Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 7


Ishana use to dream of cutting that oaf Omkara’s hair off.
The thing was he had a big thing for his hair and she thought this would be the best way for me to get revenge on him for insulting her in that manner
Of course this was imaginary and thinking about it was childish, but it did make her feel a little bit better.
“Revenge was never a straightforward thing.
It’s a nest of corroding wires; it’s easy to get tangled up and with a slight possibility of getting cut…
Or get lost a maze of wires…”
“I will destroy you”, Omkara Singh Oberio, Ishana her eyes went dark as she said that.

She was going through boxes of old stuff as she was unpacking boxes in a new home.
Your fate in in my hands Ishana mumbled looking pictures she had taking when she canvased the Oberio brothers
Her wishes that were hidden in her eyes, flashed before her.
She walked up and down and every so often, she would suddenly stop.
Talking to herself she walked up and down lost in an angry daze, then she without warning go silent
Ishana went to sit down and abruptly stood up.
She was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“ Ishana, just be careful and consider if settling of scores is the best way before continuing; if it is, then use caution and keep your wits about you,” her father said .
He knew that when she had that look in her eyes, there was no stopping her.
She tried to ignore the whole incident and pretending she wasn’t bothered but the embarrassment was too much for her.
“Just be careful”, he said as he looked at her in that frantic state.
The smell of smoke awakened her from her from her deep, crazy revengeful thought.
“The food”, she shouted as she rushed down stairs to a make-shift kitchen.
The smell of burning chicken, invaded her nostrils and she pulled her face with disgust.
he instinctively threw he towel she grabbed moments ago on the floor with frustration, closing her eyes she couldn’t help but wonder how hr life would have been if she was a rich as the Oberio’s.
As she opened her eyes tears started to form in the corner of her eyes and she started to cry softly.
Ishana wiped her tears away with her scarf,” No, Ishana you can’t let them win. Never! ”

She walked into her room, a room she shared with her sister and move to her dresser.
It was rundown just like everything in the room. The bed was old and the pillows were filled with the most uncomfortable stuff.
“I wonder what I ever deserved to live like this”, she sighed but then she recollected her father losing his job at the Oberio’s Air plane division, 10 years go and her mother’s fatal hit-and–run accident, 2 years after that.
As she fell on her bed her eyes were heavy from the sudden movement and tears ran down her cheeks again.
“Oh God, you should see yourself! You looked uglier than normal!” A scruffy voice sounded from the door, her sister was home from college.
“I didn’t think that it was even conceivable!” she snorted, his hands were clutching his stomach.
“Oh….. Hi, Mona,” Ishana said wiping her cheeks.
“What are you doing here?” She asked questioning her sister’s early arrival from campus.
Some classes got cancelled, Mona, replied as she moved over to her bed across the room.
Something told her that there was more to her story than she was letting know.

Meanwhile at the Oberio Mansion the family was busy talking about important matters.
Om, Rudra and Priyanka were all sad as their mother; Jhanvi didn’t come for Ganpati day.
All of a sudden a familiar sound of laughter boomed through the house as Tia came in the lounge as she was talking to her mother.
Tia expresses frustration at the lack of affection that Shivaay has shown towards her lately and lack of time they seem to spend together.
She has noticed that Anika and Shivaay have grown closer and she was slowly becoming frustrated.

Part of her started to resent Anika for her relationship with Shivaay.
At the function Tia waited till Anika was busy organising the catering staff when she walked up to her,” Anika, What is this I specifically asked for Jacquard linens and what do I find? Damask linens…”
“Why are you even here, if you can’t seem to do a simple Ganpati Function?” Tia shrieked at her.
“Anika, I think it’s best if you leave”
“Oh and before I forget, we won’t need your services for the wedding either.” Tia yelled.
“If you only knew, Tia”, Anika thought as he walked off with her head to the ground.
Hearing her name Shivaay automatically ran towards the great room.
A visibly upset and misty-eyed, Anika arrived at the main gate and stood there waiting of a auto.
“Tia, what did Anika do?” Shivaay probed and the more he listens to Tia’s stupid pompous explanation he just ran towards the main door.
Shivaay, Come back here, Tia’s voice faded as he ran further away from her.
“This was just a sign” he thought.
“I must confesses that I had fallen in love with Anika, and so that I can just be happy.”

Shivaay found Anika sitting under a nearby tree, the beautiful dress she wore was now covered in dirt.
“Anika” he said as he used his hand to wipe her tear ridden face.
“The only reason, I haven’t told anyone about us was because of you.”Shivaay said, his normal tone of voice was replaced with this of anger Shivaay.
“What should I have done,Shivaay ?”
“You are engaged”
“I can’t just give in to every man that makes a pass at me “, Anika confessed.
“I’m not every man; I’m your man, Anika” Shivaay stated as he pulled her close and ever so gently kissed her forehead.

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