Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 9


After what seem to be forever Tia spoke up again….
“Shivaay I got some questions for you.”
“I heard there was problems with regards to the backing of certain board members for the company tack-over”, Tia stated.
“Yes and what does that have to do with me”, Shivaay snapped.
“Well, Shivaay we have two seats on the board and we can make it happen, but I have one condition.”

“What condition”, he enquired as he walked over and looked to the faraway city lights.
“We should marry on Saturday”
As soon as the words left her mouth something inside him went cold.
“Otherwise I’m just wasting my time”

“Look, Shivaay even though we are together whenever I ask about a date you just ignore me” , Tia continued her annoying speech.
“You say I am yours but your eyes and behaviour says something different”
“Think about it and let me know tomorrow”, the ultimatum was made very clear to Shivaay.
Instinctively he walked over to the bed and picked up his phone.
”I need to speak to you Anika”, he said.
“Be outside in 15 minutes”, he commanded and before she could answer he had hung up.
The whole drive over Shivaay was going through a onslaught of different feelings as he was unable to get clarity on what to do.
With her their love was bold.
Although they were polar opposites, fire and ice when they collided nothing in the world made better sense than them.
Their love was out of control, raw, intense and all-consuming.
And before he knew it he stopped in front of her door.
When she stepped out of the house she looked so good.

“Anika, we have to talk”, he said as he opened the car door for her.
“I need some answers………answers from you”
He was in a bad mood; she thought which wasn’t that uncommon.
“What must I do to make you mine, Anika” Shivaay said as he looked at her.
She just stared out of the window.
“Anika, Tia gave me an ultimatum”

“She will help me with a company take-over …..But I must marry her Saturday”
“She has got this hold over me and for once I don’t even know what do”, he said.
Anika couldn’t bear to look over at him, as at the back of her mind she still wished that he would chose her.
“Uncle Tej and my father are putting immense pressure on me and I don’t know what to do.”Shivaay said his voice was now softer.
I can’t just walk away from you…..
I have tried, Anika but when I tried I could barely move my feet

The more that I get to know you, the more I want to you in my life.
But you never give me a clear answer; make up your mind Anika.
“Shivaay”, Anika’s voice interrupted him.
“Do you think it’s easy for me?” Anika spoke as her voice begun to crack.
“You make me feel stuff that I would rather want to keep hidden, Shivaay.”
“What we have is just an illusion.”

When Shivaay stopped the car,Anika’s heart began to beat faster.
“I can’t stand to lose you, Anika”

“I want to discover your secrets, Anika.”
“I want to know what is behind your smile.”
“I am willing to give everything up Anika for you.”
“You don’t know, just how far I would be willing to go.”
Anika could stand it anymore and opened the door and got out.
The night air had a hint of coolness in it.
She didn’t want to see his eyes as it just felt like he was touching her with them.
Shivaay dashed out as well.

He walked over and as he came closer she tried to walk further away from him but her foot caught a up turned stone and she stumbling.
Shivaay rushed and caught her before she hit the ground but his heroics were short lived as he crashed into nearby bushes taking her with him.
Her skins felt so perfect against his.
Both of them simultaneously started to laugh at their situation.
Shivaay helped Anika up and they walked over to the car.
He opened the back door and they climbed in.
Anika tended to some of his scrapes with some water.

“Shivaay, the feelings I have for you is something that won’t change”, Anika said.
Their eyes were speaking the unspoken truths that neither wanted to say.

“Anika,your kisses and you make me forget about my problems.”
She saw the intent in his eyes and it made her believe every word he said.
“I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you, he said as he pulled her close to kiss her.”
Then he did something neither of them intended to happen.
Shivaay put his hands where his eyes couldn’t see, exploring the inner most depths her being.
And just like that Anika was lost.
He did things to her body she didn’t even know existed.
Feeling she didn’t even knew she had.
Anika felt so dangerous.
So free.

That night he attacked her like an animal and she gave in to her most primal urges.

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  1. What d wuck 😀
    I can’t stop blushing after reading it
    Such a wonderful
    Plz plz plz plz come back soon with next part

  2. I love ur ff its something really touches our ❤

  3. Sooo romantic…..!!!!bt shivika scenesss r always gdddd…..d way u narrate is awesummm yaar….!!!! Waitng for d next asappp…….make it dailyy yarr…

  4. Omg I can’t stop blushing … ???????
    Well done.. Waiting for next episode

  5. Akshaya

    Wow wonderful. what would happen next? Will they be together or its Shivaay’s plan to hurt Anika?

  6. Plz dont feel bad but dont create an nuisance scene between anika n shivaay i love them a lot…
    U can put some modest scenes….
    If its hurtrd u iam sorry

    1. Monique_D

      Hey Attu’s not a problem…..I put some spice in my stories once in a while but I do keep in mind that some readers are still in school as well as the strict censor rules that apply in Ind so I won’t go overboard.

      I just felt like they needed it and after seeing today’s ishqbaaz I know exactly what my next part will contain.

      Oh my Mata,That lone tear on my Anika’s cheek was heartbreaking but more over what he said about her.
      Now Billu hurt meri jaan Anika’s feelings.
      He can deny all he wants but he knows he has feelings for her.
      Stubborn Billu

  7. Ur awesome yaar I think writing is ur passion kind of really the way u narrate is so out of imagination and its really superb continue for many more bits and post next asap

  8. Veryyyyy nice episode di……

  9. I can’t stop blushing?

  10. Alekhika20

    Wonderful updy

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