Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 8


As they stood there Shivaay moved them behind the tree, he needed some privacy.
“Anika ,just let me be lost in your eyes”, Shivaay huskily whispered.
“You know that you are lost in me too”, he said as he caressed her tear stained cheeks.

“Shivaay ,I know that we search our whole lives to find someone that compliment us perfectly but believe don’t want me”, Anika replied.

“Anika but tell me why do I coincidentally keep meeting you and you keep meeting me.”
“I can honestly say that you are perfect for me, Anika.”

“Anika ,I know my family and I bet they can see what I see ,when I see you too”,Shivaay affirmed.

In that moment time momentarily paused and Anika knew that she was his….and could only be his.
And she let herself live the moment for a bit.

That night

Anika and Shivaay talked about crazy things, well mostly Anika but Shivaay loved how she saw the world.
Nothing was ever seen with rose-coloured glasses with her.

In all of the bitterness in her life she stayed so sweet…

Maybe I found something, a good, girl.
You put a spell on me, Anika, he thought.

She made him laugh so much that his eyes sometimes filled with tears.
She was the reason why he hummed old love songs, why he smile more of late.
And he was the reason her eyes started to shine, again.
When they were together it was getting difficult to hide what was going on between them.

After the CD debacle Om had his misgivings about whether Ishana was right about his father.
He couldn’t concentrate on his work. In his mind, he kept returning to the day when he saw her last.

Her words distracted him and every single statue even the most simplest ones was flawed.
And he had to throw each and every one them away.
Her eyes plagued him even in his dreams and Om woke up many a night in a cold sweat.

Om knew that he has been fighting against the truth for so long, the ugly truth , Ishana revealed with her tear-filled eyes.
It was her eyes that he was unable to forget.

As Ishana was casing the Oberio Mansion she was met with a barrage of police vans and personal wondering on the grounds, making it hard for her to execute her plan.

Frustratingly she hurried home and as she offloaded to her sister and father at home they warned her, “Listen dear, there is a whole lot of things you could do but just know if you follow through with this plan you must be sure that this is what you want to do”, her father lectured.

Her father knew that there mother wasn’t killed by a hit and run but she committed suicide.
After he lost his job at the airline ,some of senior management started to molest her.
Even after she complained to Shakti ,he did nothing about it.
He lost her little by little.
She faded away, she was unrecognizable.
And one day she just couldn’t go on with the constant abuse anymore.
The constant threat of losing her job was thrown in her face each day.
And then it was over.
She stopped it.
She gathered up the courage to tape her confession and mailed one to both Shakti and to him.
Something that he has been keeping from both Ishana and Mona.

“Pappa, I know you want only what’s best for me but the Oberoi family ruined our lives”, Ishana said.
“If you only knew how”, he thought to himself.

“I am willing to help you but there’s only so much I’m willing to do.
And the rest?
You got to find someone else, for that.”
“I’m tired and I can’t do this anymore” he said and something in his voice made it clear to her that he lost his will to fight.

When Anika got the call from Priyanka she hurried over to the Oberio Mansion.
Dadi regarded Anika as one of the family.

Anika walked in the house and never had she looked more prettier than today even with no makeup she was a knock-out.
Dadi wanted Anika to talk some sense into Shivaay’s head.
Anika obediently followed Dadi’s request and made her way to his room.

Shivaay was his old self again.

Stubborn and forthright, the way he spoke made it clear to her that she had her work out for her.

“Come in,Anika”

“So they called in the reinforcement” Shivaay exclaimed.
“How did you even know it was me”, Anika surprisingly asked.
“I knew the moment you entered the gates, Anika.”
“My heart just knows when its other half is near” he explained.
He turned around and she just looked at him.

“Wow, this man’s eyes really drive me crazy”, she thought.
Her smile made him relive his memories of last night, where she was crying and they were alone and in the moment.

After she said what she had to say,she did the visarjan and she excused herself and returned home.

Her scent lingered in his room,calming him.
Making him think about his loss of trust in God.

“Please stay away from Anika” ,Tia voice came from behind.

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