Ishqbaaz ff by ananya โ€“ Part 10

hey guys ananya here i know many of u didnt like the previous episodes thats y am back with a bang
i hope u like it and ya if u want anything else to b added then please dont hesitate to ask me in the comments please DON’T HESITATE ill try to add up all ur ideas

so here u go the next part

scene 1
anika: by the way when is priyanka returning
priyanka: am backk
all get happy seeing her
shivaay: prinku pehelwan is back wow
she hugs him and he kisses her on her forehead
priyanka: anika hope ur fine i was really worried when maa told me everything
anika: am fine priyanka

she hugs everyone and everyone get happy seeing her
dadi: priyanka who is he
priyanka: dadi voh voh
all get serious
om: prinku bolo
priyanka: actually i love him
everyone get shocked
anika sees his face then she gets shocked
he also gets shocked seeing her
priyanka: actually i met him in my college
anika straight away goes to him and slaps him
everyone get super soooooooooper shocked
anika: dare u
she gives him another tight slap
priyanka: anika whats this

rudra: anika didi u already know him
anika(looking at him in anger): i dont want to look at his face she starts to go towards her room
priyanka stops her
priyanka: anika wait i want to know the reason of this action of urs..temme y did u slap rohan
anika: i dont want to say anything now please
she leaves
pinky: leave her
dadi: rohan beta uski taraf se mai tumse maafi mangthi hu
rohan: dadi please dont ay like that
priyanka: but how do u know her
rohan: ask her only
priyanka: ok but now come ill introduce u to everyone
he introduces him to everyone
oberoi bros disscuss something

om: y did anika do this
rudra: zaroor kuch solid reason hoga
shivaay: mayb,
priyanka comes to them
priyanka: bhaiyya i should tie rakhi to u
shivaay: ok
they sit and she ties rakhi to all of them
they give alot of gifts to her
she hugs them and then she goes to rohan
shivaay: lets go
they r about to go but soumya comes and says
soumya: bhaiyya i need to tell u all something
om: ha bolo

soumya: bhiayya pehle u promise me that u wont get angry
shivaay: me? ok promise
soumya: bhaiyya actually actually
rudra: shut up ur bak bak and come to the point
soumya: u shut up. bhaiyya actually that chip was leaked by tia not anika didi
they get shocked
om: soumya how did u get to know this
soumya: bhaiyya actually on that day when u were shouting at anika didi for leaking that chip i thought it was a misunderstanding then i used some of my contacts and got to know that the chip was leaked by tia not anika didi i was coming to u only but i didnt get time to speak to u u were very busy
shivaay: ya i forgot to tell u something
rudra signs to om and shivaay that soumya is there
soumya sees this
soumya: ill meet u guys later

shivaay: no need to o soumya and duffer what happens if she listens
rudra fumes
shivaay: actually yesterday night tia came to the hospital
and he tells them everything
om: whattt how can u forget this shivaay
shivaay: ei am sorry
soumya: how did u guys get to know that tia leaked the chip
om tells her everything
soumya: omggg
rudra: i dont understand one thing y did anika didi slap that rohan uski kya connection hai
shivaay: chalo lets ask her
al r about to leave and soumya also leaves with them
rudra stops her
rudra: oh hello where the hell r u coming?
soumya: shut up u cry baby
om: rudra shut up even she is coming with us
rudra fumes again
soumya: now what shall v do

shivaay: lets go to anika first
rudra: oho u r dying to c anika didi craving oberoi ha
soumya listens this
shivaay gives an angry wala look to rudra
soumya: y
rudra: oh hello u shut up
soumya: protein shake did i ask u anything no na so u better shut up ur filthy mouth
she turns to om and asks bhaiyya what was this cry baby saying
om looks at shivaay
he nods no
om: am sorry shivaay on this imp day of raksha bandhan i cant lie to my sissy
rudra: o what do u mean
om: im gonna tell her everything evn she can help us i tracking out who is that person who is doing this
soumya: of course bhaiyya now temme na
om: actually soumya shivaay anika se pyaar kartha hai
soumya: what the pharak

she faints
om: hahha soumya u r really shocked
soumya: bhaiyya omg hahh u always used to say mujhe koi pharak nahi padtha now what happened pharak padana
shivaay smiles

rudra: ei sumo uth
soumya beats him shut up cry baby duffer oberoi
om: guys now if ur fight is over then we will go to anika
they stop fighting and turn their faces in the opp direction
shivaay: thats better chale ab
they leave

they go to her room and c anika deeply thinking something and lost in thoughts
rudra: anika didi
she turns and sees everyone
soumya: anika didi what happened to u
anika: nothing please leave me alone for sometime

om: anika please tell us whats the matter
she doesnt say anything
shivaay: anika tell us what is it
rudra: please didi
soumya: please anika didi
anika: tk actually..
rudra stops her
he goes and jumps onto the bed
rudra: didi come and sit here all of u come sit here i cant stand for so long
they laugh and give a “tu nahi sudhrega” wala look to rudra
they go and sit
shivaay: now start
she is about to say something but in between a servant comes and interrupts
they all: what the vaak man
he says to omkaara

servant: sir someone has come to meet u
om: tell them to come afterwards as am buys
servant: ok sir
he leaves
then omkaara realises that he invited ishana today
om: oh shittttt
he jumps out of the bed and runs like a cheetah
they all think ab ise kya hogaya
he runs to the servant and tells him to bring her up
he goes back to the room
goes straight to shivaay and rudra
om: how can i forget what u did

he starts beating them
shivaay looks at rudra
he puts his head down
shivaay realises that om got to know everything
shivaay: ok om vr sorry
rudra: sorry om
he stops
om: ok forgiven but now she is coming and i think even she can help us in this matter
soumya: do u really think that this is correct
rudra: ha even i have the same doubt as sumo
she hits him
om: no this time there wont b any mistake from her side i promise atleast u can trust me right
through all this convo anika is deeply lost in thoughts
rudra signs to them to c anika
om goes down to get ishana
om meets her

om: hi am happy u came
ishana smiles
ishana: u first temme what were u worried about
om: ok baba ill tell u but before that u first need to listen to what i say and ill introduce u to some people
ishana: ok
om tells her everything

ishana: omg so much has happened and ya lemme promise this time i wont betray u nor will i lie about anything
om: i know i have that trust on u and thats y i told u everything
they share an eyelock
the go in
om: guys meet ishana
rudra: aka mabela am i right
om: shut up rudra
he give n angry wala look
om: ishana thats soumya our family friend
ishana: hello soumya
soumya: hello
om: and this is shivaay my brother
ishana: hi
shivaay: hello
om: and this is my duffer bro rudra
ishana: hello rudra
rudra: u dont even know how to say hi also
he opens his arms wide
rudra: u should hug and then say hi
om: mind ur behaviour rudra
shivaay: dumbell oberoi u better stop

ishana: hello brother and hugs him
everyone break into laughter
rudra gives a sad wala look
om gives a hifi to ishana: good job hahha
ishana: who is she
pointing to anika
om: she is anika and she is like our family member
ishana: hello
anika doesnt reply
om: anika
she gets dazed for once
anika: ha ha what were u guys saying
om: anika meet ishana my friend

anika: hello am sorry meri dhyaan nahi thi
ishana: its ok i can understand and ya u r really really brave i must say..
anika smiles
rudra: ab reveal the suspence anika di
he goes and closes the door
rudra: now no one will disturb us

precap: anika tells them…….everyonce get shocked

hey guys
what is the connection between anika and rohan
stay tuned to know the answer
sorry for the late update
hope u like it
much more coming up
cu again soon
bye bye folks
luv u all loads
๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. salsa

    ur ff is too good ananya….
    loved today’s update…..
    plz continue asap… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anu sri

    Really you r excellent writer the episode eagerly waiting fr next update.And ya feel for love have been started only from shivay side and anika feel for love is missing year.I u start that from anika side then the episode will b excellent…. @my suggestion.By the I have to your presence of thinking is amazing ananya.

  3. Shaza

    It’s really awesome ff….loved the bro’s convo while they were going to meet Anika ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„…I hope Anika won’t say anything that will separate shivika amd reduce or finish shivaye’s love for Anika ….really exited plus scared for the next episode ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Jayashree

    Wow ananya awesome episode yaar !! Now we hv to wait fr next episode to knw abt rohan secret… eagerly waiting fr it (:(:

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