Ishqbaaz FF :Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 43

That afternoon had Anika fearful yet a part of her need more of it.
As her hands slide across the door she waited before she entered the bedroom.

When the door slowly swung open, Anika was flabbergasted; she was met with red rose petals making a trail towards the bed.

This was a pleasant surprise for her as he had never been the cheesy romantic side of him and as she walked to the bed she found a box and on the edge.

“Shivaay, you are a man of many mysteries” Anika said as she picked up the ribbon wrapped box; opening it.

(Note) Wear me

“What are you up to, Mr Oberoi?” Anika said as she felt her face turning red.

Meanwhile back in Om’s room  the battle for the bed were going strong with both Om and Gauri not wanting to give in.

Om wrapped fingers around the armrest of the chair digging his nails into the wood out of frustration as he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for a few weeks with work project and this thing with Gauri was really getting to him.

When she entered Om was already sitting across from the door, lounging in his chair, he barely glanced over at her, rather turning his head away, looking out the window

As usual Gauri paid no attention to Om and his moods, she got ready for bed and slid in on the side she decided to claim as hers.

After contemplating the pros and cons Om too decided to get into bed.


Gauri turned her head towards Om, who was smiling in his sleep.

He looked so strange from as this wasn’t an Om she saw regularly.
All of a sudden he frowned and little a crease formed between his eyebrows.
She didn’t notice it before but she was in Om’s arms and when he wiggled closer to her. Gauri eyes flew wide open.
She could feel him poking her back and a strange feeling came over her.

In that moment she wanted him……. wanted this and to feel of his hands all over her body.
She couldn’t believe that he wanted her in his sleep.
“Don’t go, baby” he moaned.
“Stay……..Riddhi” those words made her heart ache.

Gauri knew that she had to remind herself that this is supposed to be a marriage out of pity and the shock of the feelings she all of a sudden had was too much for her.

The mere thought of another woman touching him, just burst the bubble she was in and returned her back to reality.

So Anika got dressed in the sheer see through lace lingerie teddy Shivaay gave her and as she fidgeted with the very delicate small buttons in the front, Shivaay walked in.

His eyes drink in her appearance; he was a predator in every essence of the word as he walking across the room towards his her.

“I can’t wait to unwrap my present?” He said provocatively.

Pulling her body against his,he slide his palm across her back and he brushed her hair to the side pulling her closer. 

She could feel him pressed against her and she too was hot in the anticipation of his earlier statement.

“I was waiting for the whole day?” The words send shivers down her spine as he turned her around and slowly unbuttoned the lingerie.

“Shiv….. Hmmmmm”Anika said in a low  husky moan as he started to kiss her;pressing his face in her neck with his stubble scraping her soft skin.

He placed his hands on her hips, gently squeezing the skin on the rhythm of their kisses.

In one swift move Shivaay picked her up and walked her over to the bed, throwing her onto the bed.

Anika swallowed a lump in her throat as Shivaay towered over her,”I can’t bear any man seeing,you like today” this was unlike Shivaay there was something in his eyes that Anika haven’t seen before.

He moved closer and lifted her head and passionatly started to kiss her,”This is mine” he said when he broke from their kiss.

He then moved to her neck roughly kissing her “And this”……

“Show me what’s mine” Shivaay asked and she slowly lifted her finger tracing from her neck where he just kissed to her br*asts.

“Should I kiss them?” he whispered but she could sense his intent in his tone and she answered with a nod of her head.

This time he wasn‘t gentle,he ravished her bosoms as he left a trail of marks all over and leaving her buds red from his assault.

She could feel him against her inner thigh and her mouth dropped open as he invaded her.

Tonight he was rough,this was a different Shivaay and she knew that this was going to leave bruises on her skin and that she was definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

Breathy moans filled the room as the sound of their bodies echoed in the night.

Sliding his hands under her body, he balanced her on his lap and she closed her eyes as she gave in to their passion,resting her arms on his shoulders; she hungrily pressed her lips against his.
Their bodies became one once again and it was as if an invisible force pulled them towards each other.

Waves of passion engulf them again and again until he cried out “Ani” but before her could say out her whole name she covered his mouth.

Entangled in bedsheets they stared at the ceiling in each other’s arms for hours while his hands memorised every inch of her body, “Mine” he groaned incoherently and soon his lips followed.

“All mine” he said as he assulted her lips again.

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