Ishqbaaz FF-Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 47

Diwali at the Oberoi Mansion

Like a cloud of pink fairies exploded in the air then hues of green and blue, the lights illuminating the sky, scattering until they faded from the night’s sky.

The brief fireworks display left everyone in awe; they all were still discussion it as they walked inside, the deafening and thunderous noise of fireworks could still be heard as it filled the night’s air; this year they opted not to go overboard with the fireworks, especially the fact that Rudra wasn’t with them which was strange to Shivaay and Omkara as this as one of his favourite times of the year.

He gave some lame excuse of being out of town for some business but would join them later.

Dadi decided to play some games the seniors decided cards would be for them.

“Let’s play, Hide and Seek” Shivaay said.

“Really Shivaay, Hide and Seek, are we 10?” Anika asked giving him a questioning look.

“I’m not in the mood play cards too” Om said.

“Cards? Really,not even cards?” Shivaay looked over at Om would rolled his eyes at him.

Om was just trying to get the images of the last two days out of his mind.


Om briefly stopped all movement and sitting up, raking his hand through his hair.

He looked down at her naked body and slowly licking his lips while he stared at her as he remained motionless above her. “Beautiful,” he whispered while tracing his fingers down her body.

Gauri arching her back as his fingers slowly over her br*ast and down, caressing her stomach softly, his hands barely connecting with her skin.

Leaning back down, he kissed her “You are all I think about, you’re in my dreams” He said before he proceeded, looking her in the eyes.

“Tell me, you don’t feel the same” Om said as he lifted her head as he pulled her in for a kiss.

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“Om…Om…” Shivaay said snapping his finger to get is brother’s attention.

“So what are we going to do now?” Shivaay asked when Om finally snapped out of his trance.

Shivaay walked over to him, “Bro are you ok? You look preoccupied”

“Yes,I’m fine” Om said as he caught a glimpse of Gauri laugh for something Anika showed her on her phone; he shook his head to snap out of the thoughts he just had.

“On second thought, let’s play cards” Om said much to Shivaay’s surprise.

“Me and Gauri against, you guys” Anika shouted.

Anika turned around, noticing Shivaay looking at her, another huge smiled filled his face as he saw her reaction.

Gauri were in shock; I gave her a look that said simply, “No… Please don’t.”

“No…No..No..No…., me and you against Om and Gauri” Shivaay said.

They went upstairs to play in Priyanka’s room as all the other rooms where full of people playing cards and both Om and Shivaay’s room was near the pool where the most of the other guests were playing.

Meanwhile at the Saumya’s apartment

When they got in the car and started down the road.
Rudra was driving slowly trying to make sure he and Saumya arrive there I one piece, “this would have been much faster with my bike” he thought as he looked over to at Saumya who were in pain.
Out of nowhere they looked up and saw lights coming towards them, “Shit!” Rudra shouted and he swerved out of the way.
Saumya yelled out. “Oh, God, no!”

Rudra managed to reach over and grab his her hand , “We’re ok.Our baby will be fine too.” he said as a tear rolled down her cheek.
When they got to the hospital she lost consciousness again.
They rushed her straight up to the emergency room to do.
The doctor finally got her conscious again. “Well miss you gave us, quite a scare” the smiling doctor said to a still groggy Saumya.
When the doctor left Rudra entered the room, “Why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t feel well?” he scolding her as her walked over to hugged her.

“I can’t even think of you losing you and my child” he said and tears formed in his eyes.

“I’m taking you home”he state tells and she just nodded in agreement.

Oberoi Mansion

Rudra enters the doors holding Saumya’s right hand and pulling her bag with his other hand.

He used the back entrance as Saumya didn’t wanna spoil the Diwali celebrations with this shock.

“Don’t worry Prinku’s room is empty you can leave your stuff there.” Rudra said as he opened the door for Saumya to enter.

And as they entered their eyes met with the two couples that were playing a very tense card game.

“Rudra….Saumya….” the group shouted in unison.

“Shhhh”Rudra motioned with his index finger on his lip.

“Guys do you mind,We need the room. Saumya isn’t feeling well. I’ll explain tomorrow.” Rudra said.

Walking out Shivaay couldn’t help it, but he had some very naughty thoughts on my mind.

“Anika we don’t have much time, but perhaps we could sneak in a quickie while we wait for the guests to leave.” Shivaay suggested donning that mischievous smile, Anika found very attractive.

“And I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Diwali and ending this perfect night than with making love to you.” he said as he grabbed her hand and quickly made his way through the hallway and to a passage Anika didn’t even know existed.

They reached a well maintained floor that usually off limits to the family as its their grandfather’s wing which Dadi left untouched since his death, well except for cleaning the rooms daily.

Shivaay entered a room with a door an “S” monogrammed on the door.

And as soon as the door closed behind him,he locked the door and led Anika to his bed. Anika wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. Her pulse quickened and everything began to stir. An uncontrollable moan escaped her mouth as their he nibbled on her ear.

But at the end, his assault got the better of her; when his mouth finally left hers,it gave her a chance to breathe.

His left hand slid up her body meeting her br*asts.

In the blink of an eye he had the clasp of her bra undone, and after a moment of staring hungrily at her br*asts he leaned forward to take one pert nipple in his mouth.

He groaned and massaged her br*asts through her blouse. Her nipples immediately peaked from her arousal and he hissed through his teeth at the sight of her.

Shivaay was completely lost in the moment, letting his hands roam her body while he let his kisses send her over the edge.

“I want to hear you say it.” He whispered huskily.

“I want you Shivaay”Anika pleaded almost bewildered by his teasing.

She felt every curve of his muscles on the way down as she decided to loosen his pants making him groan when her skin touched his.

“No to rush” he whispered while getting out of the bed, lazily took off his shirt and dress pants, leaving only his jockeys .

As he walked back to the bed with a smirk on his face,she clamped her legs together trying to stop the burning desire she felt.

But when Shivaay returned to the bed, he put his hands on her knees and slowly spread her legs apart.

He laid down between her legs; she could feel him pressing against her stomach as he began kissing her along her neck then moving down to her br*ast.

He took one nipple and his mouth “Oh my God! ” she screamed, it felt so good.

Heavy breathed filled the air as her hips grinded against his. Anika felt so whole when Shivaay held her close as he rested his forehead against hers, both reeling from the aftershocks of an earth shattering orgasm.

The entire experience was intense and he wanted more.

It was getting late and they had to leave before someone came looking for them.
He grabbed his discarded shirt and put on his pants without taking his eyes off her as she dressed silently, her face flushed.
Picking up the blouse, she motioned him to tie the dori.
Anika could feel the way he let his hands slowly move on her skin with his eyes burning her skin that this was far from over,her legs felt weak in anticipation.

She still couldn’t believe what she did and where, her cheeks heated up at the mere thought as she watched Shivaay navigate their way back in silence.

She tried to leave his hand and move ahead when they came to a familiar hallway but Shivaay pulled her closer by her hips and held her from behind as his hot breath fanned her neck.
“I’ll meet you in the shower…” he whispered, “I feel dirty,” he said huskily tracing her bare skin outlining her blouse.

Anika’s body trembled at his statement and she gasped softly.

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