Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 6


In the early hours of Monday morning, Anika wished this day never came; pretending to be normal was hard work, especially when all she wanted to do was forget him and forget everything that happened. .
She still hadn’t spoken to Shivaay since the video debacle and the thought of being away from Shivaay was a great.
The drunken night was all she needed as a reason to be angry at him so that her feelings stayed didn’t grow for him.
They shared a unique relationship.

Oberio Mansion
There are moments in a man’s life when he is urged into a path that sometimes seems totally off course.
With Shivaay everything was always planned with the what, why, when, where always significant.
But she changed that thoughts he always had; living in the now and trusting in fate.
With her many of answers to his questions were vague and sometimes it didn’t even have answers just gut feelings and intuition.
As he stood looking at the video which he delete but send to himself as a reminder of how life could be he was hesitant of letting himself go , unsure of what the future holds his heart began to beat faster.
Shivaay was one way or another fighting with his reasons; the thought of being away from Anika was hard for him to deal with.

He was foolish enough to admit he needed an excuse to be with her.
But as luck would have it the rest of the family was watching him like a hawk and he leaving would have send out red flags.
Even in hardship there was this awe around her, something that wealth could never buy.
She brought simplicity back to life as she dressed for comfort more than style.
She didn’t even have to try, she just was.
And the natural light her radiant locks of hair where styled perfectly.
There was something about her that just caught his attention holding him spellbound.
There was a certain depth in her eyes that pierced his soul and filled with so much delight.
“Why wasn’t she replying to my messages”, he said aloud in frustration, Anika ignoring him bothered him way too much, in actual fact, it irritated him endlessly.

Anika got ready for the dreadful day and as she primed her hair she looked back in the mirror,” How do I look, Sahil?”
“Why are you asking me this”, Sahil bit back.
“I think the question you actually want to ask is will Billu ji like this……”
“Don’t call him that, his name is Shivaay”, Anika replied.

Walking into the Oberio Mansion Anika felt strange, like she was being watched.
Her eyes hardened as she searched; looking around to see if there was anyone else in the foyer.
And as she was turning around she was pulled into a small room nearby.
Even in the dark room her senses gave away her captor, scent was distinctly Shivaay Singh Oberio.
“Let me go please, Shivaay” she groaned.
“Come closer, Anika” Shivaay said his voice was low and full of intent.

“Please leave my wrist, you are hurting me.
If you come any closer, I’ll shout.” Anika stated

“Anika, we have to talk……
I have to tell you something.”Shivaay replied.

Anika bit her lower lip unsure of what he was going to say.
“Anika don’t make me lose all my self-control” Shivaay now whispered as his eyes flickered with mischief.

“So what’s stopping you”, she stated.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing”, he replied back.
He lifted her to him and she jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist.
“Shivaay, we really need to stop doing this”, Anika’s voice trailed off she tried to protest buy opening her mouth but the words were indiscernible.
And they kiss each other like never before, occasionally stopping for air.
“Shivaay, we should stop”, Anika’s breathy tone was thick with guilt.
“Why Anika, loving you feels so right”, Shivaay grunted as he pulled her close.
Shivaay hugged Anika so tight as he was afraid to let her go.
“God, I missed you so much, Anika”, Shivaay confessed as he held her hand that was casually resting on his chest.
He had issues on how to handle the “Anika” situation and coming clean to the family.
“Anika when you refused to return my calls or reply to my text I thought you had forgotten what we had”, Shivaay spoke.
Anika could hear from his tone of voice that he was scared and hurt and something in her broke.
She was at a loss for words and as she inhaled a lung full of air she could only heart her heart thud against her chest.
Their heart to heart was broke with footsteps and voices nearby.
A familiar voice and irritating shrill of a voice.
“Yes, Mother I am at the Oberio Mansion and there is no sign of Shivaay anywhere”

“Tia”, Anika said with deep-seated anxiety but Shivaay quickly covered her mouth with his hand.

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  1. Disha

    Very nice episode love shivika

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      Thanks Disha ,glad you liked it

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    I’m absolutely in love with this ff ❤

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      oh gee thanks @ImmatureBookworm, hope I can keep the spirits of Ishqbaaz alive throuh my writing.

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        And I have absolute belief that you will?

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    Loved it Monique

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    Sorry for sorry greedy …but can’t help it ur description and presentation is too good in fact awestruck

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      Hey Bshama1239 lol I know my writing have that effect on readers

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    Wow your ff was so amazing. ??Loved the way you were expressing everything??. I also became greedy amd was reading in my class time and also commenting in my class time??

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      Just focus on your studies too.

  7. This is amazing. I ❤it very much

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    hey Kat,Kristen Shiju,Anaida,Kat thanks for reading and if you guys have any suggestions feel free to leave it here….
    Ishana will be making her entry in my story based on some suggestions and ideas.

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    your ff is really awestruck.

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