Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 5


So last night was a night both Anika and Shivaay wished they could forget but how could they?
Did that last night happen or was that just a dream Anika thought as she rushed in the bathroom.
“That was a mistake. I should have never ……..”She said, closing the door behind her.
Anika rested her back against the bathroom door and as she closed her eyes tight as she re-lived the last few minutes.
“How could I ……..” Anika was so confused; she didn’t know what to do.
“How could I just melt in his arms like that, last night” Anika asked herself.
For a moment happiness flooded through her body.
On the one hand Anika felt embarrassed and scared.
After she freshened up she went to the kitchen to make something to eat and get something to drink for the massive headache she was having.
When Shivaay walked in Anika didn’t know what to do and when their eyes met; both of them felt really aware after their little encounter.
“Anika”, Shivaay broke the awkward silence by talking first.
“It was never my intention nor was it planned, but it still happened.”
“Normally I don’t drink and because of that I lost my discretion.”
“Believe me it’s not what I usually do.”
“But don’t get me wrong when we kisses the first time; I thought that, that was just a fluke but after last night I’m sure that I definitely shouldn’t marry Tia”, Shivaay confessed.
“Billu ji,I mean Shivaay please” ,Anika interjected.
“It was a mistake, everything was a mistake.”
“Anika look me in the eye and tell me that you didn’t feel something between us; like I did”, Shivaay said as he moved closer to her.
Anika looked up at him with her big eyes and Shivaay couldn’t help but get lost in her.
“This girl was so magical”, he thought.
Her skin was so soft, her lips so kissable; she was making it so hard to resist.
“Should I just deny my feelings for her or should I go for her and see where our relationship might lead us”, Shivaay wondered as he listen to Anika babble on about reasons why last night was a mistake.
Anika started to blush when she saw the desire in Shivaay’s eyes.
She was so use to have her feelings under control but his eyes always seem to mesmerise her.
“I know you remember parts of what happened last night Anika”, Shivaay said as she shyly broke their gaze.
Anika looked at Shivaay with a blank expression, unsure of what to make of what he just said.
And she felt somewhat happy.
Her head was getting so confused, and her heart was hard not to obey.
“Shivaay, let’s just forget anything ever happened”, Anika said abruptly.
He gasped when she said those words and his heart sunk.
A part of Shivaay felt terrible for putting her through all this, it most probably was very embarrassing.
“Anika, I need you just as you need me.
It’s undeniable, I have tried to forget but after last night; I know for sure that I can’t marry Tia”,Shivaay stated as he took her head in his hands.

“With you I feel free to be me, just Shivaay.
Anika just tell me what words to say to make you understand.
If it will make you happy I will buy you the moon and the stars.
I don’t want to wait till it’s too late.
Whatever I have to do…..
Just tell me, Anika.”
Having Shivaay in such close counters sent shivers down her spine.
That fresh out of the shower smell and that uncanny scent of his of cologne was enough for Anika to just melt into a puddle in front of him.
“I remember too, Anika”
In fact, I remember everything, as last night has been imprinted in my memory.”
It’s not profit margins and new deals that excites me anymore, Anika
It’s your smile that thrill me, your words delights me but most of all it’s the sensation I feel when you call me Billu ji that’s music to my ears.”

The sweet conversation was like her wildest dreams come true, she knew this was uncharted waters for her.
Anika wished that she could capsulate the feeling she felt when she was in his arms.
She kind of liked to be close to him, especially when he held her so tight that she could hear his heartbeat.

Anika was very careful not to build up her hopes too high, because she has her own obligations and so does he.
Shivaay knew that he was engaged and most importantly not to her, he was tied to Anika but as his wedding planner and she didn’t want to hurt either Tia or his family.

On the one hand Shivaay could count the reasons, why he should stay with Tia but all he wanted was to hold Anika close to him.
“Why is that so wrong?” Shivaay wondered.

With Anika in his arms he felt the passion he never thought he had.

When Shivaay looked into Anika’s eyes, he found himself.
He found Shivaay.

And when they first kissed he never felt so alive.

“Shivaay, you know that Rudra was talking about a video clip of last night”, Anika anxiously stated.
We need to find his phone before he does.
“You and I know that there are things on there that neither of us want the others to see”, Anika said.
“Operation find the phone”, Shivaay exclaimed.

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