or ill try to improve it πŸ™ πŸ™
i hope i have that right to show my disappointment….from the bottom of my heart i thank all those who commented
so here u go next update for u all

scene 1
shivika, omish and rumya r present in the room
om goes and sits on the bed
om: ishana come here and sit
pointing beside him
she nods and moves towards him
she slips and falls on om
they share an eyelock
the remaining others look at each other and smile
shivaay: ahem ahem
they become concious and break the eyelock
ishana and om at a time: actually slip hogaya and fell down
just like how shivaay and anika react when shivaay holds anika from the back
anika: guys chill
she laughs
all get happy seeing her normal again
rudra turns to om and ishana
rudra: mere pyaare o and ishana didi whenever anika didi’s mood is not good u just fall on each other like this and her mood will be fine again
both of them slap rudra
rudra holds his cheeks with both his hands
rudra: sach hi toh bola
shivaay: now no more jokes and talk anika please temme na yaar aur kitna suspense mein rakhoge
soumya: ha didi bolo na
anika: before knowing about rohan and my connection u guys should know about me
rudra sits straight and puts his 2 hands under his chin
rudra: ha didi hum tayaar hai
shivaay slaps him playfully
shivaay: anika wait before u start telling anything i should tell u something
everyone look look at him
he does something unexpected
he goes on his knees and proposes her
he holds her hands and says
shivaay: donno when it happened but im happy that it happened…. i always thought that money can buy anything and everything but i never realised that there is something which cant be bought, until i met u….. u r the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my whole life anika.. i would swim across a 1000 oceans to hold u tight, i would climb up a 1000 mountains to be with u darling I LOVE U LOTS the only regret i have is not knowing u since the day i was born so that i would be able to spend my entire life with u
maine tumse pyaar kiya kyunki mujhe vishwas hai ki tum ise nibhana janti ho
maine apna dil tumhe de diya kyunki main janta hu ki tumhe sambhlna aati hai
khwab maine tumse rakha kyunki mai janta hu ki tum ise apnaoge
I LOVE U ANIKA..u complete my life
he extends his hand forward and
shivaay: will u be mine
everyone cheer him up and whistle
rudra: bhaiyya this was really unexpected ha..didi bhaiyya ne itna acche se propose kiya aap mana nahi kar sakthe ho
om: ha anika yes bolo na
ishana: ha bolo na
soumya: didi say yes..
rudra: SSO ne propose kia its unbelievable
anika: actually actually i love u too..jab maine aapko pehli baar dekha tabhi mjhe pyaar hogaya lekin aapki ye egoistic behaviour dekh ke mujhe laga mein aapke liye sahi nahi hu lekin aaj jo aapne kiya..i cant say no
she holds his hands and makes him get up
anika: i lve u too billu ji till the end of my life
she gets tears of happiness
they hug
rudra: bhaiyya am happy
he hugs him
rudra acts as if he is wiping his tears away and says
rudra: mere bhaiyya sirf mujhpe gaya
om: shut uo rudra and shivaay ye toh unexpected tha am glad and happy for u both luv u
he hugs shivaay and anika
ishana and soumya also congratulate them
rudra: but one condition anika didi ke chakkar me aap mihjhe nahi bhuloge
shivaay: dumbell oberoi do u seriously think that i cant forget u no way tum chahoge bhi na tabhi bhi mai tumhe nahin chodunga and ya long hair oberoi u too
dadi comes
dadi: billu
everyone look at her and get shocked
everyone at a time say
all: dadi aap?
dadi: shut up u were having all the fun without me
shivaay: ntg like that dadi
dadi: but billu am glad u did it
shivaay: dadi voh voh
he blushes
rudra: blushing oberoi ha
om gives him a fi
shivika blush
shivaay: anika u were telling something na y the hell did u stop in the middle
anika: wat did i do u only stopped
they start their fight again
om: guys abhi abhi lovers hua phirse shuru
shivaay: u shut up om u dont poke ur nose
om backs off
dadi: ab stop ittt..puttar u were about to say something what was it suspence me math rakho yaaar
they all say the same

precap: anika tells them everything her surname her family and all they get shcked

hey guys
treat for shivika fans na
a lil more suspense
ill reveal it in the next chappy
pucca promise
suspense rakho
intezaar ka phal meetha hotha hai
ill be back with a bang again
till then tc
bye bye folks
luv u all loads
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  1. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Ananya no disappointment. Ur ffs are always awesome. I really love them . Can’t wait . Please update as soon as possible becoz u know i wait for your ff regularly. And forgot to mention please make it longer and continue shivika’s romance 😘😍

  2. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Ananya no disappointment. Ur ffs are always awesome. I really love them . Can’t wait . Please update as soon as possible becoz u know i wait for your ff regularly. And forgot to mention please make it longer and continue shivika’s romance 😘😍😘😍

  3. sana

    its a grear ff.shivaye propose anika and anika accept it .sich a increadable ff.i hope it happen in reality.pls updates soon

  4. raina

    i think you should add some more ansh scene.anyway it was nice ff and thx for early ff. try to update soon ananaya.

  5. rusha

    mind blowing ff.actually i am a sliant reader but today yoir ff is so good that i have break my slilant.thx for such a increadble ff.pls dont stop it and updates soon.

  6. asha

    it was a fantastic ff.please dont be dissapoint ananya and dont stop this ff.beacaise your ff is so good and i loved your ff to much so pls dont stop it.update soon.

  7. tasha

    i really enjoyed the shivika scene.please add some more and made it long and dont be pls updates i am really excited to know what happen in next ff.

  8. Trishana

    Its amazing shivaya propose to anika…… u should make some romantic secene between shivika ,ishkara nd rudra should realise real luv (heart is more imp then beauty in life ) plz updateFF fast ………..

  9. akanksha

    i think anika is from a rich family.after hearing that all shocked.wait for the next part.try to post it today.pls.

  10. Anu sri

    Sooooooooooooo superb yaar ananya.extraordinary and no words to complement.very nice yaar eagerly waiting for tmrw episode…

  11. ajjvita

    Hey ananya I am a silent reader but today’s episode was just awesome so IΒ just could not resist myself…… it was just supeb… Shivika rockzzz… Β 

  12. Ananya

    Thanks guys omish will realise their luv but a few more epis I’ll definitely add all the 3 Paris’ scenes

  13. Mukta

    Superb!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! Mind blowing!!!!!! But Suspense………………… Please post the next part na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ya don’t u dare stop this ff ha😈😈Keep on entertaining us na yrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. salsa

    definitely its a treat for shivika fans like me… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    awwww that propose….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it made my day

  15. MARY

    Ananya don’t get disappointed even my comments at your many episodes doesn’t get published so may be that’s happening.
    And of you will stop your ff then badi wali “Kaaaatttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” 😣😣😣
    I just love your ff to the core. There are only three things I check on this page : The written update. , your ff and Jara’s ff .

  16. MARY

    I know I have written a paragraph but here’s more :
    I know sabar ka phal meetha hota hai par jab bahut tej bhook lagi ho toh khatta phal bhi meetha lagta hai.

  17. pinky

    chala bagundi naku chala nachindi pls continue soon i mean it is just awesome dear sorry yar couldn’t comment on previous updates pls don’t stop the story i really love ur story yar

  18. Aniya

    Hey Ananya i really love ur ff bt i am a bit dissapointed by this Epi. Firstly i would like to tell that u plz view thia comment as a suggestion to make ur ff even better. Actually i would have luved to see more of Shivika nok jhok n also this cliche bollywood proposal doesn’t suit Shivika. Anyways this was just my opinion.
    PS i am eagerly waiting to know the suspense

    • Ananya7044



      Hey Anita thanks a lot and shivika non jhok has nothing to do with this proposal those they r lives now they can still fight right? A diff and interesting luc story

  19. Jayashree

    Ananya u killed it… it’s a definitely a treat for all shivika fans… keep goin dear… and huh Dnt get upset tat u did receive any comments… ur ff s the best …

  20. sarita chauhan

    i m new😘😘😘
    bt seriously im loving itπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    awesm epiπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    cant wait for nxt epi??? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    ananya plz dont stop writtng😍😍
    hope in nxt epi u wil reveal rohans truth😘😘😘

  21. Shaza

    No yaar…we all love ur ff …I read all ff’s and if the person don’t give ff till nxt day I’ll forget the ff story also but for ur ff even if u don’t post for a weak I won’t forget ur ff story…I persnally like ur ff a lot so don’t get disappointed dear .

  22. Ayushi

    Plz plz update soon cant keep my excitement ,its super superrr duper awesome

  23. Kavinnilla

    Supper ananya .continue this I really excited. Why you still didn’t update the next epi?update it soon we are waiting plzzzz

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